Friday, June 18, 2010

Wang fourth field in the warm-up match starting on the Indians

Wang fourth field in the warm-up match starting on the Indians, Indians Cy Young Award winner in 2007 as Sabah hi Asia (CC Sabathia), two are 19 wins last year, the pitcher duel Although both have a Board have suffered, but also demonstrates the trump card in the breeze.

Wang first met in two previous turbulence, I was the council's first hit 4 first baseman hand Matingnizi (Victor Martinez) and 5 rods shortstop Bo Luota (Jhonny Peralta) have hit a base hit, While the immediate solution under the two rods, but has lost the first 1 min. Then, 9 bar catcher Xia Bake (Kelly Shoppach) and 1 stick of center fielder Se Simo (Grady Sizemore) also took another hit a base hit, Indians Adds 2 points. Chien-Ming Wang was hit in the Council of 4 hits, lost a total of 3 points. Yankees to 0-3 behind.

The Sabah hi Asia also have suffered under 2, Giambi (Jason Giambi) first obtain the walks, the next rod 6 rod Duncan (Shelley Duncan) play warm-up tournament 3 home runs, to chase a 2 than a few : 3 and only 1 point behind the Indians.

4, the Yankees Cannone (Robinson Cano) first hit a base hit, Pirates of the second base after the base, Beitemite (Wilson Betemit) despite being struck out, but catcher Mo Lina (Jose Molina) played second base play, the Cannone return home plate, tying the two sides than the number of 3:3.

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