Thursday, July 15, 2010

Metropolitan champion magic number still remain in the "M5"

Metropolitan champion magic number still remain in the "M5", the national team is to keep city desirable, in the recent Battle in 4 games won 3 games today (25) race, the national team by 5 Council by Carens (Austin Kearns) of 3 than the number of guns opened, and closing on to win 13 ︰ 4.

City sent 23-year-old Pi Fei Li (Mike Pelfrey) start against the national team, voted less than 6 Board, the lost 6 points, and another 5 walks (a career best number), the first 4 Board the first 2 minutes away mate errors are caused city has only one ︰ 2 behind, but the Bureau of 2 out of 5, 2 in the base (walks), Pifei legislation that can not be solved Carens, but let him hit the middle of the direction of home run, and therefore stand and had to exit Pifei.

"I let the team into a color machine, I did not win for us." Pifei established by the Metropolitan in 2005, the first one elected to 9th overall pitcher, in his most recent start all three games to win, ERA 3.31.

Metropolitan 41-year-old veteran A Way (Moises Alou) consecutive hits to advance to 28 games (6 inning hit a base hit), but A Way 4 Bureau fatal errors also occurred in left field, making the national team of Karen Williams ran back to get ahead, therefore points.

Puerto Rican slugger Dier Jia and more (Carlos Delgado) and win their first 30 doubles this season, which is 3 consecutive season he knocked 30 doubles at least, been a dramatic single-season record of 57.

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