Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taiwan Major League fans hope for the opening of overseas war

Taiwan Major League fans hope for the opening of overseas war, because of "bride" back off and one of the Giants has changed. Organizers defended by creating sports marketing do not give up hope, but please only major league history, vice president of Asia Pacific Mo the "matchmaker" in the 16th coordination meeting with the pellets to do the final effort.

According to Arizona's official website reported that the giant has been told they can not pellet in the visit to Taiwan early next year, but there is still a high degree of willingness to rattlesnakes. Hu, general manager of Chi-Chong Long defended helpless, the relation of the message that they are from the news, major league officials did not formally notify the breaking information.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Back living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming

Back living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming, 12, he said: "The injury has been 80% recovery, and now need to be strengthened muscle strength, hope and July next year, 4,5 major league pitching can be."

Wang shoulder surgery last year, although with the national team earlier this year signed a contract of $ 2,000,000, but this season he has been in rehabilitation, not to pitch until 10 months before a race in guiding the League 2 games from 3-Bureau, clocked the fastest 89 miles, built Tsai said: "The only vote 3 innings, the ball can not return to major league standards."

Aberdeen was built this year in rehabilitation, he said: "The rehabilitation process is really boring to do the same actions every day, constantly repeated, but baseball is my favorite, I hope I can pitch up back on the court, is this belief that I can carry on, but this time I can only tell myself Do not worry. "

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Giants reach up to eight players eligible for arbitration

Giants reach up to eight players eligible for arbitration, the team payroll next season will be rushed to the giant 100 million U.S. dollars, the most perfect situation is can reach an agreement, otherwise difficult to keep all of this year's championship team.

In addition, the Giants have intended to become a free agent this year's competition, light star Crawford (Carl Crawford), Sabine said: "I do not think we can with the Angels, Tigers, Red Sox competition."

Yesterday, was the giant buyout, 34-year-old World Series MVP Brent Australia, today said that it would continue to play, which makes then want to retire at the end of 2010, scotched the idea.

"I told my agent had a long talk after talk about the future, I decided to continue to play." Brent said to Leah, he had .276 batting average this year, three home runs and 22 RBIs, he was the first 8 Latin American players, the first one South American player won the World Series MVP player.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ryan also has a milestone of 300 wins and 7 games in the history of the largest no-hitter

50 years into the Army Rangers, 31, finally a World Series in their home to welcome the arrival of the strikeouts in major league history, but also the current president of the Rangers Ryan, specially for the World Series 3 kick-off war, as the 4th battle by the former President of the United States as guests two Boosey and hope after the Rangers comeback from a two-game losing streak.

3 World Series battle, came to the Rangers open play at home, which is the Army Rangers in 50 years, for the first time in their own stadium in Arlington to meet the arrival of the World Series in the U.S. national anthem, four warplanes flew over the stadium over the will be gradually brought into the climax of the atmosphere, then the current president of the Rangers, but also the history of Major League strikeout king Ryan, with his former sidekick I-ROD, 3 battle for the World Series kick-off.

Ryan, 63, also resorted to his trademark fastball, so that the audience burst into cries, he rolled in the big leagues for 27 years, the record has become a difficult to break through barriers, Rennes career out of 5714 vote strikeouts, not only ranked first in major league history, and Randy Johnson than the second place more than 800 times.

Ryan also has a milestone of 300 wins and 7 games in the history of the largest no-hitter, allowing him to easily elected Baseball Hall of Fame, and now he has to use their own experience, the successful transformation of the Rangers pitching staff, so this World Series promotion team for the first time, the kick-off by his blessing, I hope Rangers 2 game losing streak from the reversal of the magic show after show.

As for the next game of the World Series 4 battle, the Rangers recruited to help out the characters more coffee, and that is the size of former U.S. President George W. Bush, they father and son will work together to Arlington Stadium as guests, soldiers who want to be home again with excellent skills, famous around the world.