Sunday, August 8, 2010

Astros coach Wade would not confirm the reports

"Houston Chronicle" reported today, in the previous quarter as a free agent after the end of Japanese-American baseball players Kazuo Matsui, is expected to MLB and the Major League Baseball Houston Astros signed, unless unexpected situation.

Astros coach Wade would not confirm the reports, but Chronicle quoted anonymous sources close to the report, the Colorado Rockies beat the Astros and Chicago Cubs, joined the fight to Matsui.

Wade last week to meet with Matsui's agent, Los Angeles, Atlanta. It is believed that the Cubs open a three-year 14 million U.S. dollars (about 450 million Taiwan dollars) price tag, which means that astronauts bound to better contract terms.

If Matsui joined the astronaut, he is expected to stick in second. Since his departure from Japan into major league baseball since his batting average is 2 percent 72.

Matsui started the New York Mets Major League career, the two hemispheres of quarters in June last year, was traded to the Rockies, and to help Los Angeles won in the last quarter, the National League champion, first broke into the World Series. Rocky tragic end in the Boston Red Sox World Series sweep.

His batting average last quarter, the second into 88, four homers, 30 stolen bases twice, scored 30 seven.

30-year-old Matsui will join the astronauts on the important task of defending the effectiveness of astronauts replaced two decades of second baseman Biggio. Biggio announced his retirement after last season.

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