Friday, July 9, 2010

Toronto Blue Jays at home against St. Louis Cardinals

Toronto Blue Jays at home against St. Louis Cardinals, two teams starting pitcher completely suppress the other's fighting line, so after eight innings, and the two sides tied 0-0. But nine Jushang Ban, the Cardinals relied on consecutive hits in one attack back valuable points, we end up 1-0, Rick Blue Jays.

Blue Jays sent lefthander Luomai Luo (Ricky Romero) hold the line, a Jushang Ban on times of crisis, two out, the Cardinals captured bases loaded, but fortunately Luo Mailuo 93 miles with the speed ball and the batter duel, smooth strikeouts Los Metz (Colby Rasmus) defuse the crisis.

3 Bureau of the second half, for 2005 National League Cy Young Award winner Carpenter (Chris Carpenter) encountered turbulence, in the case of a second base was a wonderful change in mind-hit ball cheat Linde (Adam Lind) an end to this semi-Board. Carpenter pitched eight innings, only to be pounded three hits, sending seven strikeouts and four walks on balls, ERA down to 2.63.

Into nine Jushang Ban, Winn (Randy Winn) took the lead and win their first base hit, and Lopez (Felipe Lopez) second baseman then penetrated the defense area, Winn around second base, captured the third base. Turn to Halladay (Matt Holiday) play against, in full ball a few cases, a wreck their direction to left field, Winn Cardinals back to the first sub. Halladay last five games, 11 runs batted in total revenue, the stick is very very hot. Last Bluebird unable to fight back, and closing 0:1 swallow defeat, but the Cardinals have won the last five games, the fourth victory.

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