Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Massaro cast only 3.2 9 Security Council was hit

Massaro cast only 3.2 9 Security Council was hit, including three home runs, and the crazy lost 9 points off the hook exit, swallow defeat 7 (6 wins). He played since July 25 after the Chicago White Sox, 7 games start to swallow the 5 game losing streak, did not get Renhe Sheng cast, but mainly because his teammates do not join in attack, recent developments very tragic.

The previous six games, smacked six home runs in Tan Musi (Marcus Thames), today 4 0, and also swallowed 3k, the end of the "strange power" trip records. The Athletics play against the Yankees played the past three years, the ultra-poor, 4 wins record 19th defeat, winning 7 of this year was a failure.

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