Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can not attend the ball feast, the idea of coaching is the biggest obstacle

Dodgers pitcher Kuo Hong-chih-American brilliant performance this season, his prowess spread throughout the National League, has recently emerged that he should not be selected for the voice-Star Game, and the Cincinnati Reds coach Baker (Dusty Baker), talk to your players if able to attend the ball mid-summer night banquet, and the generous elected to fight the headache that left a strong pitcher, thought he qualified to become a member of Star Game.

In fact Baker army to Rhodes for 40 years of age (Arthur Rhodes) endorsement, the "detour" initiative. Baker said, "Arthur is a star player, he is our best cow life, and this is quite rare in recent years." Vote Rhodes is left wallowing in the big leagues for 19 years, a race in 34 games this season , 2 wins and 1 loss record 13 relay points, defense was only 0.29, now 28.2 consecutive scoreless Board.

Can not attend the ball feast, the idea of coaching is the biggest obstacle. Selected by past All-Star Game starting pitcher is not a Terminator, can the players play very little relief pitcher, Baker expressed, "This is his due!" At this point Baker Schmidt unexpectedly Another killing that ultra-left vote, that is, the Dodgers Kuo should be rewarded. Guo season has not been left to fight out hits, and Rhodes there.

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