Monday, June 28, 2010

End of the series with the Diamondbacks

End of the series with the Diamondbacks, the Yankees will continue to expedition, the challenges to the Los Angeles Dodgers, which would leave the Yankees after Joe Torre, for the first time with former club grips. MLB jersey

2007 in the American League Division Series with a win 3 loss to defeat Indians, Yankees consecutive 3 years in Division Series on the stop, so Zhezhi Noble team decided to change, not with Torre to two sides relationship, the old coach also did not worry about jobs, west Dodgers coaching, personal coaching career to open a new page.

Torre led the Yankees 12 seasons, won over period of four World Series titles from 1998 to 2000 including the completion of the 3rd Consecutive another also Shuaidui 9 consecutive quarter in the AL East hegemony exploits quite brilliant, so this time with club duel, especially by the attention naturally.

Looking back over the past years of struggle in New York with so many people are feeling the Yankees, especially in front of the "four core", Jorge Posada says: "He (Torre) told me is like a father is to me as their children, I will always thank him. "

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