Thursday, September 2, 2010

Philadelphia won this fireworks show

This apart from the two teams have 23 points, the total pounded 35 hits, 6 homers, two pitching the ball a total of 358 cast. Winning pitcher Bastardo (Antonio Bastardo) Council to vote out a one point, but was beaten four hits. Losing the war, pitcher Di Kameng (Manny Delcarmen) 0.1 Board voted off quarter.

What a mess!

Philadelphia won this fireworks show, not only outside the card so that they lead to 2 games slightly widening margin of victory; also because the Warriors lost city today, Philadelphia in the National League East behind the margin of victory to the Warriors, but also reduce the to 2 games. If the line can be as Philadelphia beat the big outbreak of this return to normal, with their ace starting pitcher in three: Halladay (Roy Halladay) Hammersmith (Cole Hamels) Oswald (Roy Oswalt), even if the bullpen the problem is still, they still have the opportunity to grabbed quite a wild card, and even organic Warriors will pull down the National League East throne! Because of their bullpen the past two years have problems, but does not affect them into the overall championship for two consecutive years and won the championship in 2008

The Rockies lost the game, let them 6.5 games behind the wild card winning margin, behind the National League West leading Padres 7.5 games margin of victory. Hope to qualify for the playoffs, more and more unlikely, unless they like the same as in 2007, pulled out a wave of super late (end of the quarter final 15 games, 14 wins and 1 negative). Otherwise, the National League wild card race, Philadelphia may be a dispute with the giant.

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