Friday, August 6, 2010

Although at one time wanted to leave Boston

Although at one time wanted to leave Boston, but also emotional farewell letter written to his teammates, but the sincerity of his former club to plug fame eventually cast Schilling (Curt Schilling) to embrace the Red Sox.

Old 41-year-old Schilling on the 7th annual salary of eight million U.S. dollars has agreed to contract with the Red Sox for one year to the contract requirements as long as Xi Linda innings pitched, three million U.S. dollars can get the performance bonus, but owners would "ensure" name veteran to maintain a healthy state, with other "weight clause", as long as the weight, but Schilling, an additional two million U.S. dollars prize money will easily into bags.

"If Curt can not remain in the best condition, we must have self-protection measures." Red Sox general manager Yipusiting frankly admits: "Schilling's skill Needless to say, as long as he can be fixed picking up the rotation, absolute price tag . "

Red Sox twice in the past 4 years to win Schilling contributed to the 2004 season, Schilling had just arrived to cast their record of 21 wins, playoffs that year's "bloody Red Sox" incident team morale and motivation is to get rid of Red Sox "Babe Ruth curse" the key to reaching the top again this year, Red Sox, Schilling won playoff games out of 3 game 4 win, his career playoff total of 11 wins and 2 losses, superior competition is the heart of Red Sox are willing to large the money to keep the name of veteran causes.

Schilling mentioned in the personal blog, the target is 1400 ~ 1500 million in salary, but also, and astronauts and the Phillies have had contact with, "but family members hope I can continue to stay in the Red Sox, even in the end here career, the whole family would like to settle down in Boston. "Schilling said.

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