Friday, August 13, 2010

Nabulaoqi in 1989 first round pick by the Twins in 1991

Former Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees second baseman Nabulaoqi (Chuck Knoblauch) retired in 2002 after the end of the season, Hall of Fame selected this year for the first time to obtain qualifications, the only result of last year, "Mitchell Report" upon his have taken banned substances, so he cast a shadow on the road to the Hall of Fame.

Nabulaoqi in 1989 first round pick by the Twins in 1991, Major League, he was originally a shortstop, but this position has been Hall of Fame shortstop Ghani (Greg Gagne) control, he took the guard second base mark, did not think he's major league rookie first year to help the Twins beat the Braves in the World Series for the Twins made within 5 years, Block 2, World Series champions.

Nabulaoqi major league career, 7 years before the whole team dedicated to the Twins, 4-Star Game, the first 7 years the average rate of 3 percent against 04, and former Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame second baseman Carew (Rod Carew) the successes. The difference is that Nabulaoqi garrison invulnerable to bring the morale of the fighting spirit is an excellent spell, flutter back to home plate he often positive, it seems better equipped to enter the Hall of Fame Bi Kalu conditions.

Nabulaoqi 12 years of major league experience, to pay a 2 percent average rate of 89 combat and another 1,899 hits, 322 doubles and 615 RBIs, he won a Gold Glove Award, also both superb offensive and defensive speed, career total of 10 seasons, more than 25 times the number of stolen bases in 1997, 62 single-season stolen bases, create new initiatives Twins history and personal and career total of stolen bases 407 times, in 1996 he went back to home plate by 140 points , also set a Twins record in team history to show all-round.

In addition, the Nabulaoqi ALCS in 1991 to pay a 3 percent rate of 51 against in the World Series batting average, 08 percent have three, then he appeared in 151 regular season games, an average rate of 2 percent against 81, also themselves off the American League Rookie of the award.

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