Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cannone said that if the Yankees did not win Santana

Yankees second baseman Cannone (Robinson Cano) righteous: "The Yankees need an ace like Santana (Johan Santana), if Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) is a bargaining chip on the Yankees and Cambre should have considered drawing a breathtaking accomplishment. "

Cannone said that if the Yankees did not win Santana, since when the enemy can not become comrades, he did not want Santana joined the "old enemy" Red Sox camp, "the Yankees need to maintain combat capability, every inch, can not have errors. "

"Is a big deal for Santana, the Yankees need him, need an ace pitcher like him, if the Red Sox get Santana, the strength will become more strong, then the Yankees on the worst of times!"
Rumors of the Yankees team trading Santana and others as a bargaining chip, happened, Cabrera is Cannone's hometown and friends, for the "rumors", Cannone comfort Cabrera said: "If you are trading out You just keep playing, "but Cabrera would like to stay with the Yankees, he did not want to leave New York, Cannone told him:" If you leave, to work harder, maybe one day you will come back. "

"I love Melky (Cabrera), if he leaves the Yankees, you can send the first team every day in the Twin Cities race, no longer (Yankees) bench, he was able to prove their strength value, while Santana is also enhance combat capability Yankees, it would be best of both worlds thing. "

Yankees and Twins are still deadlocked transaction case, it was reported that the Yankees are now just waiting to cut price tag Santana, the Twins did not regard the delay in action, Twins manager Smith (Bill Smith) said that can wait They have more opportunities. The New York Mets are eyeing, holding six-year contract the door waiting for Santana.

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