Monday, July 19, 2010

The Yankees regular season games remaining 4 tomorrow

4 Bureau of the second half, although the first strikeout Wang Norton, but then walked straight Gomez, Navarro two hitters, but replaced by a continuous build for Wilson, Aberdeen, both Iwamura hit a fly ball in center field was then kill, pretty lose points to resolve the crisis.

Yankees in five sets on fire fully open, Kitt first contribution to an RBI sacrifice fly, then the bases loaded when Jorge Posada hit the two-RBI hits, and then hit the right field three-run homer Kano, despite the Devil Rays quickly for investment, but Mickiewicz still make up a RBI base hit, the Yankees played 11 times this Council, coming down 7 points with a ratio of a sudden become a 9 to 1.

Wang struck out the next of five Weilandiya, but was Peina spring home run hit, the audience lost 2 points, then build another strikeout, Aberdeen, Upton, Yonge and Norton playing out across the hits, but built with Aberdeen strikeout Gomez, was witness to get pitcher eligibility.

Is on the sixth inning the Yankees fired six consecutive hits and scored 3 points single bureau, the two sides opened the score becoming greater and greater; with fire support team-mate, Wang let Navarro under the sixth inning played third base foul ball then killed, Next to Wilson, pinch Guzman (Joel Guzman) are infield ground ball out, the audience played the first three on three under.

Although only a thin pitching 0.2 Bureau, Wang can be reached single-season pitching 200 Board, but to advance to prepare for the playoffs, the Yankees choose to Qi Ju Tsai for the construction end, reassignment Chamberlain to succeed, he pitched at a Board scoreless exit; 维兹凯伊诺 eight innings, but under the appearance, he was Gomez hit the two sub-shells. In order to keep the victory, the Yankees introduced at the patron saint of Rui Fola in nine innings, the result he accomplished with three bowling with three tasks.

Wang quarter final content of fairly decent start, pitched six hit in the Council lost two points 7 hits, 6 strikeouts, 3 walks, sharing the ball 94, 54 for strikes, and balls out of 7 , fly ball out 5, the construction season left Aberdeen in 2007 the personal record of 19 wins 7 defeat, ERA 3.70.

The Yankees regular season games remaining 4 tomorrow, and the Devil Rays series of war last war will start from the Hughes, then with the Baltimore Orioles Away 3 Lien Chan were sent Mussina, Pettitte and Igawa in command the main cast, "rocket man" Clemens is not re-established in the regular season appearance.

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