Friday, November 12, 2010

Back living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming

Back living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming, 12, he said: "The injury has been 80% recovery, and now need to be strengthened muscle strength, hope and July next year, 4,5 major league pitching can be."

Wang shoulder surgery last year, although with the national team earlier this year signed a contract of $ 2,000,000, but this season he has been in rehabilitation, not to pitch until 10 months before a race in guiding the League 2 games from 3-Bureau, clocked the fastest 89 miles, built Tsai said: "The only vote 3 innings, the ball can not return to major league standards."

Aberdeen was built this year in rehabilitation, he said: "The rehabilitation process is really boring to do the same actions every day, constantly repeated, but baseball is my favorite, I hope I can pitch up back on the court, is this belief that I can carry on, but this time I can only tell myself Do not worry. "

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