Monday, August 16, 2010

McNamee's lawyers originally been put out to warn people if the rocket

"Rocket Man" Clemens will be passive to active, active physical fitness of former New York Yankees trainer McNamee (Brian McNamee) proposed defamation tell.

It's like a Rashomon, just like a soap opera. McNamee's lawyers originally been put out to warn people if the rocket, it seems to the lucky seventh inning, beating the Rockets began the way counterattack. Rocket man's legal team has collected all the negative remarks McNamee, ready to launch libel complaint.

According to counsel's litigation-like rocket that McNamee repeated false allegations, Clemens way and cause serious damage, a public laugh at, ridiculed the proposed target, leaving the old name of cyclosporine was a major financial loss (if it continues play), McNamee have real malice, all non-true statement.

Like in another lawsuit that McNamee made in all sorts of pressures under which false allegations. Clemens said: "McNamee admitted that if I do not confess, the federal investigative unit would prosecute him. And intimidation McNamee federal investigative unit has sufficient evidence to hold him in jail."

Also according to statements McNamee to accept the first day interrogation, he repeatedly denied that Clemens used banned substances, but McNamee told Assistant U.S. Attorney Pa Ruiya (Matthew Parreiia), federal tax investigators Nuowei Ci base (Jeff Novitzky) investigation, everything becomes different, showing McNamee is the situation with great reluctance to make false allegations before, and believe I speak for the old in the 1998-2001 grams steroid injection.
McNamee after federal investigations, the survey immediately changed from being tainted witnesses, in the Mitchell report came out that the team hope that he made the same arguments, if refused, McNamee will be re-investigated, indicted or even the fate of .

Who seems to counter the increasingly powerful rockets, but the last in the end is it directed and McNamee? Or rockets were lying? Maybe on the 16th Congressional Reform Committee hearing, the answer can be revealed.

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