Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baltimore Orioles to four to three win over the New York Yankees

Major League Baseball, Baltimore Orioles to four to three win over the New York Yankees, and this is the Orioles this year, six-game road losing streak in New York after the first victory; Chicago White Sox playoff 10 Board to five to four win over Detroit Tigers won seven in a row, more than 13 were three off the New York Mets lost to the Washington Nationals, Florida Marlins Philadelphia Phillies with two-day battle, the first Marlins won seven to one, seven more than second Phillies 4 pulled one back.

Orioles leading the Yankees twice and twice we were tied, but Roberts has once again hit the Qi Ju on RBI hits with a win over the Yankees, Orioles starting pitcher Ma Susi four inning Rodríguez knockout solo shot, pitched six innings lost one-third win four in a row, the Orioles bullpen has not been hit after hit three Board also perform four strikeouts, the seventh Uehara rescue points. The Yankees lost a quarter of Qiju Barnett, swallow the 13th lost. As Rodríguez career single-season RBI fourteenth over 100 points, surpassing the Babe Ruth, Lugairuige with Farkas and so famous.

White Sox begin a four Lien with Tiger, Tiger tied behind twice, played eight innings on Zian tied four to four after the 10 inning playoff Manny Ruiz, Ruiou Si with three consecutive hits and scored Peel Sienski points ahead to win five to four win seven in a row.

Metropolitan Council to three zero three leading citizens, but only three hits the audience, called up the National Union of early age of five at bats hit the four hits, including two home runs, Ai Spinoza two outs in the sixth inning of the deciding shot slam, six RBI single field contribution.

Marlins hit a double game with the Phillies, the first Phillies only three hits and lost one to seven, the second Oswald Qiju lost a quarter, but his teammates still got the fire support quarter of the 11th win.

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