Monday, August 30, 2010

Warriors starting pitcher Derek Lowe's offensive game can not stop the Marlins

Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann today (30) hit the first team in major league history to view the replay after the revision of the bye run homer to help the last two Board reversed the Warrior offensive 6 points to 7 to 6 victory over the Florida Marlins.

Warriors starting pitcher Derek Lowe's offensive game can not stop the Marlins, a start was Hanley Ramirez belted 3 guns, 3 inning was again three hits plus walks scored 2 points 1. Lowe pitched at exit after 3 innings, threw four strikeouts three times four or bad, gave up six hits and lost 5 points. Marlins 4, then the Board relied on the third baseman Donnie Murphy hits scored 6 points.

On the other hand, the Warriors were playing lines Marlins starting pitcher Josh Johnson to suppress, even though, under a Board relied on errors and Eric Hinske out in 2 hits and grabbed a timely manner after 1 minute, but then nothing offensive. After Johnson withdrew at 6 Council vote, cast eight strikeouts three times four or bad, only gave up three hits, lose 1 point of non-ERA.

Competition Bureau under the change in 8, the Warriors started the first four by two hits a bad scored 1 minute, 2 outs, first baseman Gaby Sanchez mistakes, so that warriors rely on Melky Cabrera's grounder scored two second base points.

9 Bureau, the Marlins put Leo Nunez closed, unexpectedly cast as he walked up, followed by pinch of Matt Diaz blasted a bar than a few guns tied 2 minutes. 2 outs, McCann 1 Breaking up a home run in the left field wall, bounced back inside, the referee to view the video replay, the commuted to a home run, standing second base on the McCann returned to home plate easily, and therefore competition end.

McCann said after the game: "I hear the metal ball in the back wall of sound, so I know it is not hit the pad on the sound. I know it was a home run, I told (second base review) Tim McClelland,『 I assure you it was a home run, I heard that ball in the back of the wall 』."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Although the MRI results until tomorrow

Harper's idol is Luodelizi (Ivan Rodriguez), but people consider a greater chance of injury catcher will let him switch from catcher to outfield, but he was not wearing high school uniforms, which Harper says : "I will miss all the past." Harper's next stop will be Florida, will be teaching to the National League, but people do not set Harpo whether to participate in next year's spring training.

Although the MRI results until tomorrow, will know, but people can be sure that Strasbourg will not participate in the rest of the game, head coach Rui Geman, said: "I am very worried, very worried."

The nationals have high hopes for the future players in the big leagues until the first quarter, but already two times into the disabled list, but last Saturday to face the Phillies game, pitched at hand pain, but also to determine reimbursement season, the first Although the momentum of a good year, but lost, leaving only 5 wins 3 2.91 ERA, 68 Bureau of cast 92K, the minor league innings and added in, the National had hoped could be put into 160, but was only Strasbourg 123.1 Authority.

Red Sox second game with the Mariners sent Weikefeide start

Red Sox's Beckett start hit by a Long hit the sailors after 16 consecutive batters to solve, both teams did not score five Board; the sixth inning the Red Sox four hits under the onslaught quarter, but Qi Ju Yang told the sailors Bly Keqi Man also recovered two home runs in one-third repulsed Beckett and closing the Red Sox won five to three.

Red Sox second game with the Mariners sent Weikefeide start, cast dissatisfaction sixth inning was hit eight hits and lost a quarter, while the sailors Hernandez 7.1 Board only beaten four hits and nine strikeouts thrown send won the 10th victory of two points, only 24-year-old Hernandez has 139 days of the sixth inning strikeout Ortiz, a career total of 1,000 strikeouts, third in major league history to fast, then swallow the 10th Weikefeide failure.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yankees "Fireball man" Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) are struggling this season

Yankees "Fireball man" Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) are struggling this season, sustained by the New York media and professional blogger has been criticized, 26 home runs in the Royal again, causing tension at short. Although the Yankees won the final 12 to 6, "Pinstripe Alley" is still very satisfied with the performance of Chamberlain, and even exaggerated that the blame than Igawa suffered worse.

Throughout the quarter, data, Chamberlain K / 9 value of 10, Major League ranks the top 8%, so the probability of the batter swings and about 30% before the league stronger, and was hit in the Council only 9 home runs 0.6, If not see his ERA near 6, the average per game is more than one hit, also called the young players is a good pitcher. What is the reason that would allow bidders Chamberlain so hard this season?

"Pinstripe Alley" said Chamberlain was formed inside the batter hits the ball reached the probability of (BABIP, Batting average on balls in play) a problem. Chamberlain BABIP this season into 99 values of up to 3, the network of this Road, "even if Igawa does not 3 as 99, Igawa Yeah! If the ball is not his prestige, why let opponents swings rates so high?"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cannone said that if the Yankees did not win Santana

Yankees second baseman Cannone (Robinson Cano) righteous: "The Yankees need an ace like Santana (Johan Santana), if Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) is a bargaining chip on the Yankees and Cambre should have considered drawing a breathtaking accomplishment. "

Cannone said that if the Yankees did not win Santana, since when the enemy can not become comrades, he did not want Santana joined the "old enemy" Red Sox camp, "the Yankees need to maintain combat capability, every inch, can not have errors. "

"Is a big deal for Santana, the Yankees need him, need an ace pitcher like him, if the Red Sox get Santana, the strength will become more strong, then the Yankees on the worst of times!"
Rumors of the Yankees team trading Santana and others as a bargaining chip, happened, Cabrera is Cannone's hometown and friends, for the "rumors", Cannone comfort Cabrera said: "If you are trading out You just keep playing, "but Cabrera would like to stay with the Yankees, he did not want to leave New York, Cannone told him:" If you leave, to work harder, maybe one day you will come back. "

"I love Melky (Cabrera), if he leaves the Yankees, you can send the first team every day in the Twin Cities race, no longer (Yankees) bench, he was able to prove their strength value, while Santana is also enhance combat capability Yankees, it would be best of both worlds thing. "

Yankees and Twins are still deadlocked transaction case, it was reported that the Yankees are now just waiting to cut price tag Santana, the Twins did not regard the delay in action, Twins manager Smith (Bill Smith) said that can wait They have more opportunities. The New York Mets are eyeing, holding six-year contract the door waiting for Santana.

Gelao Si due to long-term artificial turf in the Blue Jays play

Gelao Si due to long-term artificial turf in the Blue Jays play, resulting in leg and knee are there fasciitis, if he continues to stay in the Blue Jays play the artificial turf, baseball threatens to endanger his life, he listened doctor's advice, anxious to change club.

Ge Laosi a race last year, only 115 games because of injury, leaving the rate of 2 percent against 62,20 homers, 62 RBI performance, his Blue Jays in 2008 and 12.75 million U.S. dollars contract with 11.25 million in 2009 dollar contract.

Rolen went to the Blue Jays Fortunately, not lonely, but also with his one for the Cardinals in 2006, won the World Series champion's old ally Yikesitan (David Eckstein) meet again with the Blue Jays last year signed a 4.5 million-year dollar contracts, the 2006 World Series MVP is expected to be down a starting shortstop job Bluebird.

Monday, August 16, 2010

McNamee's lawyers originally been put out to warn people if the rocket

"Rocket Man" Clemens will be passive to active, active physical fitness of former New York Yankees trainer McNamee (Brian McNamee) proposed defamation tell.

It's like a Rashomon, just like a soap opera. McNamee's lawyers originally been put out to warn people if the rocket, it seems to the lucky seventh inning, beating the Rockets began the way counterattack. Rocket man's legal team has collected all the negative remarks McNamee, ready to launch libel complaint.

According to counsel's litigation-like rocket that McNamee repeated false allegations, Clemens way and cause serious damage, a public laugh at, ridiculed the proposed target, leaving the old name of cyclosporine was a major financial loss (if it continues play), McNamee have real malice, all non-true statement.

Like in another lawsuit that McNamee made in all sorts of pressures under which false allegations. Clemens said: "McNamee admitted that if I do not confess, the federal investigative unit would prosecute him. And intimidation McNamee federal investigative unit has sufficient evidence to hold him in jail."

Also according to statements McNamee to accept the first day interrogation, he repeatedly denied that Clemens used banned substances, but McNamee told Assistant U.S. Attorney Pa Ruiya (Matthew Parreiia), federal tax investigators Nuowei Ci base (Jeff Novitzky) investigation, everything becomes different, showing McNamee is the situation with great reluctance to make false allegations before, and believe I speak for the old in the 1998-2001 grams steroid injection.
McNamee after federal investigations, the survey immediately changed from being tainted witnesses, in the Mitchell report came out that the team hope that he made the same arguments, if refused, McNamee will be re-investigated, indicted or even the fate of .

Who seems to counter the increasingly powerful rockets, but the last in the end is it directed and McNamee? Or rockets were lying? Maybe on the 16th Congressional Reform Committee hearing, the answer can be revealed.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Nabulaoqi in 1989 first round pick by the Twins in 1991

Former Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees second baseman Nabulaoqi (Chuck Knoblauch) retired in 2002 after the end of the season, Hall of Fame selected this year for the first time to obtain qualifications, the only result of last year, "Mitchell Report" upon his have taken banned substances, so he cast a shadow on the road to the Hall of Fame.

Nabulaoqi in 1989 first round pick by the Twins in 1991, Major League, he was originally a shortstop, but this position has been Hall of Fame shortstop Ghani (Greg Gagne) control, he took the guard second base mark, did not think he's major league rookie first year to help the Twins beat the Braves in the World Series for the Twins made within 5 years, Block 2, World Series champions.

Nabulaoqi major league career, 7 years before the whole team dedicated to the Twins, 4-Star Game, the first 7 years the average rate of 3 percent against 04, and former Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame second baseman Carew (Rod Carew) the successes. The difference is that Nabulaoqi garrison invulnerable to bring the morale of the fighting spirit is an excellent spell, flutter back to home plate he often positive, it seems better equipped to enter the Hall of Fame Bi Kalu conditions.

Nabulaoqi 12 years of major league experience, to pay a 2 percent average rate of 89 combat and another 1,899 hits, 322 doubles and 615 RBIs, he won a Gold Glove Award, also both superb offensive and defensive speed, career total of 10 seasons, more than 25 times the number of stolen bases in 1997, 62 single-season stolen bases, create new initiatives Twins history and personal and career total of stolen bases 407 times, in 1996 he went back to home plate by 140 points , also set a Twins record in team history to show all-round.

In addition, the Nabulaoqi ALCS in 1991 to pay a 3 percent rate of 51 against in the World Series batting average, 08 percent have three, then he appeared in 151 regular season games, an average rate of 2 percent against 81, also themselves off the American League Rookie of the award.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fukudome told the Yomiuri Giants after the team he plans to enter Japan and other major league decision

He said: "I made this decision because I always wanted to play there." Fukudome told the Yomiuri Giants after the team he plans to enter Japan and other major league decision.
Japanese media reports, the effectiveness of the nine-day long Fukudome, expected to be announced this weekend before joining the Alliance.

His fans said: "Thank you for the past nine years I refuel, I hope when I play in the U.S., you can refuel for me."

Fukudome batting last season, up 3 percent on May 1, with 31 home runs, 104 RBI, winning the season's most valuable player. But last season because of elbow surgery he only battle 80 game. His career batting average 2 percent 94, the base rate of 0.4.

Japanese professional baseball over the past five years serving Kansas City Royals MLB's new coach Hillman, that the strength of that of Fukuda Seattle Mariners star outfielder Ichiro Suzuki in par.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Astros coach Wade would not confirm the reports

"Houston Chronicle" reported today, in the previous quarter as a free agent after the end of Japanese-American baseball players Kazuo Matsui, is expected to MLB and the Major League Baseball Houston Astros signed, unless unexpected situation.

Astros coach Wade would not confirm the reports, but Chronicle quoted anonymous sources close to the report, the Colorado Rockies beat the Astros and Chicago Cubs, joined the fight to Matsui.

Wade last week to meet with Matsui's agent, Los Angeles, Atlanta. It is believed that the Cubs open a three-year 14 million U.S. dollars (about 450 million Taiwan dollars) price tag, which means that astronauts bound to better contract terms.

If Matsui joined the astronaut, he is expected to stick in second. Since his departure from Japan into major league baseball since his batting average is 2 percent 72.

Matsui started the New York Mets Major League career, the two hemispheres of quarters in June last year, was traded to the Rockies, and to help Los Angeles won in the last quarter, the National League champion, first broke into the World Series. Rocky tragic end in the Boston Red Sox World Series sweep.

His batting average last quarter, the second into 88, four homers, 30 stolen bases twice, scored 30 seven.

30-year-old Matsui will join the astronauts on the important task of defending the effectiveness of astronauts replaced two decades of second baseman Biggio. Biggio announced his retirement after last season.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Although at one time wanted to leave Boston

Although at one time wanted to leave Boston, but also emotional farewell letter written to his teammates, but the sincerity of his former club to plug fame eventually cast Schilling (Curt Schilling) to embrace the Red Sox.

Old 41-year-old Schilling on the 7th annual salary of eight million U.S. dollars has agreed to contract with the Red Sox for one year to the contract requirements as long as Xi Linda innings pitched, three million U.S. dollars can get the performance bonus, but owners would "ensure" name veteran to maintain a healthy state, with other "weight clause", as long as the weight, but Schilling, an additional two million U.S. dollars prize money will easily into bags.

"If Curt can not remain in the best condition, we must have self-protection measures." Red Sox general manager Yipusiting frankly admits: "Schilling's skill Needless to say, as long as he can be fixed picking up the rotation, absolute price tag . "

Red Sox twice in the past 4 years to win Schilling contributed to the 2004 season, Schilling had just arrived to cast their record of 21 wins, playoffs that year's "bloody Red Sox" incident team morale and motivation is to get rid of Red Sox "Babe Ruth curse" the key to reaching the top again this year, Red Sox, Schilling won playoff games out of 3 game 4 win, his career playoff total of 11 wins and 2 losses, superior competition is the heart of Red Sox are willing to large the money to keep the name of veteran causes.

Schilling mentioned in the personal blog, the target is 1400 ~ 1500 million in salary, but also, and astronauts and the Phillies have had contact with, "but family members hope I can continue to stay in the Red Sox, even in the end here career, the whole family would like to settle down in Boston. "Schilling said.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yankees in contact with the occasion of the new head coach candidate

Yankees in contact with the occasion of the new head coach candidate, also tried to meet with A-ROD, the boss, the son of (Hank Steinbrenner) said: "We want to keep him, I think he would be willing to stay."

World Series is finished, A-ROD 10-day period to decide whether to select the early termination of 10 years 252 million U.S. dollars of contracts, a free agent, the Yankees prepare to renew contracts, but if A-ROD proposed termination of contract requirements, they will withdraw from the negotiating table.

Small 27, Taipei time, said pellets soon with A-ROD and brokers Porras (Scott Boras) to meet. "The most important thing is, obviously, we want to keep him," Little said: "I think he would be willing to stay."

A-ROD season 54 home runs and 156 RBIs in the highest ranks League, American League MVP was one of the most popular candidate, his remaining three quarters of the contract, the annual salary is 2,400 million U.S. dollars to protect, if the A- ROD choose to terminate the agreement early, the Yankees lost in 2004 will also deal he got from the Rangers to switch teams 2,100 million allowance.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Although the weather and the Becket Rocky emphasized the pitch will not be an obstacle to the way title race

Red Sox ace pitcher Becket (Josh Beckett) playoff game so far out of three, 3 wins 0 lose record, 1.17 ERA, called the strongest of the playoffs in recent years, "killer", but Rocky can not eat this , this year June 14 with the Becket fight, of five hands from Becket knocked 10 hits Kuanggong 6 points, Atkins (Garrett Atkins), Halladay (Matt Holliday) all win their 1 home runs, cut the opening quarter of nine games Becket.

Although the weather and the Becket Rocky emphasized the pitch will not be an obstacle to the way title race, but based on historical experience, rest days too much is not good for the team last year, the Tigers swept 4-0 in the American League Championship campaign at home, tilted his legs long ago, "Geranium Strictipes View tiger fight", the National League champion Cardinals won seven games with the Metropolitan those firms, because the rest too long to change the last tiger, "sick cats," 1:4 World Series loss to the Cardinals, lost their Gold Cup title .

Face of the doubts over the Rocky coach He (Clint Hurdle) easy to right: "There are a lot of people』 『reminded me a warning for Tiger, but not to play games, do not be too pessimistic."

Taipei World Series opener scheduled time on the 25th in Boston.