Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taiwan Major League fans hope for the opening of overseas war

Taiwan Major League fans hope for the opening of overseas war, because of "bride" back off and one of the Giants has changed. Organizers defended by creating sports marketing do not give up hope, but please only major league history, vice president of Asia Pacific Mo the "matchmaker" in the 16th coordination meeting with the pellets to do the final effort.

According to Arizona's official website reported that the giant has been told they can not pellet in the visit to Taiwan early next year, but there is still a high degree of willingness to rattlesnakes. Hu, general manager of Chi-Chong Long defended helpless, the relation of the message that they are from the news, major league officials did not formally notify the breaking information.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Back living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming

Back living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming, 12, he said: "The injury has been 80% recovery, and now need to be strengthened muscle strength, hope and July next year, 4,5 major league pitching can be."

Wang shoulder surgery last year, although with the national team earlier this year signed a contract of $ 2,000,000, but this season he has been in rehabilitation, not to pitch until 10 months before a race in guiding the League 2 games from 3-Bureau, clocked the fastest 89 miles, built Tsai said: "The only vote 3 innings, the ball can not return to major league standards."

Aberdeen was built this year in rehabilitation, he said: "The rehabilitation process is really boring to do the same actions every day, constantly repeated, but baseball is my favorite, I hope I can pitch up back on the court, is this belief that I can carry on, but this time I can only tell myself Do not worry. "

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Giants reach up to eight players eligible for arbitration

Giants reach up to eight players eligible for arbitration, the team payroll next season will be rushed to the giant 100 million U.S. dollars, the most perfect situation is can reach an agreement, otherwise difficult to keep all of this year's championship team.

In addition, the Giants have intended to become a free agent this year's competition, light star Crawford (Carl Crawford), Sabine said: "I do not think we can with the Angels, Tigers, Red Sox competition."

Yesterday, was the giant buyout, 34-year-old World Series MVP Brent Australia, today said that it would continue to play, which makes then want to retire at the end of 2010, scotched the idea.

"I told my agent had a long talk after talk about the future, I decided to continue to play." Brent said to Leah, he had .276 batting average this year, three home runs and 22 RBIs, he was the first 8 Latin American players, the first one South American player won the World Series MVP player.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ryan also has a milestone of 300 wins and 7 games in the history of the largest no-hitter

50 years into the Army Rangers, 31, finally a World Series in their home to welcome the arrival of the strikeouts in major league history, but also the current president of the Rangers Ryan, specially for the World Series 3 kick-off war, as the 4th battle by the former President of the United States as guests two Boosey and hope after the Rangers comeback from a two-game losing streak.

3 World Series battle, came to the Rangers open play at home, which is the Army Rangers in 50 years, for the first time in their own stadium in Arlington to meet the arrival of the World Series in the U.S. national anthem, four warplanes flew over the stadium over the will be gradually brought into the climax of the atmosphere, then the current president of the Rangers, but also the history of Major League strikeout king Ryan, with his former sidekick I-ROD, 3 battle for the World Series kick-off.

Ryan, 63, also resorted to his trademark fastball, so that the audience burst into cries, he rolled in the big leagues for 27 years, the record has become a difficult to break through barriers, Rennes career out of 5714 vote strikeouts, not only ranked first in major league history, and Randy Johnson than the second place more than 800 times.

Ryan also has a milestone of 300 wins and 7 games in the history of the largest no-hitter, allowing him to easily elected Baseball Hall of Fame, and now he has to use their own experience, the successful transformation of the Rangers pitching staff, so this World Series promotion team for the first time, the kick-off by his blessing, I hope Rangers 2 game losing streak from the reversal of the magic show after show.

As for the next game of the World Series 4 battle, the Rangers recruited to help out the characters more coffee, and that is the size of former U.S. President George W. Bush, they father and son will work together to Arlington Stadium as guests, soldiers who want to be home again with excellent skills, famous around the world.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cubs finish the season after the candidates began to search for a new coach

Candidates for new head coach of the Chicago Cubs today (20) days announced, the original temporary positions on behalf of head coach Mike Quade righting, 2-year contract signed with the Cubs, plus 2013 club option. The outside world had been optimistic about Ryne Sandberg said that he was very disappointed.

Quade in 2007 became instructor Cubs third base this year, their former head coach Lou Piniella announced the retirement quarters, and after leaving the team ahead of the ball end of the quarter, Quade was appointed interim head coach, took over the lead the Cubs. Although this is the first time, Quade, 53, served as head coach of Major League teams, but his minor league coaching experience, 1991 and 1993 were selected to the league's best head coach in the minor leagues scored more than 1,200 wins.

Cubs finish the season after the candidates began to search for a new coach, the team chairman Tom Ricketts in the 13th announced that he had interviewed four candidates, in addition to Quade, the Cubs 3A also includes head coach Sandberg, the former Cleveland Indian to Anren coach Eric Wadge, and former Arizona Diamondbacks coach Bob Melvin.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sabah West Asia and the Rangers at Yankee Round 2 playoff opener

Xue pull Tucker said in the face of the media praising him when the Yankees successful trading case, the sand fat 2 years after the transfer team record of 40 wins is a brilliant 3.27 ERA in 15 failure and let coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) said: "He's had a tremendous impact on our arrival. not only to enhance aspects of combat power, and he voted to maintain a closed 4 or 5 of the rotating cast a race off, so that bullpen to maintain stability."

However, the Sabah West Asia and the Rangers at Yankee Round 2 playoff opener, but only 4 of the Authority to vote was 6 hits, 4 home runs in four and 1 bad ending mad KO loss of 5 points, defense rate of 11.23, or lost when exit War pitcher candidates. However, Kai Xu, general manager of Man (Brian Cashman), or said: "He is very cheap, and I do not think him (to battle the Rangers) have to waste that, after all, there are always unexpected situations."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unfortunately, as the Atlanta Braves were eliminated in the first round

Unfortunately, as the Atlanta Braves were eliminated in the first round, back in pre-season veteran coach announced his retirement Cox (Bobby Cox), also officially took off his jersey 6 years to 25 years of dedicated warriors farewell. The pellets do not intend to coach high-level position empty for too long, came before the Florida Marlins will give coach Gonzalez (Fredi Gonzalez) in charge of the Warriors easily intimidated, and on Thursday (U.S. time) held a press office Association.

Cox in the old coach retired jersey will be officially slipped, according to two informed sources, the Warriors came the news of appointments have been confirmed, will be from 2003 to 2006 served as the Warriors took over as third base coach Gonzalez, and the pellet is expected on Thursday (U.S. time) held a press conference officially took over the easily intimidated. Expiration of 46-year-old Gonzalez, Cox's team not only had to work under the old coach is also a very deep personal friendship, with the guidance of several ways the Lord will be quite familiar to him, his head coach down a heavy responsibility and not surprised by the outside world.

Gonzalez served as the first time in 2007, Major League head coach, still a Marlins win the most wins in the history of head coach, but in high season this year, suddenly announced its surrender, was done an injustice to the outside world for him, but also because After he was fired, will take over as the Warriors continue to spread the news of head coach.

In this regard, Gonzalez has not been more response, but added thank Cox promoted the past, "his success is modest, we are very respected and loved him, and I am no exception."

Moreover, in addition to previously heard Gonzalez candidate for the Warriors head coach, the coaches of the Pan Duo Dayton (Terry Pendleton) with Bo Ruizi (Eddie Perez) has been listed as candidate, but most of the outside world long ago Gonzalez will be recognized as a new Renyong Shi Zong Jiaotou.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies first 2 games at home and play against the Cincinnati Reds are winning

Philadelphia Phillies first 2 games at home and play against the Cincinnati Reds are winning, today (11) moved to Cincinnati, Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Han Mosi (Cole Hamels) to show man guards the pass momentum, performing in complete shutout 9 Board 9k , and closing the 2 to 0 in the Reds fans packed in front of complete 3-game sweep, a strong National League Championship medal. The Philadelphia Phillies National League Championship Series opponent has not yet released, the current series leader in the San Francisco Giants Atlanta Braves 2 to 1.

Han Mosi continuation of the first battle Halladay (Roy Halladay) a strong pressing force, only 9 of Council was knocked five hits, struck out to lead the team into the final with the National League Championship Series, which is the Phillies first playoff history to complete Wang broom.said: "The goal is clear is that even three years won the National League pennant, and our biggest advantage is that there are three major pre-emptive."

9 Although the first to be under the Han Mosi Phillips (Brandon Phillips) knocked security, but then let Votaw (Joey Votto) hit a double play, and finally struck out Rolen (Scott Rolen), draw the next game period, Phillies players to enjoy a champagne bath room. Han Mosi said: "This years playoff experience is helpful, but also makes us more confidence to fight on." Performed a total of Han Mosi in complete with 119 shutout ball, with 82 strikes.

The former game "suspected" the body was touch the ball Atlee (Chase Utley), today, the fans booed bat wait by the Reds, but he answered with a solo 5 Bureau of guns, lay the team 2 points. The Atlee also 10 home runs, surpassing teammate Worth (Jason Werth), a playoff team history home run king.

Han Mosi is the 2008 World Series MVP, the playoffs this year as the team No. 3 starter, after the game on the Reds 8 career games, is the perfect record of 7 wins 0 defeat, and his 11 career playoff games, record of 6 wins 3 defeat. He said: "often to the playoffs, I was always full of energy, but also more focused."

15 years 1st star of the playoffs the last two games there have been six turnovers, and the regular season ranked No. 2 in National League fielding rate of 9 into 88, some gap.

Friday, October 8, 2010

4 Bureau of hits on the base under the Posey stole second base after the successful

Warriors starting pitcher Derek Lowe pitched 5.1 Board voted 6 strikeouts 4 times out of four bad, gave up 4 hits. 4 Council is Buster Posey knocked under the hits start, though even the cast 2 strikeouts, but walked deliberately play against 10 fight career has been knocked a few of Pablo Sandoval after 4 hits, or was knocked Cody Ross hits, scored a key to Giants 1 minute, the last Giants to rely on this 1 point margin.

4 Bureau of hits on the base under the Posey stole second base after the successful, but the replay showed that he seems to be the screen was contact and become the key to decide the game. However, the number of career was ejected in the history of a warrior head coach Bobby Cox did not play to protest, and Posey after the match, said: "I think instant replay did not use auxiliary judgments seems to be a good thing, it is very beautiful sliding , is not it? "

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kannuo (Robinson Cano) 1 9 Bureau knock back base hits in 1 minute

New York Yankees (Yankees) today to stop the Boston Red Sox (Red Sox) counterattack, 4-3 playoff win over No. 10 Bureau, from the closer the playoffs.

Kannuo (Robinson Cano) 1 9 Bureau knock back base hits in 1 minute, tied the score for the Yankees. Rarely played this season Miranda (Juan Miranda) 10 inning hit the ball when the patient selection, access to walks, bases loaded to squeeze home base runners scored winning points.

Yankees 4 straight stop. Just then a win, the Red Sox Zaishu a field, can be 15 degrees in 16 years into the playoffs.

Trying to keep playoff hopes of the Red Sox do not fall, the patron saint of the 9th Bureau Liwei La from the Yankees (Mariano Rivera) in the hands scored 2 points, anti-Israel 3-2 ahead.

However, the Piper Red Sox (Jonathan Papelbon) not Conservative, so starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka a good cast wasted.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Once again demonstrated the value of veteran Miguel Tejada

Once again demonstrated the value of veteran Miguel Tejada, bases loaded situation in the knockout first base hits, scored 2 points reversal of the war situation, to help priests to 4 to 3 Liaodao Reds, hit the ground running in three Lien Chan.

Council still finish the first 6 to 2 to 3 behind the priest, played big in the next 7 Board counterattack, captured at the bases loaded after two outs, when Tejada out to be a hero, at least two good ball number three when bad wreck relay Nick Masset, win their roll through the guerrilla zones of a base hit to left field, back to two runners on base, so back to the main lead.

Tejada is undoubtedly the game's MVP, in addition to reverse the Security Council beyond the 7, 4 inning with an RBI also has a contribution base hits, while the veteran hits the whole game 2 3 RBI's outstanding performance, is currently priest need.

After reversal of the war situation in Tejada, Red Talent launch Aroldis Chapman Teng board, even though the "Cuban Fireball Man" pitched 1 1 / 3 scoreless innings, also sent two strikeouts, but it seems some too late.

But Chapman appearance or eye effects caused by smoking, because he pitched the ball in all the 25 fast ball, the ball and each ball is at least 100 miles (about 161 km) off, even the fastest to reach 105 miles ( approximately 169 km), San Diego fans to the scene because of broken tables and high-speed ball up.

Priest starting pitcher Chris Young pitched 5 games out of 1 point, Reds starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo is lost in 5 innings in 2 minutes, the two last are nothing to do with victory or defeat, while the Reds outfielder Drew Stubbs The campaign has a solo home run performance.

After the victory in the win priest, the season record to 86 wins 67 lost, but a giant in today's (25th) also beat the Rockies, so the priest is still behind a giant half margin of victory, the National League West title this year, who will take Next, it is still difficult to predict.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A great opportunity to catch up with the Philadelphia Warriors were three Lien Chan

A great opportunity to catch up with the Philadelphia Warriors were three Lien Chan, the first battle been rookie Black Wood (Jason Heyward) messed up, the key mistake of five, let rivals get ahead of the 2 points, and closing the Phillies beat the Braves 3-1 , margin of victory opened to 4 games.

Phillies home field with over 118 games, the two sides are relying on far-reaching in the second game of doubles scored 1 point, the key match in five sets, the first name of batter Shane Victorino attack the direction of level flight the ball right field, right fielder Black Wood did not take over this record level flight the ball, the ball rolled all the way home run wall, Shane Victorino on to third on the next Bolan Ke ( Placido Polanco) infield grounder to third base runners get ahead points escort.

Phillies fifth campaign is not over, followed by Atlee (Chase Utely) hit hits, the Warriors take the initiative for investment, but put to the Faure He mentioned (Eric O'Flaherty) cast two successive walks Yibanizi (Raul Ibanez) grounder grounder to Phillies again, under a points on the 2 points by the fifth, the Phillies won the most recent 8-game winning streak.

Phillies first black Moss (Cole Hamels) to enter in September after the formidable, all won a race win 4 games to vote today, only lost 1 point 8 Board, was the recent five game winning streak, and this five start only 0.49 of ERA also makes the black Moss's ERA dropped to new low of 2.93 this season, won 12 individual wins.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Evil empire now committed to defending the AL East leading position

Evil empire now committed to defending the AL East leading position, but headed first baseman Mark Teixeira because of the thumb, injured toe exigencies, must leave the starting position.

Since Sept. 1 home game in play against movement by the ball in the kiss, Teixeira has had to be in the case of the thumb injury playing against, and this injury has also given this name footed strong play no small trouble.

Teixeira rate of 2 percent this quarter, against 59 at present, issued 33 home runs, 101 RBI, without him, Zhu Quan, bound to the Yankees leading the way in the defense more difficult.

Yankees coach Joe Girardi said yesterday (the 18th) had told Teixeira, today (19) play against the Orioles game, will not be exclusive, start battle, replaced by Lance Berkman replace the starting first baseman, and today guest Orioles Yankees also beat 11 rivals to 3, to continue sitting in the eastern United States first location, but only half the leading light of the second margin of victory.

Friday, September 17, 2010

If you want to reverse the down the Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins to the American League Central championship playoff position

If you want to reverse the down the Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins to the American League Central championship playoff position, the remaining three games with the Twins in the battle, you need to sweep, a chance to field the margin of victory from 6 back to 3 games, can there be real opportunity comeback. The results give the Twins swept the White Sox but was, margin of victory turned into 9 games, the White Sox officially announced the end of the season.

Twins with the White Sox this third war, in fact, even if the White Sox winning, margin of victory or 7 games, the White Sox would like the opportunity to comeback or not, but at least have a chance. And a start to the emergence of a critical situation: half of a bureau, the Twins starting pitcher Pavano (Carl Pavano) lost a vote of the sinker, K to the White Sox gun Kenuo Ke (Paul Konerko) face. So the Second Top of, White Sox starting pitcher Berry (Mark Buehrle) immediately answered with the first ball on the first Twins hitter Kedai Er (Michael Cuddyer). This is a very simple grand coalition "retaliation" culture, the body touch the ball incident ends here. But because I was the first hit batters on base, the pitcher's task is in retaliation after the situation resolved. Results Berry did not do, by the following two successive wreck who know their hits, lost the first point; in to Folunxiya (Danny Valencia) play double play after he was hit with the next two wreck those two hits, and then lost two points.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ann Tejada 3 4 RBI single market is a great contribution to victory

Previous registration plate 6 Board blockade Dodge fire rookie Cory Luebke, Council 4, the first 4 hits scoreless content interesting, but the sudden collapse of 5 Board, gave up six hits, including Troy Tulowitzki's three points lost 4 exit gun crazy the game became tense situation

Fortunately priest bullpen to blame 6 together 4 1 / 3 Office 2 hits 5K freeze Rocky offensive, 9 inning solo shot Oscar Salazar scored the insurance pinch points, the final 2 minutes to make Rocky bow. Padres this season with the Los Angeles of the first 16 games only take five wins, but this victory to terminate play against three game losing streak.

Ann Tejada 3 4 RBI single market is a great contribution to victory, this is the eve of his joining the clergy from the 731 after the best performance, four RBI this season is a new high level. Priest since June 17 after dropping the National League West has never been top of the list.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the National League three playoff tickets will be Warriors, Philadelphia Phillies, Padres, Giants, Los Angeles and other 5 teams fighting for. Western part of the leading clerics Giants 81 wins 62 lost half, leading Los Angeles two games. Wild card part, the Warriors were home the first row, the giant gap between a field and a half following closely behind, 3 games behind Los Angeles and a half.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sino Swearingen Aircraft A-Rod and the promise of cooperation under the nine innings

Recent New York Yankees face the Baltimore Orioles over the fire, almost every show was a hard battle, even if the pitching performance today, particularly interesting, still stuck fighting the evil empire, no coherent line of fire dilemma. But when the match hit the next nine innings, the one in base, two out of the situation, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) sent a wave of his stick shot two points, the team at the last minute reversal of fate, the rate of 3 to 2 Yankees escape the tragic Orioles swept the bad luck.

Yankees starting today Nova (Ivan Nova) good performance, only to be knocked the previous Board 2 security, with the next hit line in three Board, by Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) be sent successfully stolen bases, and Gude Na ( Brett Gardner) hit the fly to the left of the base hit, the Yankees took the lead to 1 to 0 lead. However, of five, the Nova was first beaten with clubs who suddenly can not resolve Jones (Adam Jones) and because they sent out wild pitch, then was immediately Witters (Matt Wieters) and win two points guns, making the Yankees leading Council that is down to less than one half 1 to 2 behind.

Even if Nova was immediately stabilized, but the line was hit in the Orioles starting Beierjisen (Brad Bergesen) performance more notable cases, almost completely blocked, and the bullpen took over the pitch as well, but not until nine innings , the Yankees must identify Uehara Zhigang Hao Teng board rescue time, first relying on A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) of hits on the base, then stand on the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu combat zone, carrying the stick, caught the edge of a sweep of the strike zone partial high-speed ball, and hit the left field home run wall, with guns to help reverse the team two points to 3 to 2 gas to go the Orioles.

Sino Swearingen Aircraft A-Rod and the promise of cooperation under the nine innings, also broke the Orioles long since 1986, swept the Yankees for the first time in the Big Apple dream. But new coach Hugh Walter (Buck Showalter) took office, with the Orioles from the recent super-compaction of war, can not help but let the evil empire Corps thumbs up, "It is terror! Very honorable opponent."

But the Yankees won the joy of winning, because of the masters of iron catch Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) affected by head injuries. It is understood that Posada previously have hit his head out of bounds, leading to a suspected concussion last night, the situation appears, then the team today and he was immediately sent to New York Presbyterian Hospital (Presbyterian Hospital) to a neurologist diagnosed conditions; Yankees also Background and old, said after the game situation, that he is all right but will be included in the daily watch list.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baltimore Orioles to four to three win over the New York Yankees

Major League Baseball, Baltimore Orioles to four to three win over the New York Yankees, and this is the Orioles this year, six-game road losing streak in New York after the first victory; Chicago White Sox playoff 10 Board to five to four win over Detroit Tigers won seven in a row, more than 13 were three off the New York Mets lost to the Washington Nationals, Florida Marlins Philadelphia Phillies with two-day battle, the first Marlins won seven to one, seven more than second Phillies 4 pulled one back.

Orioles leading the Yankees twice and twice we were tied, but Roberts has once again hit the Qi Ju on RBI hits with a win over the Yankees, Orioles starting pitcher Ma Susi four inning Rodríguez knockout solo shot, pitched six innings lost one-third win four in a row, the Orioles bullpen has not been hit after hit three Board also perform four strikeouts, the seventh Uehara rescue points. The Yankees lost a quarter of Qiju Barnett, swallow the 13th lost. As Rodríguez career single-season RBI fourteenth over 100 points, surpassing the Babe Ruth, Lugairuige with Farkas and so famous.

White Sox begin a four Lien with Tiger, Tiger tied behind twice, played eight innings on Zian tied four to four after the 10 inning playoff Manny Ruiz, Ruiou Si with three consecutive hits and scored Peel Sienski points ahead to win five to four win seven in a row.

Metropolitan Council to three zero three leading citizens, but only three hits the audience, called up the National Union of early age of five at bats hit the four hits, including two home runs, Ai Spinoza two outs in the sixth inning of the deciding shot slam, six RBI single field contribution.

Marlins hit a double game with the Phillies, the first Phillies only three hits and lost one to seven, the second Oswald Qiju lost a quarter, but his teammates still got the fire support quarter of the 11th win.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Philadelphia won this fireworks show

This apart from the two teams have 23 points, the total pounded 35 hits, 6 homers, two pitching the ball a total of 358 cast. Winning pitcher Bastardo (Antonio Bastardo) Council to vote out a one point, but was beaten four hits. Losing the war, pitcher Di Kameng (Manny Delcarmen) 0.1 Board voted off quarter.

What a mess!

Philadelphia won this fireworks show, not only outside the card so that they lead to 2 games slightly widening margin of victory; also because the Warriors lost city today, Philadelphia in the National League East behind the margin of victory to the Warriors, but also reduce the to 2 games. If the line can be as Philadelphia beat the big outbreak of this return to normal, with their ace starting pitcher in three: Halladay (Roy Halladay) Hammersmith (Cole Hamels) Oswald (Roy Oswalt), even if the bullpen the problem is still, they still have the opportunity to grabbed quite a wild card, and even organic Warriors will pull down the National League East throne! Because of their bullpen the past two years have problems, but does not affect them into the overall championship for two consecutive years and won the championship in 2008

The Rockies lost the game, let them 6.5 games behind the wild card winning margin, behind the National League West leading Padres 7.5 games margin of victory. Hope to qualify for the playoffs, more and more unlikely, unless they like the same as in 2007, pulled out a wave of super late (end of the quarter final 15 games, 14 wins and 1 negative). Otherwise, the National League wild card race, Philadelphia may be a dispute with the giant.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Massaro cast only 3.2 9 Security Council was hit

Massaro cast only 3.2 9 Security Council was hit, including three home runs, and the crazy lost 9 points off the hook exit, swallow defeat 7 (6 wins). He played since July 25 after the Chicago White Sox, 7 games start to swallow the 5 game losing streak, did not get Renhe Sheng cast, but mainly because his teammates do not join in attack, recent developments very tragic.

The previous six games, smacked six home runs in Tan Musi (Marcus Thames), today 4 0, and also swallowed 3k, the end of the "strange power" trip records. The Athletics play against the Yankees played the past three years, the ultra-poor, 4 wins record 19th defeat, winning 7 of this year was a failure.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Warriors starting pitcher Derek Lowe's offensive game can not stop the Marlins

Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann today (30) hit the first team in major league history to view the replay after the revision of the bye run homer to help the last two Board reversed the Warrior offensive 6 points to 7 to 6 victory over the Florida Marlins.

Warriors starting pitcher Derek Lowe's offensive game can not stop the Marlins, a start was Hanley Ramirez belted 3 guns, 3 inning was again three hits plus walks scored 2 points 1. Lowe pitched at exit after 3 innings, threw four strikeouts three times four or bad, gave up six hits and lost 5 points. Marlins 4, then the Board relied on the third baseman Donnie Murphy hits scored 6 points.

On the other hand, the Warriors were playing lines Marlins starting pitcher Josh Johnson to suppress, even though, under a Board relied on errors and Eric Hinske out in 2 hits and grabbed a timely manner after 1 minute, but then nothing offensive. After Johnson withdrew at 6 Council vote, cast eight strikeouts three times four or bad, only gave up three hits, lose 1 point of non-ERA.

Competition Bureau under the change in 8, the Warriors started the first four by two hits a bad scored 1 minute, 2 outs, first baseman Gaby Sanchez mistakes, so that warriors rely on Melky Cabrera's grounder scored two second base points.

9 Bureau, the Marlins put Leo Nunez closed, unexpectedly cast as he walked up, followed by pinch of Matt Diaz blasted a bar than a few guns tied 2 minutes. 2 outs, McCann 1 Breaking up a home run in the left field wall, bounced back inside, the referee to view the video replay, the commuted to a home run, standing second base on the McCann returned to home plate easily, and therefore competition end.

McCann said after the game: "I hear the metal ball in the back wall of sound, so I know it is not hit the pad on the sound. I know it was a home run, I told (second base review) Tim McClelland,『 I assure you it was a home run, I heard that ball in the back of the wall 』."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Although the MRI results until tomorrow

Harper's idol is Luodelizi (Ivan Rodriguez), but people consider a greater chance of injury catcher will let him switch from catcher to outfield, but he was not wearing high school uniforms, which Harper says : "I will miss all the past." Harper's next stop will be Florida, will be teaching to the National League, but people do not set Harpo whether to participate in next year's spring training.

Although the MRI results until tomorrow, will know, but people can be sure that Strasbourg will not participate in the rest of the game, head coach Rui Geman, said: "I am very worried, very worried."

The nationals have high hopes for the future players in the big leagues until the first quarter, but already two times into the disabled list, but last Saturday to face the Phillies game, pitched at hand pain, but also to determine reimbursement season, the first Although the momentum of a good year, but lost, leaving only 5 wins 3 2.91 ERA, 68 Bureau of cast 92K, the minor league innings and added in, the National had hoped could be put into 160, but was only Strasbourg 123.1 Authority.

Red Sox second game with the Mariners sent Weikefeide start

Red Sox's Beckett start hit by a Long hit the sailors after 16 consecutive batters to solve, both teams did not score five Board; the sixth inning the Red Sox four hits under the onslaught quarter, but Qi Ju Yang told the sailors Bly Keqi Man also recovered two home runs in one-third repulsed Beckett and closing the Red Sox won five to three.

Red Sox second game with the Mariners sent Weikefeide start, cast dissatisfaction sixth inning was hit eight hits and lost a quarter, while the sailors Hernandez 7.1 Board only beaten four hits and nine strikeouts thrown send won the 10th victory of two points, only 24-year-old Hernandez has 139 days of the sixth inning strikeout Ortiz, a career total of 1,000 strikeouts, third in major league history to fast, then swallow the 10th Weikefeide failure.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yankees "Fireball man" Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) are struggling this season

Yankees "Fireball man" Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) are struggling this season, sustained by the New York media and professional blogger has been criticized, 26 home runs in the Royal again, causing tension at short. Although the Yankees won the final 12 to 6, "Pinstripe Alley" is still very satisfied with the performance of Chamberlain, and even exaggerated that the blame than Igawa suffered worse.

Throughout the quarter, data, Chamberlain K / 9 value of 10, Major League ranks the top 8%, so the probability of the batter swings and about 30% before the league stronger, and was hit in the Council only 9 home runs 0.6, If not see his ERA near 6, the average per game is more than one hit, also called the young players is a good pitcher. What is the reason that would allow bidders Chamberlain so hard this season?

"Pinstripe Alley" said Chamberlain was formed inside the batter hits the ball reached the probability of (BABIP, Batting average on balls in play) a problem. Chamberlain BABIP this season into 99 values of up to 3, the network of this Road, "even if Igawa does not 3 as 99, Igawa Yeah! If the ball is not his prestige, why let opponents swings rates so high?"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cannone said that if the Yankees did not win Santana

Yankees second baseman Cannone (Robinson Cano) righteous: "The Yankees need an ace like Santana (Johan Santana), if Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) is a bargaining chip on the Yankees and Cambre should have considered drawing a breathtaking accomplishment. "

Cannone said that if the Yankees did not win Santana, since when the enemy can not become comrades, he did not want Santana joined the "old enemy" Red Sox camp, "the Yankees need to maintain combat capability, every inch, can not have errors. "

"Is a big deal for Santana, the Yankees need him, need an ace pitcher like him, if the Red Sox get Santana, the strength will become more strong, then the Yankees on the worst of times!"
Rumors of the Yankees team trading Santana and others as a bargaining chip, happened, Cabrera is Cannone's hometown and friends, for the "rumors", Cannone comfort Cabrera said: "If you are trading out You just keep playing, "but Cabrera would like to stay with the Yankees, he did not want to leave New York, Cannone told him:" If you leave, to work harder, maybe one day you will come back. "

"I love Melky (Cabrera), if he leaves the Yankees, you can send the first team every day in the Twin Cities race, no longer (Yankees) bench, he was able to prove their strength value, while Santana is also enhance combat capability Yankees, it would be best of both worlds thing. "

Yankees and Twins are still deadlocked transaction case, it was reported that the Yankees are now just waiting to cut price tag Santana, the Twins did not regard the delay in action, Twins manager Smith (Bill Smith) said that can wait They have more opportunities. The New York Mets are eyeing, holding six-year contract the door waiting for Santana.

Gelao Si due to long-term artificial turf in the Blue Jays play

Gelao Si due to long-term artificial turf in the Blue Jays play, resulting in leg and knee are there fasciitis, if he continues to stay in the Blue Jays play the artificial turf, baseball threatens to endanger his life, he listened doctor's advice, anxious to change club.

Ge Laosi a race last year, only 115 games because of injury, leaving the rate of 2 percent against 62,20 homers, 62 RBI performance, his Blue Jays in 2008 and 12.75 million U.S. dollars contract with 11.25 million in 2009 dollar contract.

Rolen went to the Blue Jays Fortunately, not lonely, but also with his one for the Cardinals in 2006, won the World Series champion's old ally Yikesitan (David Eckstein) meet again with the Blue Jays last year signed a 4.5 million-year dollar contracts, the 2006 World Series MVP is expected to be down a starting shortstop job Bluebird.

Monday, August 16, 2010

McNamee's lawyers originally been put out to warn people if the rocket

"Rocket Man" Clemens will be passive to active, active physical fitness of former New York Yankees trainer McNamee (Brian McNamee) proposed defamation tell.

It's like a Rashomon, just like a soap opera. McNamee's lawyers originally been put out to warn people if the rocket, it seems to the lucky seventh inning, beating the Rockets began the way counterattack. Rocket man's legal team has collected all the negative remarks McNamee, ready to launch libel complaint.

According to counsel's litigation-like rocket that McNamee repeated false allegations, Clemens way and cause serious damage, a public laugh at, ridiculed the proposed target, leaving the old name of cyclosporine was a major financial loss (if it continues play), McNamee have real malice, all non-true statement.

Like in another lawsuit that McNamee made in all sorts of pressures under which false allegations. Clemens said: "McNamee admitted that if I do not confess, the federal investigative unit would prosecute him. And intimidation McNamee federal investigative unit has sufficient evidence to hold him in jail."

Also according to statements McNamee to accept the first day interrogation, he repeatedly denied that Clemens used banned substances, but McNamee told Assistant U.S. Attorney Pa Ruiya (Matthew Parreiia), federal tax investigators Nuowei Ci base (Jeff Novitzky) investigation, everything becomes different, showing McNamee is the situation with great reluctance to make false allegations before, and believe I speak for the old in the 1998-2001 grams steroid injection.
McNamee after federal investigations, the survey immediately changed from being tainted witnesses, in the Mitchell report came out that the team hope that he made the same arguments, if refused, McNamee will be re-investigated, indicted or even the fate of .

Who seems to counter the increasingly powerful rockets, but the last in the end is it directed and McNamee? Or rockets were lying? Maybe on the 16th Congressional Reform Committee hearing, the answer can be revealed.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Nabulaoqi in 1989 first round pick by the Twins in 1991

Former Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees second baseman Nabulaoqi (Chuck Knoblauch) retired in 2002 after the end of the season, Hall of Fame selected this year for the first time to obtain qualifications, the only result of last year, "Mitchell Report" upon his have taken banned substances, so he cast a shadow on the road to the Hall of Fame.

Nabulaoqi in 1989 first round pick by the Twins in 1991, Major League, he was originally a shortstop, but this position has been Hall of Fame shortstop Ghani (Greg Gagne) control, he took the guard second base mark, did not think he's major league rookie first year to help the Twins beat the Braves in the World Series for the Twins made within 5 years, Block 2, World Series champions.

Nabulaoqi major league career, 7 years before the whole team dedicated to the Twins, 4-Star Game, the first 7 years the average rate of 3 percent against 04, and former Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame second baseman Carew (Rod Carew) the successes. The difference is that Nabulaoqi garrison invulnerable to bring the morale of the fighting spirit is an excellent spell, flutter back to home plate he often positive, it seems better equipped to enter the Hall of Fame Bi Kalu conditions.

Nabulaoqi 12 years of major league experience, to pay a 2 percent average rate of 89 combat and another 1,899 hits, 322 doubles and 615 RBIs, he won a Gold Glove Award, also both superb offensive and defensive speed, career total of 10 seasons, more than 25 times the number of stolen bases in 1997, 62 single-season stolen bases, create new initiatives Twins history and personal and career total of stolen bases 407 times, in 1996 he went back to home plate by 140 points , also set a Twins record in team history to show all-round.

In addition, the Nabulaoqi ALCS in 1991 to pay a 3 percent rate of 51 against in the World Series batting average, 08 percent have three, then he appeared in 151 regular season games, an average rate of 2 percent against 81, also themselves off the American League Rookie of the award.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fukudome told the Yomiuri Giants after the team he plans to enter Japan and other major league decision

He said: "I made this decision because I always wanted to play there." Fukudome told the Yomiuri Giants after the team he plans to enter Japan and other major league decision.
Japanese media reports, the effectiveness of the nine-day long Fukudome, expected to be announced this weekend before joining the Alliance.

His fans said: "Thank you for the past nine years I refuel, I hope when I play in the U.S., you can refuel for me."

Fukudome batting last season, up 3 percent on May 1, with 31 home runs, 104 RBI, winning the season's most valuable player. But last season because of elbow surgery he only battle 80 game. His career batting average 2 percent 94, the base rate of 0.4.

Japanese professional baseball over the past five years serving Kansas City Royals MLB's new coach Hillman, that the strength of that of Fukuda Seattle Mariners star outfielder Ichiro Suzuki in par.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Astros coach Wade would not confirm the reports

"Houston Chronicle" reported today, in the previous quarter as a free agent after the end of Japanese-American baseball players Kazuo Matsui, is expected to MLB and the Major League Baseball Houston Astros signed, unless unexpected situation.

Astros coach Wade would not confirm the reports, but Chronicle quoted anonymous sources close to the report, the Colorado Rockies beat the Astros and Chicago Cubs, joined the fight to Matsui.

Wade last week to meet with Matsui's agent, Los Angeles, Atlanta. It is believed that the Cubs open a three-year 14 million U.S. dollars (about 450 million Taiwan dollars) price tag, which means that astronauts bound to better contract terms.

If Matsui joined the astronaut, he is expected to stick in second. Since his departure from Japan into major league baseball since his batting average is 2 percent 72.

Matsui started the New York Mets Major League career, the two hemispheres of quarters in June last year, was traded to the Rockies, and to help Los Angeles won in the last quarter, the National League champion, first broke into the World Series. Rocky tragic end in the Boston Red Sox World Series sweep.

His batting average last quarter, the second into 88, four homers, 30 stolen bases twice, scored 30 seven.

30-year-old Matsui will join the astronauts on the important task of defending the effectiveness of astronauts replaced two decades of second baseman Biggio. Biggio announced his retirement after last season.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Although at one time wanted to leave Boston

Although at one time wanted to leave Boston, but also emotional farewell letter written to his teammates, but the sincerity of his former club to plug fame eventually cast Schilling (Curt Schilling) to embrace the Red Sox.

Old 41-year-old Schilling on the 7th annual salary of eight million U.S. dollars has agreed to contract with the Red Sox for one year to the contract requirements as long as Xi Linda innings pitched, three million U.S. dollars can get the performance bonus, but owners would "ensure" name veteran to maintain a healthy state, with other "weight clause", as long as the weight, but Schilling, an additional two million U.S. dollars prize money will easily into bags.

"If Curt can not remain in the best condition, we must have self-protection measures." Red Sox general manager Yipusiting frankly admits: "Schilling's skill Needless to say, as long as he can be fixed picking up the rotation, absolute price tag . "

Red Sox twice in the past 4 years to win Schilling contributed to the 2004 season, Schilling had just arrived to cast their record of 21 wins, playoffs that year's "bloody Red Sox" incident team morale and motivation is to get rid of Red Sox "Babe Ruth curse" the key to reaching the top again this year, Red Sox, Schilling won playoff games out of 3 game 4 win, his career playoff total of 11 wins and 2 losses, superior competition is the heart of Red Sox are willing to large the money to keep the name of veteran causes.

Schilling mentioned in the personal blog, the target is 1400 ~ 1500 million in salary, but also, and astronauts and the Phillies have had contact with, "but family members hope I can continue to stay in the Red Sox, even in the end here career, the whole family would like to settle down in Boston. "Schilling said.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yankees in contact with the occasion of the new head coach candidate

Yankees in contact with the occasion of the new head coach candidate, also tried to meet with A-ROD, the boss, the son of (Hank Steinbrenner) said: "We want to keep him, I think he would be willing to stay."

World Series is finished, A-ROD 10-day period to decide whether to select the early termination of 10 years 252 million U.S. dollars of contracts, a free agent, the Yankees prepare to renew contracts, but if A-ROD proposed termination of contract requirements, they will withdraw from the negotiating table.

Small 27, Taipei time, said pellets soon with A-ROD and brokers Porras (Scott Boras) to meet. "The most important thing is, obviously, we want to keep him," Little said: "I think he would be willing to stay."

A-ROD season 54 home runs and 156 RBIs in the highest ranks League, American League MVP was one of the most popular candidate, his remaining three quarters of the contract, the annual salary is 2,400 million U.S. dollars to protect, if the A- ROD choose to terminate the agreement early, the Yankees lost in 2004 will also deal he got from the Rangers to switch teams 2,100 million allowance.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Although the weather and the Becket Rocky emphasized the pitch will not be an obstacle to the way title race

Red Sox ace pitcher Becket (Josh Beckett) playoff game so far out of three, 3 wins 0 lose record, 1.17 ERA, called the strongest of the playoffs in recent years, "killer", but Rocky can not eat this , this year June 14 with the Becket fight, of five hands from Becket knocked 10 hits Kuanggong 6 points, Atkins (Garrett Atkins), Halladay (Matt Holliday) all win their 1 home runs, cut the opening quarter of nine games Becket.

Although the weather and the Becket Rocky emphasized the pitch will not be an obstacle to the way title race, but based on historical experience, rest days too much is not good for the team last year, the Tigers swept 4-0 in the American League Championship campaign at home, tilted his legs long ago, "Geranium Strictipes View tiger fight", the National League champion Cardinals won seven games with the Metropolitan those firms, because the rest too long to change the last tiger, "sick cats," 1:4 World Series loss to the Cardinals, lost their Gold Cup title .

Face of the doubts over the Rocky coach He (Clint Hurdle) easy to right: "There are a lot of people』 『reminded me a warning for Tiger, but not to play games, do not be too pessimistic."

Taipei World Series opener scheduled time on the 25th in Boston.

Friday, July 30, 2010

American League Championship Series tomorrow truce

Indians "Best Actor" Pelota single field contribution to the 2 hits, 3 RBI, the playoffs so far, as high as 4 percent against 06, veteran Border (Paul Byrd) continuation of the stability of the Yankees first round of performances, starting five Board only lost two points, grabbed 2 playoff wins, Weikefeide pitched 4.2 out 5 minutes to swallow defeat Bureau.

Indians won the world title once before in 1948, has been 59 years without Pengguo Gold Cup, "Sadness" level in the major leagues after the Cubs, the former first to enter the World Series in 1997, after the fierce battle seven lost Strong cast Hernandez (Livan Hernandez), Brown (Kevin Brown) led the Marlins, Indians win the next as long as shouting, you can return to the World Series.

American League Championship Series tomorrow truce, Taipei time on the 19th to the fifth war, two are ace fight, the Indians Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) again Maoshang Becket Red Sox (Josh Beckett), staged a "top vs. "Episode II, Indians will certainly champion the full opportunity for home.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nissen from the Indians with a wave of violent attack

ALCS Game 2, pinch Nissen (Trot Nixon) victory for the Indians knocking on the door! Taipei time on the 14th to 11th with the Red Sox Chanzhan Board that he command the direction towards the center with an RBI in the first base hits, not only for Indians ahead, but also with 7 points out of the offensive, and closing Indian people are just out on the town with 13:6.

"We have demonstrated resilience," Nissen said after the game: "take heart from the 11th game, especially in the 1:30 time, really a bit weird, but you will not often encounter this situation."

Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) continue to write his playoff record of 23 home runs, while Lovell (Mike Lowell) also make up a hair to get the Red Sox 6-5 in the first 5 Council leader, and the opportunity to master a 2 game winning streak in the enter to the extension of the No. 10 Bureau, the Red Sox beat the center line of Ortiz (David Ortiz), Manny Ramirez, Lowell and other heavy artillery hand, were Indians pitcher Ma Siti Ni (Tom Mastny) to block off.

11 Jushang Ban, pinch of Nissen playing against, the one, second base was, this former professional baseball career, spent 13 years in the Red Sox veteran, 1st fight I face Luopi Zi (Javier Lopez) in the pitching , hit the center-right of the first base hit, to help get back to second base ahead of teammate running points.

"He (Luopi Zi) is difficult to fight those who left to vote, so I can only play short rod," Nissen said after the game: "I know they have two left by center fielder, I am glad that I catch to the opportunity. "

Nissen from the Indians with a wave of violent attack, poured them into a single Bureau of 7 points, write down the history of playoff playoff scoring record for the most single-bureau also put out the Red Sox hope to recover points. Red Sox coach Falankena (Terry Francona) after the game had to admit, "This is a valuable one I've seen games against war."

This game had a total of 5 hours 14 minutes, played the next day 1:30. Indian audience hit 17 hits, 11 RBI. Red Sox 10 hits, mostly in 3,5 Bureau, since there is no campaign to speak of.

American League Championship Series 3 games to return home for the Indians, Red Sox sent a song [soil reaction] Tai westerblokker against Indians (Jake Westbrook).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians in the first round of competition today in the Yankees home for the fourth war

Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians in the first round of competition today in the Yankees home for the fourth war, "Taiwan" was Wang undertook a mission start, only loss of the primary vote in a Council on quarter of the bear defeat, though the Yankees hit the audience there, including three rounds of 12 spring rounds, but still lack the key blow, and closing the Yankees lost on a four to six, with two out in the first round.

The game is the Yankees and the Indians playoffs first round of the fourth race, the only rest day starting Wang in command against the enemy. However, he out of position in the first Bureau, the first to be hit first spring seats Sesimoer hit home runs, two outs, it was Pei Lota hit a RBI hits, leading the Indians to obtain the second zero.

Aberdeen has established the second inning out of state after another was, Blake hit a hit, but also touch on the off-body cast Peck send the ball to form a bases loaded no one out, this time for Yankees manager Joe Torre act decisively Aberdeen, under construction, replaced by Mike Mussina replaced.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bear continued to display their fighting line is not open

Major League Baseball MLB Team Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies, and today continue to demonstrate strong ambition to win, were swept in the first round the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies, Dawn of the National League Championship Series.

Diamondbacks pitcher Hernandez sharp as ever the wind the ball, turning around from the fifth out of five to one to help the team to beat the Cubs three in a row move into the League of Nations finals.

Hernandez pitched six innings only lost one point, teammate Yang En the first game we hit the first home run ball, plus the contribution of a Bo Enzi and Drew solo shot, lay the country for the Diamondbacks.

Bear continued to display their fighting line is not open, since the last won the World Series champion is a hundred years ago.

On the other hand, Arizona's National League Championship Series rivals Los Angeles, relying on Baker's key hits today, and starting pitcher Jimenez Qiju was only knocked a hit of high-quality performance, in front of his home crowd to two to one capture V Phillies complete sweep feat.

Rocky's winning streak continued momentum end of season tournament, won the 17th victory last 18 games, 15 years for the first time reached the National League Championship Series, the 11th will go to Arizona with the Diamondbacks, under a high.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This 2007 major league playoffs opener

Regular season success is one thing to the playoffs is a new beginning! Francis (Jeff Francis) 4, Taipei time, led the Colorado Rockies in a 4-2 away victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, grabbed the National League Division 1 playoff victory.

This 2007 major league playoffs opener, which attracted more than 40,005 thousand fans who attended the Philadelphia-based refueling team, but the Phillies as severe as expected audience offensive, but the road is Rocky head start.

2 Bureau launched an offensive on the Rocky, the first beaten with clubs by Hilton (Todd Helton) hit triples, then play the fairly quickly (Garrett Atkins) make up the base hit scored the first 1 minute, followed by Philadelphia and then rely on Holmes, who starting pitcher (Cole Hamels) of 3 walks and a hit scored 2 points. Holmes Today only hit in the three hits, all in the last half, with 3 walks, thus sowing Active Role.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The last one remaining regular season games

The last one remaining regular season games. Metropolitan sent 300 wins Glavine (Tom Glavine) to start against the Marlins, the Phillies sent Myers (Brett Myers) face of a national effort to strike a victory.

Outside the card battle, the city of Philadelphia as well as the Rocky Mountains, have a field behind the Padres. If the results keep pace with the last 4 teams, city and Philadelphia will increase competition a field, never to go abroad the NL East champion, defeated that team again and priests, Rocky Hill playoff to decide the winner wild card ownership.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Yankees regular season games remaining 4 tomorrow

4 Bureau of the second half, although the first strikeout Wang Norton, but then walked straight Gomez, Navarro two hitters, but replaced by a continuous build for Wilson, Aberdeen, both Iwamura hit a fly ball in center field was then kill, pretty lose points to resolve the crisis.

Yankees in five sets on fire fully open, Kitt first contribution to an RBI sacrifice fly, then the bases loaded when Jorge Posada hit the two-RBI hits, and then hit the right field three-run homer Kano, despite the Devil Rays quickly for investment, but Mickiewicz still make up a RBI base hit, the Yankees played 11 times this Council, coming down 7 points with a ratio of a sudden become a 9 to 1.

Wang struck out the next of five Weilandiya, but was Peina spring home run hit, the audience lost 2 points, then build another strikeout, Aberdeen, Upton, Yonge and Norton playing out across the hits, but built with Aberdeen strikeout Gomez, was witness to get pitcher eligibility.

Is on the sixth inning the Yankees fired six consecutive hits and scored 3 points single bureau, the two sides opened the score becoming greater and greater; with fire support team-mate, Wang let Navarro under the sixth inning played third base foul ball then killed, Next to Wilson, pinch Guzman (Joel Guzman) are infield ground ball out, the audience played the first three on three under.

Although only a thin pitching 0.2 Bureau, Wang can be reached single-season pitching 200 Board, but to advance to prepare for the playoffs, the Yankees choose to Qi Ju Tsai for the construction end, reassignment Chamberlain to succeed, he pitched at a Board scoreless exit; 维兹凯伊诺 eight innings, but under the appearance, he was Gomez hit the two sub-shells. In order to keep the victory, the Yankees introduced at the patron saint of Rui Fola in nine innings, the result he accomplished with three bowling with three tasks.

Wang quarter final content of fairly decent start, pitched six hit in the Council lost two points 7 hits, 6 strikeouts, 3 walks, sharing the ball 94, 54 for strikes, and balls out of 7 , fly ball out 5, the construction season left Aberdeen in 2007 the personal record of 19 wins 7 defeat, ERA 3.70.

The Yankees regular season games remaining 4 tomorrow, and the Devil Rays series of war last war will start from the Hughes, then with the Baltimore Orioles Away 3 Lien Chan were sent Mussina, Pettitte and Igawa in command the main cast, "rocket man" Clemens is not re-established in the regular season appearance.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Metropolitan champion magic number still remain in the "M5"

Metropolitan champion magic number still remain in the "M5", the national team is to keep city desirable, in the recent Battle in 4 games won 3 games today (25) race, the national team by 5 Council by Carens (Austin Kearns) of 3 than the number of guns opened, and closing on to win 13 ︰ 4.

City sent 23-year-old Pi Fei Li (Mike Pelfrey) start against the national team, voted less than 6 Board, the lost 6 points, and another 5 walks (a career best number), the first 4 Board the first 2 minutes away mate errors are caused city has only one ︰ 2 behind, but the Bureau of 2 out of 5, 2 in the base (walks), Pifei legislation that can not be solved Carens, but let him hit the middle of the direction of home run, and therefore stand and had to exit Pifei.

"I let the team into a color machine, I did not win for us." Pifei established by the Metropolitan in 2005, the first one elected to 9th overall pitcher, in his most recent start all three games to win, ERA 3.31.

Metropolitan 41-year-old veteran A Way (Moises Alou) consecutive hits to advance to 28 games (6 inning hit a base hit), but A Way 4 Bureau fatal errors also occurred in left field, making the national team of Karen Williams ran back to get ahead, therefore points.

Puerto Rican slugger Dier Jia and more (Carlos Delgado) and win their first 30 doubles this season, which is 3 consecutive season he knocked 30 doubles at least, been a dramatic single-season record of 57.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

However soon but big reversed previously once Chuan travel cavalry want to 2008 Draft Cap 1 11 Shun bit

Yesterday (9) once outgoing York Yankees forthcoming from Seattle sailor transactions to Cliff Lee news but then plot nosedive, Texas Rangers proposed transaction resurgence ultimately Rangers to Justin Smoak etc. four young players to sailor traded to Lee and reliever Mark Lowe.

Lee will be transaction longer secret only question is he will settled where. Yesterday U.S. major media successively outgoing Yankees will use rookie catcher Jesus Montero, second baseman David Adams and pitcher Zach McAllister et exchange to Lee, even media reports sailor has informed other teams they no opportunity traded to Lee, Yankees may even today race on launch Lee against sailor.

However soon but big reversed previously once Chuan travel cavalry want to 2008 Draft Cap 1 11 Shun bit Smoak mainly transactions revived, final application bankruptcy franchise state unknown Rangers, still Smoak, plus 2007 Draft 1 round starting Right pitcher Blake Beavan, backup Right pitcher Josh Lueke and second baseman Matt Lawson others to sailor exchange for Lee and Lowe.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Toronto Blue Jays at home against St. Louis Cardinals

Toronto Blue Jays at home against St. Louis Cardinals, two teams starting pitcher completely suppress the other's fighting line, so after eight innings, and the two sides tied 0-0. But nine Jushang Ban, the Cardinals relied on consecutive hits in one attack back valuable points, we end up 1-0, Rick Blue Jays.

Blue Jays sent lefthander Luomai Luo (Ricky Romero) hold the line, a Jushang Ban on times of crisis, two out, the Cardinals captured bases loaded, but fortunately Luo Mailuo 93 miles with the speed ball and the batter duel, smooth strikeouts Los Metz (Colby Rasmus) defuse the crisis.

3 Bureau of the second half, for 2005 National League Cy Young Award winner Carpenter (Chris Carpenter) encountered turbulence, in the case of a second base was a wonderful change in mind-hit ball cheat Linde (Adam Lind) an end to this semi-Board. Carpenter pitched eight innings, only to be pounded three hits, sending seven strikeouts and four walks on balls, ERA down to 2.63.

Into nine Jushang Ban, Winn (Randy Winn) took the lead and win their first base hit, and Lopez (Felipe Lopez) second baseman then penetrated the defense area, Winn around second base, captured the third base. Turn to Halladay (Matt Holiday) play against, in full ball a few cases, a wreck their direction to left field, Winn Cardinals back to the first sub. Halladay last five games, 11 runs batted in total revenue, the stick is very very hot. Last Bluebird unable to fight back, and closing 0:1 swallow defeat, but the Cardinals have won the last five games, the fourth victory.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can not attend the ball feast, the idea of coaching is the biggest obstacle

Dodgers pitcher Kuo Hong-chih-American brilliant performance this season, his prowess spread throughout the National League, has recently emerged that he should not be selected for the voice-Star Game, and the Cincinnati Reds coach Baker (Dusty Baker), talk to your players if able to attend the ball mid-summer night banquet, and the generous elected to fight the headache that left a strong pitcher, thought he qualified to become a member of Star Game.

In fact Baker army to Rhodes for 40 years of age (Arthur Rhodes) endorsement, the "detour" initiative. Baker said, "Arthur is a star player, he is our best cow life, and this is quite rare in recent years." Vote Rhodes is left wallowing in the big leagues for 19 years, a race in 34 games this season , 2 wins and 1 loss record 13 relay points, defense was only 0.29, now 28.2 consecutive scoreless Board.

Can not attend the ball feast, the idea of coaching is the biggest obstacle. Selected by past All-Star Game starting pitcher is not a Terminator, can the players play very little relief pitcher, Baker expressed, "This is his due!" At this point Baker Schmidt unexpectedly Another killing that ultra-left vote, that is, the Dodgers Kuo should be rewarded. Guo season has not been left to fight out hits, and Rhodes there.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cincinnati Reds fan lefthander Arthur Rhodes in 33 consecutive games without losing a record of a race

Cincinnati Reds fan lefthander Arthur Rhodes in 33 consecutive games without losing a record of a race, was Philadelphia Phillies 10 Bureau of the counterattack break, Raul Ibanez's two-base hit, to add two people wounded in the Philadelphia extension of a Board After 9 to 6 victory.

Although the Reds a Bureau under the pioneer on the first relying on the third baseman Brandon Phillips hit the next town before, but after the helicopter Major League draft Reds starting pitcher Mike Leake can not stop the shelling of Philadelphia, 2 Bureau of the Brian Schneider was blasted 3 guns, 4 Council on Wilson Valdez has been under the H-3.

6 Board, the Reds out of a Ramon Hernandez 2, second base was when people from the Philadelphia pitcher Joe Blanton in the hands first knocked two RBI doubles, but Blanton was lost in 3 minutes after 7.2 Board, with victory pitcher as a candidate exit.

But the Phillies Brad Lidge has the status of Terminator, his first address two consecutive batters, but walked in the cast has been hit after hit, so Joey Votto blasted a 3-rod shot tied, Lidge swallow season 2 second rescue failed.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cubs Cole article with Suoruiyanuo fire

Cubs Cole article with Suoruiyanuo fire, before the sixth inning to lead the White Sox six to two; has also hit eight innings to lead eight to three, but they recovered one-third of the White Sox nine innings, almost to a half century 11-game winning streak the longest in team history record, the White Sox swept the Cubs from being the fate of.

7.1 Bureau of light pitcher Davis hit just four hits was a rattlesnake, but of five two-run homer Para Diamondbacks win enough, because the audience light only two hits, Pan Niya sixth inning base hit get only one point. Externally there is light in addition to internal troubles, accused the center fielder, third baseman Longgeruiya Opp Cotton no serious defense, confrontation between the two in the lounge, of course, lose game, radiance of the Diamondbacks hit three Lien Chan, a total of only seven hits.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bureau of the second half of Dodge offensive down

4 Bureau of the second half of Dodge offensive down, not only to advance Burnett beat out the way, relying on Loney and Blake consecutive hits, the leading edge to pull the big 3 points behind the Yankees for the recovery time may come. 6 Jushang Ban Yankees 2 at base, turn to Jeter against, Torre put his most trusted Kuo play backup, Kuo face birthday Jeter, with a strikeout gave Jeter a birthday present; pinch of Posada even for into the right-hand combat or formation flying ball was then killed, the Yankees left on base could not score.

7 Jushang Ban Kuo to check, Teixeira wants to play ball Kuo wall doors are not children; the face of terrible A-Rod not only let him Lian Hui Kuo 2 empty bar, and eventually with a exterior angle speed of the ball, the A-Rod struck out. Home run king by Kuo resolve against the king has nothing to fear, Cano Assault ball before the pitcher, Kuo show excellent fielding ability, the Yankees play three on three under strength.

Kuo pitched 1.2 Bureau, is not got hits, threw two strikeouts do not lose points, defense rate dropped to 1.16, the total suppression of the Yankees counter-offensive, the Dodgers end up with 9 to 4 victory over the Yankees, Hiroki Kuroda won the individual 7 wins, Kuo brilliant performance won the season 12th hop, the Yankees lose, the leading light of the second margin of victory with the Red Sox two games.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zambrano start in this competition is king

Chicago Cubs today (the 26th) in the Windy City World War II, 6 to 0 loss to South City of Chicago White Sox, then announced a starting pitcher Carlos Zambrano will be suspended indefinitely because he was in a Board with teammate Derrek Lee after the outbreak of conflict .

Zambrano start in this competition is king, but a Bureau under the White Sox batters were hit four hits, including Juan Pierre and Alex Rios of the base hit, and Carlos Quentin's three sub-guns, were scored 4 in the Council points.

Zambrano angrily growled back rest area, but Lee also he shouted, and then Zambrano walked toward Lee, head coach Lou Piniella, pitching coach Larry Rothschild and bench coach Alan Trammell quickly stepped forward to file in their midst, catcher Geovany Soto Zambrano will seize him from behind pulled. After being substituted into the locker room when, Zambrano again Piniella did not know what has been said.

Announced the ban in the news, the Cubs general manager Jim Hendry said Zambrano's behavior "unacceptable," and this name seems to have lost patience irritable pitcher. Asked if Zambrano pitches this year when it will play, Hendry said he "certainly does not rule out this possibility," and that "rules of the game usually does not allow very long-term suspension," he said this ban would also accept the decision of the Alliance government and the players The union's survey.

Monday, June 28, 2010

End of the series with the Diamondbacks

End of the series with the Diamondbacks, the Yankees will continue to expedition, the challenges to the Los Angeles Dodgers, which would leave the Yankees after Joe Torre, for the first time with former club grips. MLB jersey

2007 in the American League Division Series with a win 3 loss to defeat Indians, Yankees consecutive 3 years in Division Series on the stop, so Zhezhi Noble team decided to change, not with Torre to two sides relationship, the old coach also did not worry about jobs, west Dodgers coaching, personal coaching career to open a new page.

Torre led the Yankees 12 seasons, won over period of four World Series titles from 1998 to 2000 including the completion of the 3rd Consecutive another also Shuaidui 9 consecutive quarter in the AL East hegemony exploits quite brilliant, so this time with club duel, especially by the attention naturally.

Looking back over the past years of struggle in New York with so many people are feeling the Yankees, especially in front of the "four core", Jorge Posada says: "He (Torre) told me is like a father is to me as their children, I will always thank him. "

Friday, June 25, 2010

San Francisco Giants veteran shortstop Wazikuier (Omar Vizquel) spring training in Arizona to a left knee injury

San Francisco Giants veteran shortstop Wazikuier (Omar Vizquel) spring training in Arizona to a left knee injury, has now returned to San Francisco ready for surgery, is expected to return to the team after 4-6 weeks, Giants Team hopes Wazikuier Season began in the first week of play, but everything to see his injury recovery situation.

Wazikuier absent this time, the shortstop position will be Falan Sen (Kevin Frandsen) to replace not only the team which also disrupted the original to Falan Sen and Duran (Ray Durham) compete for the starting second baseman in the program to the current Giants team point of view, defense this season is their main strength, 11-time Gold Glove Wazikuier is the heart and soul of this defense, Falan Sen said: "We hope Wazikuier quickly rejoin, because we know his team and the importance of the pellet, and the man have his way by playing our respect. "

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seattle Mariners spring training warm-up match here today to 6 to 5 victory over the AL West rival Los Angeles Angels

Seattle Mariners spring training warm-up match here today to 6 to 5 victory over the AL West rival Los Angeles Angels, though not a formal game, but coach Steve McClaren (John McLaren), or to conceal their excitement: "It's like a Angels game on the regular sailors, to beat them feel good, we beat the Angels to find the feeling, we shook hands after the game, I sleep very well tonight. "

Angels in the AL West title last year, qualified for the playoffs, by the end of August in the face of the main rival team wins three sailors, the total collapse of the Mariners into the playoffs hopes.

McLaren also said: "This is a game with a quarter of the taste of warm-up, because someone has sent an army combat play."

Monday, June 21, 2010

American reporters asked critical time in spring training to China, the wisdom, will affect the team's preparations. The second question is why to China to participate in the competition.

Qiaotuo Er said: "The entire Major League season to shoot 160 games, had very long, the game is very much time, there is a long flight and jet lag issues. In the season we need to know the players, also do a lot of analysis, it is spring track, to have such an opportunity with the opponent, MLB jerseys under such a player selecting a coach is a good thing. my job is to do spring training, learn as much as possible his teammate, his own team, preparing for the next season. "

The team came to China, Toll said: "We came to China with a lot of athletes, China needs to focus on study in the case of several players, in general, selecting players is a difficult process, I do the ability of the players is clearly more than all of our locations to more competition, which need serious option. The second question is why come to China to play the China game, because we have a long history with China, we are in the 80's put baseball into China, but also been to Japan, China, Taiwan, our strategy is to hope that they will join this campaign such a big family, since the Chinese people more curious about baseball, we would very much hope our baseball to China to bring a high level of professional baseball, dedicated to the Chinese people hope that baseball truly become a global team, I even hope to bring the team to India and some other never have not been to the country to. "

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wang fourth field in the warm-up match starting on the Indians

Wang fourth field in the warm-up match starting on the Indians, Indians Cy Young Award winner in 2007 as Sabah hi Asia (CC Sabathia), two are 19 wins last year, the pitcher duel Although both have a Board have suffered, but also demonstrates the trump card in the breeze.

Wang first met in two previous turbulence, I was the council's first hit 4 first baseman hand Matingnizi (Victor Martinez) and 5 rods shortstop Bo Luota (Jhonny Peralta) have hit a base hit, While the immediate solution under the two rods, but has lost the first 1 min. Then, 9 bar catcher Xia Bake (Kelly Shoppach) and 1 stick of center fielder Se Simo (Grady Sizemore) also took another hit a base hit, Indians Adds 2 points. Chien-Ming Wang was hit in the Council of 4 hits, lost a total of 3 points. Yankees to 0-3 behind.

The Sabah hi Asia also have suffered under 2, Giambi (Jason Giambi) first obtain the walks, the next rod 6 rod Duncan (Shelley Duncan) play warm-up tournament 3 home runs, to chase a 2 than a few : 3 and only 1 point behind the Indians.

4, the Yankees Cannone (Robinson Cano) first hit a base hit, Pirates of the second base after the base, Beitemite (Wilson Betemit) despite being struck out, but catcher Mo Lina (Jose Molina) played second base play, the Cannone return home plate, tying the two sides than the number of 3:3.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boston Red Sox ace Beckett (Josh Beckett) this morning in a minor league stadiums were long-distance pass the ball

Boston Red Sox ace Beckett (Josh Beckett) this morning in a minor league stadiums were long-distance pass the ball, and then in the bullpen for 45 balls, the situation looks pretty good recovery, the Red Sox acquired him in the expected board board game in the minor leagues pitching, the opponent is not a major league team cheap MLB jerseys .

The 20 wins last year, 7 defeat of the pitcher, in the March 8, when because of lower back discomfort, the temporary cancellation of the first hair, which has been in the infirmary, and he was to have the opening match in Tokyo, Japan as a starting pitcher, and now can only help his teammates on television across the fuel.

As for the Red Sox this year and in February it signed a minor league contract in the Cy Young Award winner Bartolo Colon (Bartolo Colon), in the warm-up match in performance is not satisfactory, is expected tomorrow in the minor leagues in the game and then observe the situation.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Both sides in the March 26 rematch with the way the second

6, the Red Sox to Schneider (Kyle Snyder) Daisuke Matsuzaka replaced, but was Hannah Han shot 2 RBI home run, Athletics and then the Red Sox leading, 4-3, 1 min.

9, the Moss play spring home run, to race into the playoff.

10, the Luomanruizi two runners on in the base case, shot clear Lei Bao's base hit, leading the Red Sox Youyi 6:4.

10, the Athletics hit three hits Unfortunately, only a 1 point, fail, an end, the Red Sox to 6-5 win the 2008 Major League start of the first game.

Red Sox winning pitcher was the first 9 of the Japanese Bureau of playing relief pitcher Hideki Okajima (1 win), 10 Bureau of playing the Papelbon (Jonathan Papelbon) was a relief.

Athletics 9, on board the board rescue Shicui Te (Huston Street), rescue big flop, lost 3 ERA, Kutun first defeat this season.

Both sides in the March 26 rematch with the way the second.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New York Yankees today at Dolphin Stadium Florida Marlins challenges

New York Yankees today at Dolphin Stadium Florida Marlins challenges, relying on starting pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes) excellent performance, and closing come from behind win by 4:2, which is the Yankees spring training this year, final heat race, then down on waiting to see Taipei time on April 1 of the new season opening of the war, Wang will start at Yankee Stadium against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Yankees starting pitcher match Hughes pitched five Board, only the first two each lost 1 point, but only one half is the ERA Board, Marlins star shortstop Luomanruizi (Hanley Ramirez) hit Pirates on the doubles after a hit, two-out after Gonzalez (Luis Gonzalez) knocked a base hit back Luomanruizi capture to subsection 1.

The two Board because shortstop Jeter half (Derek Jeter) mistakes only 2 points out, Hughes cast a total of 5 Board, with the 69 ball 44 which is the strike, only gave up three hits and lost 1 point ERA, strikeouts four walks in 1, showing very well.

The Yankees are out in force main relief pitching, the patron saint of Rivera (Mariano Rivera), side Siwo Si (Kyle Farnsworth) and Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) no relief was playing knockout hits, Chamberlain also scored wins vote , Wang seems to have in the opening match of the backup ready.

Taipei time next Tuesday morning, Chien-Ming Wang on the Blue Jays in the opening of the war will wear ace Sahara (Roy Holladay), this game is 106 times the Yankees in the history of the opening match, also the old Yankee Stadium's final 1.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Royals blow out 11 hits

Royals blow out 11 hits, third baseman Gordon (Alex Gordon) 5 bats two hits including a home run, two RBI, left fielder Tien (Mark Teahen) 4 bats two hits, including a home runs, one RBI, right fielder Gene (Jose Guillen) 4 hit number one hits and one RBI. Tigers hit eight hits, third baseman Eikichi (Brandon Inge) 3 hit number two hits including a home run, 1 RBI.

Royals wrapped up by 4 to 1 win over the Tigers swept a three with the old fire on a third straight victory.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pittsburgh Pirates team finally returned home for the opening match

Pittsburgh Pirates team finally returned home for the opening match, facing the Chicago Cubs started the first war of three series.

Second inning, Cubs catcher Sordo (Geovany Soto) second base hit with runners on the case of a base hit 1 RBI. mlb jerseys

Third inning, Cubs 6 points out of the overall attack, one out of four after the second pitcher by the bad pirate walks, with third baseman Luomanruizi (Aramis Ramirez) and the Japanese right fielder Kosuke Fuk stream of hits and then let's use under 2 points, second baseman DeRosa (Mark DeRosa) followed by the formation of four bad Cubs walked the bases loaded, hit a rope over a base hit RBI after the Cubs continue to maintain bases loaded, the next pirate fleet replacement pitcher , shortstop Shadi Niu (Ronny Cedeno) hit the clear light Lei Bao three RBI doubles, the Cubs ahead 7 to 0 Pirates team.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rays starting pitcher Jackson (Edwin Jackson) pitched eight innings only to be beaten two hits and scoreless

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Seattle Mariners, MLB jerseys the third war in three series, winning the first two are the Mariners.

Rays starting pitcher Jackson (Edwin Jackson) pitched eight innings only to be beaten two hits and scoreless, striking out six batters, threw a bad 4 4 walks, pitcher to win, record 2 wins 0 lose, blame fraction 0.64. Mariners pitcher Batista (Miguel Batista) pitched six innings to fight eight hits and lost by 4 points, to swallow defeat cast, record 0 wins and 2 losses, 6.00 earned run average.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Rays starting pitcher Jackson (Edwin Jackson) pitched eight innings only to be beaten two hits and scoreless

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Seattle Mariners, the third war in three series, winning the first two are the Mariners.

Rays starting pitcher Jackson (Edwin Jackson) pitched eight innings only to be beaten two hits and scoreless, striking out six batters, threw a bad 4 4 walks, pitcher to win, record 2 wins 0 lose, blame fraction 0.64. Mariners pitcher Batista (Miguel Batista) pitched six innings to fight eight hits and lost by 4 points, to swallow defeat cast, record 0 wins and 2 losses, 6.00 earned run average.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees at Fenway Park three Lien Chan

Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees at Fenway Park three Lien Chan, Daisuke Matsuzaka as the Red Sox the last race of today's starting pitcher, although the ball poorly, 5 Bureau spent 116 balls, but the Yankees starting pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes) worse, only 2-for Bureau lost 7 points, and closing the Red Sox won 8:5, with 2 wins and 1 loss to win this series.

Hughes the starter on a poor performance, this is the first time in his career against the Red Sox, his condition even worse, a Bureau of the first half of the face bar Yisiborui (Jacoby Ellsbury) on the four-balls send, and then attempt to steal the second base, the Yankees catcher Mo Lina (Jose Molina) Passing another, should be able to catch not caught, but also to Yisiborui on third base, one out of Germany after the Hughes then walked Lu (JD Drew), Shawn Luomanruizi timely and win their first base hit, returned to Yisiborui Shoukaijilu, then Red Sox and then rely on a sacrifice fly and the Yankees get catcher Mo Lina's caught Plaza 2 points, to obtain 3-0 lead.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mariners second baseman Lopez (Jose Lopez) single game three today

Mariners second baseman Lopez (Jose Lopez) single game three today, sacrifice fly, a major league history to complete the record of 12 players, in addition to these three RBIs in addition, there is a next of five an RBI base hit one, hit number 1 today, 2 hits, 4 MLB jerseys

In addition, the catcher Kenji recover Island City, 4 hits and 2 RBI hit number 3, shortstop Beitakete (Yuniesky Betancourt) has three RBI performance.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Indian team wrapped up victory over the Tigers 11 to 1

Fight, the Indians hit 13 hits, second baseman Carlo (Jamey Carroll) 4 hits and 2 RBI hit number two, designated hitter Hefner (Travis Hafner) 4 Number 1 hit 2 home runs, catcher Matingnizi (Victor Martinez) 4 hits and 1 RBI hit number 2, first baseman Best Park (Ryan Garko) 3 at bats a two-run homer, left fielder Michael Williams (Jason Michaels) 3 hits and 3 hit number 2 RBI.

Tigers hit seven hits, third baseman Cabrera (Miguel Cabrera) 3 number 1 hits and a RBI hit.

Indian team wrapped up victory over the Tigers 11 to 1, both sides Erlian game 1 to 1 tie.

Indian team is currently 6 to win the American League Central Division 10 defeat at the fourth. Tigers to five wins, 11 defeats and rear the same partition.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One Council, the Twins center fielder Gemai Zi (Carlos Gomez) I hit the first home run

Oakland Athletics vs. Minnesota Twins, the third war in three series, the first two both 1 to 1.

One Council, the Twins center fielder Gemai Zi (Carlos Gomez) I hit the first home run. One Council, the Athletics to combat outbreak, use the other pitchers and three walks in six one-base hits in one go with 6 points of attack and laying Katsumoto cheap MLB jerseys.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Braves left fielder Blanco (Gregor Blanco) two out of the case hit a base hit

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves, two series, the second war, the first national team 6 to 3 victory.

Nationals first pitcher Hill (Shawn Hill) and the Braves starting pitcher Chu true (Jair Jurrjens) have performed relatively well, making the formation of other players in this game, Hill pitched eight innings were played four hits and lost 1 point, God cast Qi Ju Chu beaten two hits and lost 1 point, the two have nothing to do with the outcome.

The sixth inning, the Braves left fielder Blanco (Gregor Blanco) two out of the case hit a base hit, shortstop Ice could be Pakistan (Yunel Escobar) a base hit with an RBI. The sixth inning, the Nationals immediately regain a 1 min.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

An end, the Cardinals to beat the Rockies again 6 to 5 teams

An end, the Cardinals to beat the Rockies again 6 to 5 teams get two wins game three with 0 lost.

Cardinals starting pitcher rupah pitcher in relief the urgent need to rest, has to support the 8.1 Bureau, was hit 10 hits and lost 4 points, not only pitcher to win, scored five wins and 1 loss record against several also bring along the whole MLB jersey Team offensive.

Rocky team starting pitcher Redman (Mark Redman) pitched 2.2 inning hit nine hits and lost 5 points, to swallow defeat cast, record 2 wins 3 defeat.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Weber wrote 8 game winning streak of the visiting Philadelphia Phillies opponent

To Weber wrote 8 game winning streak of the visiting Philadelphia Phillies opponent, Lien Chan, two 4 Halo series, Wei-Bo's opponent Myers (Brett Myers).

Two in the Council would see the rivalry 1, 1, MLB jerseys the Phillies scored 1 point lower; However, the 1, the Arizona center fielder Young (Chris Young) with a runner on base when the hit the stage beyond 2-run homer, a proportion of 2:1, Diamondbacks the lead.

4, the Diamondbacks team's first hit Xie Pu Tang (Justin Upton) was recommended for admission, the Diamondbacks team since launched an offensive in the last half played a total of 9 times, get 2 walks, 3 hits, and a fielder's choice, in one fell swoop scored four points, the proportion of 6:1 pull-Shing.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well-known beverage companies cooperate with the Alliance in recent years added a "critical moment the best player

Well-known beverage companies cooperate with the Alliance in recent years added a "critical moment the best player," this award every month to elect a quarter of outstanding players; Wang outstanding in April, players defeat the public house, was elected in April, "the best player critical moment."

In April the same eye-catching performance is the Diamondbacks ace pitcher Weber (Brandon Webb), he and Wang's performance as follows:

Wang, a race six innings 39 hits 35 home runs and 15 wins - lost 5-0 loss responsibility for a bad 11 14 4 27 strikeouts 3.23 ERA.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Orioles second half of the sixth inning counterattack

Orioles second half of the sixth inning counterattack, the Red Sox starting lefthander Liszt (Jon Lester) start to be captured even knocked two hits in the second, third base, first Peyton to support an RBI sacrifice hit, and macaque Williams (Nick Markakis) 1 RBI hits first base, into a 2:3 Orioles chasing just 1 min, starting 6 Board Liszt was playing five hits and lost 2 points, the original pitcher or the victory of MLB jerseys candidates.

Unexpectedly cow arson, Lopez (Javier Lopez) and Hansen (Craig Hansen) of any pitcher in two out of two after the last out of all those who can not be solved, was captured bases-loaded Orioles, Red Sox Hideki Okajima and back to play, the result was 4 Payton belted career home run slam hair, breath coming down 4 points, show a large reversal, this is Hideki Okajima 4th messed up game this season, the third pitcher Hansen (0 wins and 2 losses) to swallow the lost war.

The winning pitcher is the Orioles Cabrera (4 wins and 1 loss).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yankees starting pitcher Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) pitched six innings to play four hits and lost by 1 point

Yankees starting pitcher Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) pitched six innings to play four hits and lost by 1 point, very successful, but it has nothing to do with the outcome still can not get this first win of this year, record 0-for-3 defeat, the Yankees end by Rivera (Mariano Rivera) played nine innings on debut hits not been no loss of points and the win.

Orioles starting pitcher Brace (Brian Burres) pitched 7.2 inning hit six hits and also lost a points victory has nothing to do, the second pitcher Johnson (Jim Johnson) for a Council vote was beaten two hits and threw a points, swallow defeat to vote.

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New York Yankees beat line of luxury home today to continue to shout at the second battle

New York Yankees beat line of luxury home today to continue to shout at the second battle of the Seattle Mariners has hit the 16 hits, including Jason Giambi (Jason Giambi) and Abu Rui worry (Bobby Abreu) for two homers , save the poor performance of the starting pitcher muszyna (Mike Mussina), and closing the Yankees is a 12:6 two straight sailors, not only the first four game winning streak this season, also only won two series.

Mariners starting pitcher got heavily Charvas (Carlos Silva) has recently hit rock bottom today in the second half of the Board have suffered, is Jason Giambi belted three-run homer in the opposite direction, season, 9 H, She was then Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) hit an RBI base hit one, the Yankees 4-0 head start, but glad to not have long, three Jushang Ban muszyna raid, the third sailor bar Wideroe ( Jose Vidro) prior to a three-run homer, two outs later was Bell Choi (Adrian Beltre) spring home run hit, chase into a 4:4 tie, muszyna Council today pitched 5 beaten 7 hits and lost 4 points.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oakland Athletics today at home against the Toronto Blue Jays

Oakland Athletics today at home against the Toronto Blue Jays, veteran Thomas (Frank Thomas) Today is his 40th birthday, he hated to face former club to play a special force, although knocked a base hit, but He also injured his right thigh and quadriceps, but the Athletics rookie starting pitcher Smith (Greg Smith) even behind the big brother in the end, pitched 6.2 inning hit six hits and no loss of points and closing movement at home 3:1 win 3 Lien Chan's No. 1 victory.

Smith (3 wins 4 lost) finally have enough firepower to support an end to the record with five field victorious, Hannah Han (Jack Hannahan) and win an RBI base hit.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Boston Red Sox star player in American League balloting

Boston Red Sox star player in American League balloting, the highest reputation; AP as a leading player, first baseman Youkilis for the Red Sox (Kevin Youkilis); second baseman for the Red Sox sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia); as far ahead of the Yankees third baseman A-Rod Luolikuizi (Alex Rodriguez); shortstop for the foreign Jiji Te (Derek Jeter); catcher for the Twins Mauer (Joe Mauer), following closely behind in only 4 million votes behind the Red Sox Weiruitike (Jason Varitek); designated hitter as Red Sox Ortiz (David Ortiz); 3 名 Red Sox outfielder was Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez), Hampton Rangers (Josh Hamilton), Mariner Ichiro Suzuki. cheap mlb jerseys

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yankees manager Zhou Ji Ladi Wang out of a smile that he would be on the injured list

Yankees manager Zhou Ji Ladi Wang out of a smile that he would be on the injured list. When asked whether the pleasure to be amputated right leg, the Wang smiled. He did X-rays show that he recovered well. The Yankee at June 15 main cross-League play against the Houston Astros game, base running when the wounds. He was placed on the injured list 17. This also relates to a previously torn ligament and tendon. He is also wearing black boots protection, with support frame. He said he did not know when to re-play. Manager Ji Ladi said his rehabilitation program may be similar, and when spring training takes about 5-6 weeks. "You can see he is very weak." cheap mlb jerseys

Thursday, May 6, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Richard An Kaier began returning to their preparation

St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Richard An Kaier began returning to their preparation. But can he play against the Dodgers in the Tuesday game played, are still unknown. From the abdominal strain was diagnosed after An Kaier debut in Saturday's pinch when people play against Philadelphia, and to strike out ended the game. Although he can swing, but the injury affected his base running, any ground ball could make him out. "I just want to base running." An Kaier said, "I just entered the daily watch list. Now I feel good, I'm recovering. I try to go back for breakfast." Although he is on since July 29 no playing online, Cardinals manager tonila such as Caesar said, but he did confirm that the team has made progress in that he placed on the injured list does not need to. "We only need to determine when he was ready to debut." Pulling, such as Caesar said.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

According to Yibananzi recent performance

According to Yibananzi recent performance, we naturally look forward to a fleet in home runs bye. The sailor's left fielder hit the ball strong to be a sailor on the American League East ranked first home victory of the Devil Rays. "He hit too fast," the manager Jim said, "It was a great ball." This is Yibananzi 18 homers this season, the first home run bye. His career home run total of four good-bye. The one in April 20, 2004. "It feels great," Yibananzi said, "do not realize what happened until back to home plate. Can help win great team." Monday's game, he won six in a Council RBI, which got 10 points Bureau sailor, beat Twins.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Toll chat with reporters before the game

Let me say Manny hair problems. Toll chat with reporters before the game, said this week would give the star's hair to find a solution to the problem, but the uncertainty of this well-known how much hair will be trimmed. mlb jerseys

In support of slugger Manny, Dodgers winning percentage rose to 50%, only ranking behind the National League West Arizona Diamondbacks game. "Every time he plays, people are looking forward to one of his attackers," Thor said, "Manny and we have gone through these days, he really did." Since Aug. 1 to join Dodgers, the Los Man Ruizi hit rate is 0.475, with four home runs and 13 RBI. Luomanruizi of depth to each player who, in particular, helped Kent. The second baseman hit rate of 0.378, but August has been rising since the third bar - just in Luomanruizi before he hit number 18 has nine hits. Monday's game, Kent had three hits and one RBI. "We count on Manny, but Jeff looks at the efforts to go beyond him," Thor said, "He's got a lot of shot opportunities. His experience and ability to let him know how to deal with those situations."
"I just want to sleep for a while." joked.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Manniluoman Perez arrived at the stadium dressed in curly strings

Another day passed. Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Manniluoman Perez arrived at the stadium dressed in curly strings. Dodgers manager Zhou Toll said that since the Dodgers last trip away from home since he had not discussed the matter and Luomanruizi. The star had to Thor that in the last 10 games at home combat time, he would get a haircut. cheap mlb jerseys

"If he do not, I will ask him." Tor said.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

But the appearance left him ninth in the cast of 38 balls

But the appearance left him ninth in the cast of 38 balls, including two mistakes on the back of the hand, three walks, five hits. The direct result of overload of work he was unable to attend Saturday's game, but no apparent injury symptoms.

Now Jones will be closed to the end of August, Fernando Rodney and Kyle side Cosworth will be the number one Tiger Rescue. In order to fill the 25 man roster will increase just joined the Tiger less than two weeks righthander 3A Gray William Grove. August 9 signing of William Grove, the team played in the 3A had three times, four Board scoreless, gave up three hits, won four strikeouts. This season he was voted the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 34 Council, played 29 times, in the July 28 and cancel the contract before the Devil Rays ERA was 5.82.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The blow to Sheffield Major League home run chart top 25

The blow to Sheffield Major League home run chart top 25, and Mickle - 1993 in the priest's teammates were flat, as well as Greg. This Sheffield is a great achievement, told reporters last week he had to catch up with Mickle is the most significant milestone in his career. "This is one of the most important." Sheffield said. They both have discussed this before the record, even before the season, they talked about the subject, although injuries have slowed the pace of Sheffield. "The feeling is indeed very painful before," Sheffield said, "Now I feel like I am myself. However, I have a lot of hard fighting, I can do. I told him I would play more of the total base hit. This is the most commonly talk about. " cheap mlb jerseys

Since the All-Star break, Sheffield at 28 games with eight home runs, this rate will be before the end of the season so he has amazing results.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yiforuite on this big mistake can not help laughing

Yiforuite ran into the channel, put on a shirt, then go directly to the combat zone. He played first base hits for the Twins played the third points.

Yiforuite on this big mistake can not help laughing, but he also felt that their luck is good. This week, Aiforuite been Nike Pang throw more crushing hand, Fortunately he escaped injury list, and soon returned to the track. "This is incredible," he said, "I was shocked."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Greene arrived at the door of course C photographed by the camera

Greene arrived at the door of course C photographed by the camera. She said she did not expect such a large amount of cash awards, for her husband's birthday a few months more than enough to prepare a gift. The 48-year-old math teacher said she used the ticket will have no difficulty, although she lived in another place.

Orioles before this week is also celebrated another milestone. A local student, Kevin Gerui Xi became the first 50 million stadium Orioles stadium audience. He received a similar award, received 50 000 dollars, five tickets and VIP treatment. mlb jerseys

Badiluge, head of Maryland lottery office, said the success of this event shocked him. "This is a wonderful experience." He said, "could not be better. Orioles did very well. There are two lucky people - Kevin Gerui Xi and Will Green - I am satisfaction with the ownership of this award. "

Friday, April 23, 2010

The win for the Indians brought the final victory in this series

Friday's game, the fifth, Rich Ruiz hit the ball with a 13 I erase the Rangers starting pitcher Vincent Badia will; ninth inning, he hit first base with a erode the morale of the Rangers. Fifth of the fight, I let him rate advanced on the second base and eventually back to home plate scoring; ninth inning of the fight, I let him hit the winning points, the Indians finally beat Rangers 4-3 away.

The win for the Indians brought the final victory in this series, the Indians swept the Rangers in three victories. Indians in the AL Central is now ranked third, has recently made a season-high seven-game winning streak. discount mlb jerseys

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Angels in the fourth was the last points

"It was some dizziness, but the more things I have experienced." Hunter said. Doctor made a diagnosis of his spot, asked him a series of questions, including "Where are you." Hunter's answer is clear. "I said, Minnesota," Hunter said, "team doctor began to laugh, and he knew I was not hurt." Hunter continued to race, still later with Gary. Matthews out after the two hits back to home plate to first base scores. Matthews three dozen seats, two hits in the last place can not be played because of knee inflammation of Jiarui Te. Anderson's three games with five hits. "Every day he played in recent months not to let him have encountered great difficulties, but still has his space," Xiouxiya said, "Tonight is very important to him." mlb jerseys

Angels in the fourth was the last points, first Mike. Napoli's base hit, followed by Howe. Kenderuike a base hit to send him back to home plate scoring.

Last four games, Angels win three games. But Xiouxiya not very concerned about the team in the rankings. "I would like to see them back after the climax of the season and underestimated," Xiouxiya said, "But our challenge is the same game every night, we go on step by step."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clemens recent explosive stick to Ruige Man can not make the 25-year-old rookie a bench

Clemens recent explosive stick to Ruige Man can not make the 25-year-old rookie a bench. From August 8 to 0.200 against the rate break Man Desa line (by the major league shortstop Mario from his excellent defense against the rate is a low blow was 0.215,1979 career over years and even fell 0.198. Royal Hall of Fame third baseman George in an interview the first to create this term, he said: in my batting average lower than the Man Desa line, I know I have a bad start.), the he 6 doubles, 9 RBI, batting .341. This performance made him the overall batting average rose to .229. But Clemens appears to play online mainly as a designated hitter, because "His knee is peeling," Rui Geman said. discount mlb jerseys

When the sailors face right-hander, played most of the time Clemens - he is the only three left to play catcher. "Before making decisions, to consider a lot of things." Rui Geman said.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chicago Cubs third baseman Yiruimisi. Luomanruizi had to leave before Thursday's game against the Atlanta Braves

Chicago Cubs third baseman Yiruimisi. Luomanruizi had to leave before Thursday's game against the Atlanta Braves. He is not smart in a sliding vilification of the left hip. But may be a race on a Friday. mlb jerseys

"Fri know. Be not very serious." Luomanruizi said, "I am free."

Luomanruizi shot in the third 3-run homer. The fifth play from the hands of the Warriors Bardi first base hit. One out later, guyot Tiffany. Sordo ball to center field, Mark ‧ Coser not take killing out to form a base hit, Luomanruizi security back to home plate, but his reckless sliding that he was injured. He left the game with pain. "I can not calm down," Luomanruizi said, "I was very serious, or even impossible to breathe, but right now.

Luomanruizi's home run was his first 20 this season. In the last five seasons, his play against Cubs results, there are at least 20 home runs, 30 two-base hit. He has been since the 1926-1930's Hank Wilson first person to do this result.

Atlanta Braves in the NL East with 55 wins, 66 lost a record fourth, behind first place New York Mets 10 games.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Aberdeen on the 18th built under the National Girardi ultimatum

Although the poor performance of the Red Sox battle the Yankees decided to give Wang a chance to be the 18th start of the national war, but head coach Joe Girardi, come to the "ultimatum", want to build a class can retrieve past self.

Yankees 17 to 19 at home against National League teams nationals, the official website today (12) good news, said Wang would vote in 18 Teng Ban Zhu, only gave the Yankees a chance though, it does not mean This situation can go on forever, and then if people vote is not good, built earners may leave the rotation.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He Mida goodbye grasp Cardinals home run Marlins

The trump card in the confrontation between two points is not the outcome, the Hemi Da (Jeremy Hermida) hit a bye in the next nine innings home run to help the Florida Marlins 4-3 victory over St. Louis Cardinals, Cardinals Team swallow recent 5 game losing streak.

This is the first branch goodbye He Mida career home runs, two 3:3 tie in deadlock, the Hemi Da first to play the next nine innings, after bad in a good one, from back-Motti (Jason Motte) in the hands played solo shot to right field to help Marlins won the victory.