Monday, May 17, 2010

Orioles second half of the sixth inning counterattack

Orioles second half of the sixth inning counterattack, the Red Sox starting lefthander Liszt (Jon Lester) start to be captured even knocked two hits in the second, third base, first Peyton to support an RBI sacrifice hit, and macaque Williams (Nick Markakis) 1 RBI hits first base, into a 2:3 Orioles chasing just 1 min, starting 6 Board Liszt was playing five hits and lost 2 points, the original pitcher or the victory of MLB jerseys candidates.

Unexpectedly cow arson, Lopez (Javier Lopez) and Hansen (Craig Hansen) of any pitcher in two out of two after the last out of all those who can not be solved, was captured bases-loaded Orioles, Red Sox Hideki Okajima and back to play, the result was 4 Payton belted career home run slam hair, breath coming down 4 points, show a large reversal, this is Hideki Okajima 4th messed up game this season, the third pitcher Hansen (0 wins and 2 losses) to swallow the lost war.

The winning pitcher is the Orioles Cabrera (4 wins and 1 loss).

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