Friday, June 11, 2010

New York Yankees today at Dolphin Stadium Florida Marlins challenges

New York Yankees today at Dolphin Stadium Florida Marlins challenges, relying on starting pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes) excellent performance, and closing come from behind win by 4:2, which is the Yankees spring training this year, final heat race, then down on waiting to see Taipei time on April 1 of the new season opening of the war, Wang will start at Yankee Stadium against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Yankees starting pitcher match Hughes pitched five Board, only the first two each lost 1 point, but only one half is the ERA Board, Marlins star shortstop Luomanruizi (Hanley Ramirez) hit Pirates on the doubles after a hit, two-out after Gonzalez (Luis Gonzalez) knocked a base hit back Luomanruizi capture to subsection 1.

The two Board because shortstop Jeter half (Derek Jeter) mistakes only 2 points out, Hughes cast a total of 5 Board, with the 69 ball 44 which is the strike, only gave up three hits and lost 1 point ERA, strikeouts four walks in 1, showing very well.

The Yankees are out in force main relief pitching, the patron saint of Rivera (Mariano Rivera), side Siwo Si (Kyle Farnsworth) and Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) no relief was playing knockout hits, Chamberlain also scored wins vote , Wang seems to have in the opening match of the backup ready.

Taipei time next Tuesday morning, Chien-Ming Wang on the Blue Jays in the opening of the war will wear ace Sahara (Roy Holladay), this game is 106 times the Yankees in the history of the opening match, also the old Yankee Stadium's final 1.

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