Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cubs finish the season after the candidates began to search for a new coach

Candidates for new head coach of the Chicago Cubs today (20) days announced, the original temporary positions on behalf of head coach Mike Quade righting, 2-year contract signed with the Cubs, plus 2013 club option. The outside world had been optimistic about Ryne Sandberg said that he was very disappointed.

Quade in 2007 became instructor Cubs third base this year, their former head coach Lou Piniella announced the retirement quarters, and after leaving the team ahead of the ball end of the quarter, Quade was appointed interim head coach, took over the lead the Cubs. Although this is the first time, Quade, 53, served as head coach of Major League teams, but his minor league coaching experience, 1991 and 1993 were selected to the league's best head coach in the minor leagues scored more than 1,200 wins.

Cubs finish the season after the candidates began to search for a new coach, the team chairman Tom Ricketts in the 13th announced that he had interviewed four candidates, in addition to Quade, the Cubs 3A also includes head coach Sandberg, the former Cleveland Indian to Anren coach Eric Wadge, and former Arizona Diamondbacks coach Bob Melvin.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sabah West Asia and the Rangers at Yankee Round 2 playoff opener

Xue pull Tucker said in the face of the media praising him when the Yankees successful trading case, the sand fat 2 years after the transfer team record of 40 wins is a brilliant 3.27 ERA in 15 failure and let coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) said: "He's had a tremendous impact on our arrival. not only to enhance aspects of combat power, and he voted to maintain a closed 4 or 5 of the rotating cast a race off, so that bullpen to maintain stability."

However, the Sabah West Asia and the Rangers at Yankee Round 2 playoff opener, but only 4 of the Authority to vote was 6 hits, 4 home runs in four and 1 bad ending mad KO loss of 5 points, defense rate of 11.23, or lost when exit War pitcher candidates. However, Kai Xu, general manager of Man (Brian Cashman), or said: "He is very cheap, and I do not think him (to battle the Rangers) have to waste that, after all, there are always unexpected situations."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unfortunately, as the Atlanta Braves were eliminated in the first round

Unfortunately, as the Atlanta Braves were eliminated in the first round, back in pre-season veteran coach announced his retirement Cox (Bobby Cox), also officially took off his jersey 6 years to 25 years of dedicated warriors farewell. The pellets do not intend to coach high-level position empty for too long, came before the Florida Marlins will give coach Gonzalez (Fredi Gonzalez) in charge of the Warriors easily intimidated, and on Thursday (U.S. time) held a press office Association.

Cox in the old coach retired jersey will be officially slipped, according to two informed sources, the Warriors came the news of appointments have been confirmed, will be from 2003 to 2006 served as the Warriors took over as third base coach Gonzalez, and the pellet is expected on Thursday (U.S. time) held a press conference officially took over the easily intimidated. Expiration of 46-year-old Gonzalez, Cox's team not only had to work under the old coach is also a very deep personal friendship, with the guidance of several ways the Lord will be quite familiar to him, his head coach down a heavy responsibility and not surprised by the outside world.

Gonzalez served as the first time in 2007, Major League head coach, still a Marlins win the most wins in the history of head coach, but in high season this year, suddenly announced its surrender, was done an injustice to the outside world for him, but also because After he was fired, will take over as the Warriors continue to spread the news of head coach.

In this regard, Gonzalez has not been more response, but added thank Cox promoted the past, "his success is modest, we are very respected and loved him, and I am no exception."

Moreover, in addition to previously heard Gonzalez candidate for the Warriors head coach, the coaches of the Pan Duo Dayton (Terry Pendleton) with Bo Ruizi (Eddie Perez) has been listed as candidate, but most of the outside world long ago Gonzalez will be recognized as a new Renyong Shi Zong Jiaotou.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies first 2 games at home and play against the Cincinnati Reds are winning

Philadelphia Phillies first 2 games at home and play against the Cincinnati Reds are winning, today (11) moved to Cincinnati, Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Han Mosi (Cole Hamels) to show man guards the pass momentum, performing in complete shutout 9 Board 9k , and closing the 2 to 0 in the Reds fans packed in front of complete 3-game sweep, a strong National League Championship medal. The Philadelphia Phillies National League Championship Series opponent has not yet released, the current series leader in the San Francisco Giants Atlanta Braves 2 to 1.

Han Mosi continuation of the first battle Halladay (Roy Halladay) a strong pressing force, only 9 of Council was knocked five hits, struck out to lead the team into the final with the National League Championship Series, which is the Phillies first playoff history to complete Wang broom.said: "The goal is clear is that even three years won the National League pennant, and our biggest advantage is that there are three major pre-emptive."

9 Although the first to be under the Han Mosi Phillips (Brandon Phillips) knocked security, but then let Votaw (Joey Votto) hit a double play, and finally struck out Rolen (Scott Rolen), draw the next game period, Phillies players to enjoy a champagne bath room. Han Mosi said: "This years playoff experience is helpful, but also makes us more confidence to fight on." Performed a total of Han Mosi in complete with 119 shutout ball, with 82 strikes.

The former game "suspected" the body was touch the ball Atlee (Chase Utley), today, the fans booed bat wait by the Reds, but he answered with a solo 5 Bureau of guns, lay the team 2 points. The Atlee also 10 home runs, surpassing teammate Worth (Jason Werth), a playoff team history home run king.

Han Mosi is the 2008 World Series MVP, the playoffs this year as the team No. 3 starter, after the game on the Reds 8 career games, is the perfect record of 7 wins 0 defeat, and his 11 career playoff games, record of 6 wins 3 defeat. He said: "often to the playoffs, I was always full of energy, but also more focused."

15 years 1st star of the playoffs the last two games there have been six turnovers, and the regular season ranked No. 2 in National League fielding rate of 9 into 88, some gap.

Friday, October 8, 2010

4 Bureau of hits on the base under the Posey stole second base after the successful

Warriors starting pitcher Derek Lowe pitched 5.1 Board voted 6 strikeouts 4 times out of four bad, gave up 4 hits. 4 Council is Buster Posey knocked under the hits start, though even the cast 2 strikeouts, but walked deliberately play against 10 fight career has been knocked a few of Pablo Sandoval after 4 hits, or was knocked Cody Ross hits, scored a key to Giants 1 minute, the last Giants to rely on this 1 point margin.

4 Bureau of hits on the base under the Posey stole second base after the successful, but the replay showed that he seems to be the screen was contact and become the key to decide the game. However, the number of career was ejected in the history of a warrior head coach Bobby Cox did not play to protest, and Posey after the match, said: "I think instant replay did not use auxiliary judgments seems to be a good thing, it is very beautiful sliding , is not it? "