Thursday, August 26, 2010

Although the MRI results until tomorrow

Harper's idol is Luodelizi (Ivan Rodriguez), but people consider a greater chance of injury catcher will let him switch from catcher to outfield, but he was not wearing high school uniforms, which Harper says : "I will miss all the past." Harper's next stop will be Florida, will be teaching to the National League, but people do not set Harpo whether to participate in next year's spring training.

Although the MRI results until tomorrow, will know, but people can be sure that Strasbourg will not participate in the rest of the game, head coach Rui Geman, said: "I am very worried, very worried."

The nationals have high hopes for the future players in the big leagues until the first quarter, but already two times into the disabled list, but last Saturday to face the Phillies game, pitched at hand pain, but also to determine reimbursement season, the first Although the momentum of a good year, but lost, leaving only 5 wins 3 2.91 ERA, 68 Bureau of cast 92K, the minor league innings and added in, the National had hoped could be put into 160, but was only Strasbourg 123.1 Authority.

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