Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nissen from the Indians with a wave of violent attack

ALCS Game 2, pinch Nissen (Trot Nixon) victory for the Indians knocking on the door! Taipei time on the 14th to 11th with the Red Sox Chanzhan Board that he command the direction towards the center with an RBI in the first base hits, not only for Indians ahead, but also with 7 points out of the offensive, and closing Indian people are just out on the town with 13:6.

"We have demonstrated resilience," Nissen said after the game: "take heart from the 11th game, especially in the 1:30 time, really a bit weird, but you will not often encounter this situation."

Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) continue to write his playoff record of 23 home runs, while Lovell (Mike Lowell) also make up a hair to get the Red Sox 6-5 in the first 5 Council leader, and the opportunity to master a 2 game winning streak in the enter to the extension of the No. 10 Bureau, the Red Sox beat the center line of Ortiz (David Ortiz), Manny Ramirez, Lowell and other heavy artillery hand, were Indians pitcher Ma Siti Ni (Tom Mastny) to block off.

11 Jushang Ban, pinch of Nissen playing against, the one, second base was, this former professional baseball career, spent 13 years in the Red Sox veteran, 1st fight I face Luopi Zi (Javier Lopez) in the pitching , hit the center-right of the first base hit, to help get back to second base ahead of teammate running points.

"He (Luopi Zi) is difficult to fight those who left to vote, so I can only play short rod," Nissen said after the game: "I know they have two left by center fielder, I am glad that I catch to the opportunity. "

Nissen from the Indians with a wave of violent attack, poured them into a single Bureau of 7 points, write down the history of playoff playoff scoring record for the most single-bureau also put out the Red Sox hope to recover points. Red Sox coach Falankena (Terry Francona) after the game had to admit, "This is a valuable one I've seen games against war."

This game had a total of 5 hours 14 minutes, played the next day 1:30. Indian audience hit 17 hits, 11 RBI. Red Sox 10 hits, mostly in 3,5 Bureau, since there is no campaign to speak of.

American League Championship Series 3 games to return home for the Indians, Red Sox sent a song [soil reaction] Tai westerblokker against Indians (Jake Westbrook).

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