Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sino Swearingen Aircraft A-Rod and the promise of cooperation under the nine innings

Recent New York Yankees face the Baltimore Orioles over the fire, almost every show was a hard battle, even if the pitching performance today, particularly interesting, still stuck fighting the evil empire, no coherent line of fire dilemma. But when the match hit the next nine innings, the one in base, two out of the situation, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) sent a wave of his stick shot two points, the team at the last minute reversal of fate, the rate of 3 to 2 Yankees escape the tragic Orioles swept the bad luck.

Yankees starting today Nova (Ivan Nova) good performance, only to be knocked the previous Board 2 security, with the next hit line in three Board, by Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) be sent successfully stolen bases, and Gude Na ( Brett Gardner) hit the fly to the left of the base hit, the Yankees took the lead to 1 to 0 lead. However, of five, the Nova was first beaten with clubs who suddenly can not resolve Jones (Adam Jones) and because they sent out wild pitch, then was immediately Witters (Matt Wieters) and win two points guns, making the Yankees leading Council that is down to less than one half 1 to 2 behind.

Even if Nova was immediately stabilized, but the line was hit in the Orioles starting Beierjisen (Brad Bergesen) performance more notable cases, almost completely blocked, and the bullpen took over the pitch as well, but not until nine innings , the Yankees must identify Uehara Zhigang Hao Teng board rescue time, first relying on A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) of hits on the base, then stand on the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu combat zone, carrying the stick, caught the edge of a sweep of the strike zone partial high-speed ball, and hit the left field home run wall, with guns to help reverse the team two points to 3 to 2 gas to go the Orioles.

Sino Swearingen Aircraft A-Rod and the promise of cooperation under the nine innings, also broke the Orioles long since 1986, swept the Yankees for the first time in the Big Apple dream. But new coach Hugh Walter (Buck Showalter) took office, with the Orioles from the recent super-compaction of war, can not help but let the evil empire Corps thumbs up, "It is terror! Very honorable opponent."

But the Yankees won the joy of winning, because of the masters of iron catch Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) affected by head injuries. It is understood that Posada previously have hit his head out of bounds, leading to a suspected concussion last night, the situation appears, then the team today and he was immediately sent to New York Presbyterian Hospital (Presbyterian Hospital) to a neurologist diagnosed conditions; Yankees also Background and old, said after the game situation, that he is all right but will be included in the daily watch list.

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