Friday, July 2, 2010

Cubs Cole article with Suoruiyanuo fire

Cubs Cole article with Suoruiyanuo fire, before the sixth inning to lead the White Sox six to two; has also hit eight innings to lead eight to three, but they recovered one-third of the White Sox nine innings, almost to a half century 11-game winning streak the longest in team history record, the White Sox swept the Cubs from being the fate of.

7.1 Bureau of light pitcher Davis hit just four hits was a rattlesnake, but of five two-run homer Para Diamondbacks win enough, because the audience light only two hits, Pan Niya sixth inning base hit get only one point. Externally there is light in addition to internal troubles, accused the center fielder, third baseman Longgeruiya Opp Cotton no serious defense, confrontation between the two in the lounge, of course, lose game, radiance of the Diamondbacks hit three Lien Chan, a total of only seven hits.

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