Monday, August 23, 2010

Yankees "Fireball man" Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) are struggling this season

Yankees "Fireball man" Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) are struggling this season, sustained by the New York media and professional blogger has been criticized, 26 home runs in the Royal again, causing tension at short. Although the Yankees won the final 12 to 6, "Pinstripe Alley" is still very satisfied with the performance of Chamberlain, and even exaggerated that the blame than Igawa suffered worse.

Throughout the quarter, data, Chamberlain K / 9 value of 10, Major League ranks the top 8%, so the probability of the batter swings and about 30% before the league stronger, and was hit in the Council only 9 home runs 0.6, If not see his ERA near 6, the average per game is more than one hit, also called the young players is a good pitcher. What is the reason that would allow bidders Chamberlain so hard this season?

"Pinstripe Alley" said Chamberlain was formed inside the batter hits the ball reached the probability of (BABIP, Batting average on balls in play) a problem. Chamberlain BABIP this season into 99 values of up to 3, the network of this Road, "even if Igawa does not 3 as 99, Igawa Yeah! If the ball is not his prestige, why let opponents swings rates so high?"

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