Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A great opportunity to catch up with the Philadelphia Warriors were three Lien Chan

A great opportunity to catch up with the Philadelphia Warriors were three Lien Chan, the first battle been rookie Black Wood (Jason Heyward) messed up, the key mistake of five, let rivals get ahead of the 2 points, and closing the Phillies beat the Braves 3-1 , margin of victory opened to 4 games.

Phillies home field with over 118 games, the two sides are relying on far-reaching in the second game of doubles scored 1 point, the key match in five sets, the first name of batter Shane Victorino attack the direction of level flight the ball right field, right fielder Black Wood did not take over this record level flight the ball, the ball rolled all the way home run wall, Shane Victorino on to third on the next Bolan Ke ( Placido Polanco) infield grounder to third base runners get ahead points escort.

Phillies fifth campaign is not over, followed by Atlee (Chase Utely) hit hits, the Warriors take the initiative for investment, but put to the Faure He mentioned (Eric O'Flaherty) cast two successive walks Yibanizi (Raul Ibanez) grounder grounder to Phillies again, under a points on the 2 points by the fifth, the Phillies won the most recent 8-game winning streak.

Phillies first black Moss (Cole Hamels) to enter in September after the formidable, all won a race win 4 games to vote today, only lost 1 point 8 Board, was the recent five game winning streak, and this five start only 0.49 of ERA also makes the black Moss's ERA dropped to new low of 2.93 this season, won 12 individual wins.

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