Monday, September 27, 2010

Kannuo (Robinson Cano) 1 9 Bureau knock back base hits in 1 minute

New York Yankees (Yankees) today to stop the Boston Red Sox (Red Sox) counterattack, 4-3 playoff win over No. 10 Bureau, from the closer the playoffs.

Kannuo (Robinson Cano) 1 9 Bureau knock back base hits in 1 minute, tied the score for the Yankees. Rarely played this season Miranda (Juan Miranda) 10 inning hit the ball when the patient selection, access to walks, bases loaded to squeeze home base runners scored winning points.

Yankees 4 straight stop. Just then a win, the Red Sox Zaishu a field, can be 15 degrees in 16 years into the playoffs.

Trying to keep playoff hopes of the Red Sox do not fall, the patron saint of the 9th Bureau Liwei La from the Yankees (Mariano Rivera) in the hands scored 2 points, anti-Israel 3-2 ahead.

However, the Piper Red Sox (Jonathan Papelbon) not Conservative, so starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka a good cast wasted.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Once again demonstrated the value of veteran Miguel Tejada

Once again demonstrated the value of veteran Miguel Tejada, bases loaded situation in the knockout first base hits, scored 2 points reversal of the war situation, to help priests to 4 to 3 Liaodao Reds, hit the ground running in three Lien Chan.

Council still finish the first 6 to 2 to 3 behind the priest, played big in the next 7 Board counterattack, captured at the bases loaded after two outs, when Tejada out to be a hero, at least two good ball number three when bad wreck relay Nick Masset, win their roll through the guerrilla zones of a base hit to left field, back to two runners on base, so back to the main lead.

Tejada is undoubtedly the game's MVP, in addition to reverse the Security Council beyond the 7, 4 inning with an RBI also has a contribution base hits, while the veteran hits the whole game 2 3 RBI's outstanding performance, is currently priest need.

After reversal of the war situation in Tejada, Red Talent launch Aroldis Chapman Teng board, even though the "Cuban Fireball Man" pitched 1 1 / 3 scoreless innings, also sent two strikeouts, but it seems some too late.

But Chapman appearance or eye effects caused by smoking, because he pitched the ball in all the 25 fast ball, the ball and each ball is at least 100 miles (about 161 km) off, even the fastest to reach 105 miles ( approximately 169 km), San Diego fans to the scene because of broken tables and high-speed ball up.

Priest starting pitcher Chris Young pitched 5 games out of 1 point, Reds starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo is lost in 5 innings in 2 minutes, the two last are nothing to do with victory or defeat, while the Reds outfielder Drew Stubbs The campaign has a solo home run performance.

After the victory in the win priest, the season record to 86 wins 67 lost, but a giant in today's (25th) also beat the Rockies, so the priest is still behind a giant half margin of victory, the National League West title this year, who will take Next, it is still difficult to predict.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A great opportunity to catch up with the Philadelphia Warriors were three Lien Chan

A great opportunity to catch up with the Philadelphia Warriors were three Lien Chan, the first battle been rookie Black Wood (Jason Heyward) messed up, the key mistake of five, let rivals get ahead of the 2 points, and closing the Phillies beat the Braves 3-1 , margin of victory opened to 4 games.

Phillies home field with over 118 games, the two sides are relying on far-reaching in the second game of doubles scored 1 point, the key match in five sets, the first name of batter Shane Victorino attack the direction of level flight the ball right field, right fielder Black Wood did not take over this record level flight the ball, the ball rolled all the way home run wall, Shane Victorino on to third on the next Bolan Ke ( Placido Polanco) infield grounder to third base runners get ahead points escort.

Phillies fifth campaign is not over, followed by Atlee (Chase Utely) hit hits, the Warriors take the initiative for investment, but put to the Faure He mentioned (Eric O'Flaherty) cast two successive walks Yibanizi (Raul Ibanez) grounder grounder to Phillies again, under a points on the 2 points by the fifth, the Phillies won the most recent 8-game winning streak.

Phillies first black Moss (Cole Hamels) to enter in September after the formidable, all won a race win 4 games to vote today, only lost 1 point 8 Board, was the recent five game winning streak, and this five start only 0.49 of ERA also makes the black Moss's ERA dropped to new low of 2.93 this season, won 12 individual wins.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Evil empire now committed to defending the AL East leading position

Evil empire now committed to defending the AL East leading position, but headed first baseman Mark Teixeira because of the thumb, injured toe exigencies, must leave the starting position.

Since Sept. 1 home game in play against movement by the ball in the kiss, Teixeira has had to be in the case of the thumb injury playing against, and this injury has also given this name footed strong play no small trouble.

Teixeira rate of 2 percent this quarter, against 59 at present, issued 33 home runs, 101 RBI, without him, Zhu Quan, bound to the Yankees leading the way in the defense more difficult.

Yankees coach Joe Girardi said yesterday (the 18th) had told Teixeira, today (19) play against the Orioles game, will not be exclusive, start battle, replaced by Lance Berkman replace the starting first baseman, and today guest Orioles Yankees also beat 11 rivals to 3, to continue sitting in the eastern United States first location, but only half the leading light of the second margin of victory.

Friday, September 17, 2010

If you want to reverse the down the Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins to the American League Central championship playoff position

If you want to reverse the down the Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins to the American League Central championship playoff position, the remaining three games with the Twins in the battle, you need to sweep, a chance to field the margin of victory from 6 back to 3 games, can there be real opportunity comeback. The results give the Twins swept the White Sox but was, margin of victory turned into 9 games, the White Sox officially announced the end of the season.

Twins with the White Sox this third war, in fact, even if the White Sox winning, margin of victory or 7 games, the White Sox would like the opportunity to comeback or not, but at least have a chance. And a start to the emergence of a critical situation: half of a bureau, the Twins starting pitcher Pavano (Carl Pavano) lost a vote of the sinker, K to the White Sox gun Kenuo Ke (Paul Konerko) face. So the Second Top of, White Sox starting pitcher Berry (Mark Buehrle) immediately answered with the first ball on the first Twins hitter Kedai Er (Michael Cuddyer). This is a very simple grand coalition "retaliation" culture, the body touch the ball incident ends here. But because I was the first hit batters on base, the pitcher's task is in retaliation after the situation resolved. Results Berry did not do, by the following two successive wreck who know their hits, lost the first point; in to Folunxiya (Danny Valencia) play double play after he was hit with the next two wreck those two hits, and then lost two points.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ann Tejada 3 4 RBI single market is a great contribution to victory

Previous registration plate 6 Board blockade Dodge fire rookie Cory Luebke, Council 4, the first 4 hits scoreless content interesting, but the sudden collapse of 5 Board, gave up six hits, including Troy Tulowitzki's three points lost 4 exit gun crazy the game became tense situation

Fortunately priest bullpen to blame 6 together 4 1 / 3 Office 2 hits 5K freeze Rocky offensive, 9 inning solo shot Oscar Salazar scored the insurance pinch points, the final 2 minutes to make Rocky bow. Padres this season with the Los Angeles of the first 16 games only take five wins, but this victory to terminate play against three game losing streak.

Ann Tejada 3 4 RBI single market is a great contribution to victory, this is the eve of his joining the clergy from the 731 after the best performance, four RBI this season is a new high level. Priest since June 17 after dropping the National League West has never been top of the list.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the National League three playoff tickets will be Warriors, Philadelphia Phillies, Padres, Giants, Los Angeles and other 5 teams fighting for. Western part of the leading clerics Giants 81 wins 62 lost half, leading Los Angeles two games. Wild card part, the Warriors were home the first row, the giant gap between a field and a half following closely behind, 3 games behind Los Angeles and a half.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sino Swearingen Aircraft A-Rod and the promise of cooperation under the nine innings

Recent New York Yankees face the Baltimore Orioles over the fire, almost every show was a hard battle, even if the pitching performance today, particularly interesting, still stuck fighting the evil empire, no coherent line of fire dilemma. But when the match hit the next nine innings, the one in base, two out of the situation, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) sent a wave of his stick shot two points, the team at the last minute reversal of fate, the rate of 3 to 2 Yankees escape the tragic Orioles swept the bad luck.

Yankees starting today Nova (Ivan Nova) good performance, only to be knocked the previous Board 2 security, with the next hit line in three Board, by Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) be sent successfully stolen bases, and Gude Na ( Brett Gardner) hit the fly to the left of the base hit, the Yankees took the lead to 1 to 0 lead. However, of five, the Nova was first beaten with clubs who suddenly can not resolve Jones (Adam Jones) and because they sent out wild pitch, then was immediately Witters (Matt Wieters) and win two points guns, making the Yankees leading Council that is down to less than one half 1 to 2 behind.

Even if Nova was immediately stabilized, but the line was hit in the Orioles starting Beierjisen (Brad Bergesen) performance more notable cases, almost completely blocked, and the bullpen took over the pitch as well, but not until nine innings , the Yankees must identify Uehara Zhigang Hao Teng board rescue time, first relying on A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) of hits on the base, then stand on the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu combat zone, carrying the stick, caught the edge of a sweep of the strike zone partial high-speed ball, and hit the left field home run wall, with guns to help reverse the team two points to 3 to 2 gas to go the Orioles.

Sino Swearingen Aircraft A-Rod and the promise of cooperation under the nine innings, also broke the Orioles long since 1986, swept the Yankees for the first time in the Big Apple dream. But new coach Hugh Walter (Buck Showalter) took office, with the Orioles from the recent super-compaction of war, can not help but let the evil empire Corps thumbs up, "It is terror! Very honorable opponent."

But the Yankees won the joy of winning, because of the masters of iron catch Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) affected by head injuries. It is understood that Posada previously have hit his head out of bounds, leading to a suspected concussion last night, the situation appears, then the team today and he was immediately sent to New York Presbyterian Hospital (Presbyterian Hospital) to a neurologist diagnosed conditions; Yankees also Background and old, said after the game situation, that he is all right but will be included in the daily watch list.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baltimore Orioles to four to three win over the New York Yankees

Major League Baseball, Baltimore Orioles to four to three win over the New York Yankees, and this is the Orioles this year, six-game road losing streak in New York after the first victory; Chicago White Sox playoff 10 Board to five to four win over Detroit Tigers won seven in a row, more than 13 were three off the New York Mets lost to the Washington Nationals, Florida Marlins Philadelphia Phillies with two-day battle, the first Marlins won seven to one, seven more than second Phillies 4 pulled one back.

Orioles leading the Yankees twice and twice we were tied, but Roberts has once again hit the Qi Ju on RBI hits with a win over the Yankees, Orioles starting pitcher Ma Susi four inning Rodríguez knockout solo shot, pitched six innings lost one-third win four in a row, the Orioles bullpen has not been hit after hit three Board also perform four strikeouts, the seventh Uehara rescue points. The Yankees lost a quarter of Qiju Barnett, swallow the 13th lost. As Rodríguez career single-season RBI fourteenth over 100 points, surpassing the Babe Ruth, Lugairuige with Farkas and so famous.

White Sox begin a four Lien with Tiger, Tiger tied behind twice, played eight innings on Zian tied four to four after the 10 inning playoff Manny Ruiz, Ruiou Si with three consecutive hits and scored Peel Sienski points ahead to win five to four win seven in a row.

Metropolitan Council to three zero three leading citizens, but only three hits the audience, called up the National Union of early age of five at bats hit the four hits, including two home runs, Ai Spinoza two outs in the sixth inning of the deciding shot slam, six RBI single field contribution.

Marlins hit a double game with the Phillies, the first Phillies only three hits and lost one to seven, the second Oswald Qiju lost a quarter, but his teammates still got the fire support quarter of the 11th win.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Philadelphia won this fireworks show

This apart from the two teams have 23 points, the total pounded 35 hits, 6 homers, two pitching the ball a total of 358 cast. Winning pitcher Bastardo (Antonio Bastardo) Council to vote out a one point, but was beaten four hits. Losing the war, pitcher Di Kameng (Manny Delcarmen) 0.1 Board voted off quarter.

What a mess!

Philadelphia won this fireworks show, not only outside the card so that they lead to 2 games slightly widening margin of victory; also because the Warriors lost city today, Philadelphia in the National League East behind the margin of victory to the Warriors, but also reduce the to 2 games. If the line can be as Philadelphia beat the big outbreak of this return to normal, with their ace starting pitcher in three: Halladay (Roy Halladay) Hammersmith (Cole Hamels) Oswald (Roy Oswalt), even if the bullpen the problem is still, they still have the opportunity to grabbed quite a wild card, and even organic Warriors will pull down the National League East throne! Because of their bullpen the past two years have problems, but does not affect them into the overall championship for two consecutive years and won the championship in 2008

The Rockies lost the game, let them 6.5 games behind the wild card winning margin, behind the National League West leading Padres 7.5 games margin of victory. Hope to qualify for the playoffs, more and more unlikely, unless they like the same as in 2007, pulled out a wave of super late (end of the quarter final 15 games, 14 wins and 1 negative). Otherwise, the National League wild card race, Philadelphia may be a dispute with the giant.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Massaro cast only 3.2 9 Security Council was hit

Massaro cast only 3.2 9 Security Council was hit, including three home runs, and the crazy lost 9 points off the hook exit, swallow defeat 7 (6 wins). He played since July 25 after the Chicago White Sox, 7 games start to swallow the 5 game losing streak, did not get Renhe Sheng cast, but mainly because his teammates do not join in attack, recent developments very tragic.

The previous six games, smacked six home runs in Tan Musi (Marcus Thames), today 4 0, and also swallowed 3k, the end of the "strange power" trip records. The Athletics play against the Yankees played the past three years, the ultra-poor, 4 wins record 19th defeat, winning 7 of this year was a failure.