Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giant Away 10 straight overtime win march superbowl

Giants 20 level in the regular season, the game kicked penalties last 4 seconds.

Guess the first overtime to win Packers first offensive pass intercepted by Webster against the Giants win the final on penalties, 23 to 20. Giants 10 game winning streak away miraculously, according to Levin - Manning completed metamorphosis, and finally led the Giants into the Super Bowl.

Match its extremely cold, cold wind under 31 degrees below zero Celsius, is the Packers history, the second lowest temperature of the playoffs, Packers fans could be so hot women bold. And wearing a thick coat of fans around contrast. Is known to history as the first low "Ice Bowl" game, that was Cowboys and Packers game the temperature has reached 44 degrees Celsius below zero.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

From the AFL and NFL merged in 38 games since the All-Star Game

Competition into the Section 4. Peterson two red balls open up the situation, and tackle 5 yards to the AP Department, Garcia pass 6 yards to the TO touchdown, the League of 35 to 30 again, go-ahead.

AP attack, Anderson still in command, just pass the ball 11 times 4 times, forced four attack fail, the ball was the League of Nations to be the right side 27 yards from the attack. The League of Nations to run pass combination of the two Garcia pass to TO advancing 23 yards, and then washed again by Peterson the ball six yards touchdowns. The League of Nations a strong lead of 42 to 30.

Game 2 minutes and 43 seconds left, AP attack is still led by Anderson, he was difficult to advance, several passes are not in the game 28 seconds left, Anderson was the League of Nations anti-pass cut-off. The final victory of the League of Nations.

From the AFL and NFL merged in 38 games since the All-Star Game, Midland labeled 19 level with the League.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cardinals 21, Seahawks 42

Vikings 27,49 people 7

Vikings over 49 people, made four straight, broke into the National League wild card battle, it wishes to obtain a second wild card. However, Vikings play the best in this field is not the red ball Peterson, but the other running back Taylor, 8 red ball 101 yards, Peterson 14 red balls just three yards. That both men take their turns would make formidable teams. The Vikings defense is rendered meritorious service, 2 sack two plays against cut-off four times to force the other side clean sheet.

Cardinals 21, Seahawks 42

Seahawks get rid of the weak start of the season has been getting better, after five consecutive victories over the Cardinals won the National League West title, advance into the postseason. Seahawk defense played very well, 5 sub-sack Cardinals quarterback five times against Warner and his pass interception, in which Chu-vent a person three times anti-cut-off, including one 84 yards against interception touchdowns. Marconi a man three times sack. Quarterback Hasselbeck has four passing touchdowns. Seahawks ground offensive performance in general, Alexander Chong ball 10 times only 38 yards.

Saints 34, Falcons 14

Week night race earlier this season, the Saints beat the Falcons without vitality. Brisbane 3 times passing touchdowns and outside the Patton took over the outstanding performance nine times the ball 122 yards a second. The other things to take over the ball nine times Coston is also 92 yards two touchdowns. This defeat, the Falcons three wins and 10 losses, coach disheartened, announced his resignation the next day and went to the University of Arkansas coach Sri Lanka.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best Defensive Player: Jets defensive end SHAUN ELLIS

Best Defensive Player: Jets defensive end SHAUN ELLIS

Overtime in the Jets 19-16 victory over Pittsburgh Steelers game, SHAUN ELLIS scored five times to intercept, 2.0 times sack, 1 forced to rob the other party lose the ball and a second clean sheet. The fourth quarter, when the Steelers offense to the Jets halftime, SHAUN ELLIS second sack of the field Steelers quarterback BEN ROETHLISBERGER, and the challenge for the ball six yards back attack to stop the Steelers in the attack. This is SHAUN ELLIS first eight career games with two or more times sack race, and he also 52.5 times sack tied MO LEWIS, the team standings fifth sack of history. Jet audience completed a total of seven times sack, which is from October 12, 2003 against Buffalo Bill the highest since the club's single-game sack number.

SHAUN ELLIS from the Tennessee University, this year is his first eight professional seasons, this is his first elected to a second defensive player of week. He is also a self-DEWAYNE ROBERTSON in 2006 the first 10 weeks of the season since his election, the first player so honored jet.

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Steals Master" as a Giants defensive coach

The evening of 14 local time, Buffalo Bill's transition team coach Perry - Fei Weir told the New York Giants invitation to become the team's new defensive coach, this fee Will coach Bill gave up the chance to compete.

This season, the Giants lost the regular season to reach 427 points, the key battle of the last two each have lost 40 points or more mad, defensive ranks third from the bottom, only the Lions and Rams is even worse than they are, so defensive coach Bill - Xie where alone the regular season were fired after the end of the day. Fee Will and giant right coach Tom - Kovrin no stranger, the two had worked five years at Jacksonville, from 2005 to 2009, the fee has been serving as Bill Weir defensive team coach Dick in the mid-season - Qiaolun After the dismissal to serve as interim coach, directing Bill team won 3 wins 4 losses record.

Kovrin said: "I look forward to bringing Perry, defensive quality, and hope that he strict, fair, honest and careful, and I look forward to him strengthening our integrated line of defense, I think Bill Perry served as interim coach during the team has shown a mentor and leader quality. "Giants and Bill teams use the 4-3 defensive formation, the two teams this season, there a lot of injuries, which affected the team's roster, but the Bill Team 5 starter can not play the situation , the defensive quality has not declined, although the Bill No. 30 team performance, but the number of steals (28) NFL rank second, just behind the Packers, including rookie safety Wei Jie Lesi - Bird with nine steals were column NFL first. Fee Weir said: "I am very happy to work for the Giants, there are good defensive player, and is known for guarding against a strong team."

Control of the ball in the attacking force and the serious shortage of cases, the Bill team last four seasons the total defense rankings are drops of 18, 31, 14 and 19, Bill team this season average number of 340.6 yards per game is lost, lost 20.4 points, the Giants lost an average of 324.9 yards per game and 26.7 points a year ago, Bill Team NFL Red Zone defense ranked No. 4, let rivals into the ratio of touchdowns only 41.8%. Kovrin said: "His philosophy is reflected in steals on the defensive. I first met Perry at Jacksonville on for his strong, and communication skills left a deep impression, and he also has a strong ability to learn. "

Friday, March 19, 2010

Five-time All-Star Security Guards Tigers contract

Security Wei Roy - Williams accepted the offer the team a one-year contract to stay in the Cincinnati Bengals.

Williams last season from the Dallas Cowboys and the Bengals as a free agent signing, started the season as the team's starting Qiang Wei. In the season's third game in the forearm of his unfortunate injuries, but never fully recovered, arm injuries so that he has been out of the tournament. He as a substitute until last November 13, to become a free agent after the season.

Tiger teams of medical staff has announced that Williams fully restored in the offseason in training. Cowboys left the Tigers joined the team, he had five-time All-Star team.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Phillips has vowed to bring NFL Super Bowl

Phillips, after the renewal, said: "As long as the team know that I am on the sidelines this year will be enough, regardless of contract is one year or 10 years, as long as the energy and the team are now together, I felt very nice, but feel that we can go further. "In Phillips's first season, the Cowboys regular season 13 wins 3 losses, with the League of Nations as the number one seed entering the playoffs, but lost the first playoff games, the season after the Cowboys Team 9 wins 7 losses in the terrible after the 12-month spell and missed the playoffs this season, the curse of customer service, with 11 wins 5 losses was the National League East champions into the playoffs also has a home court advantage, the first round of readily get rid of their old rival Eagles, but in Minneapolis late 3-34 fiasco. Phillips did not disclose the specific amount of the contract, only that the contract is very weight, and includes a bonus into the Super Bowl, Jones said: "He did not have a sub-multi-child, his low wages? I feel a little bit, the bottom line is we have to do some work better, so we have the power to his needs, and our ultimate goal is the Super Bowl. "

Phillips taught in these three years, only the colt, Patriots and Cowboys lightning than winning screening team, while his salary was less well-known after the contract is only about 3 million U.S. dollars annual salary, Cowboys team has the world's Rugby's most luxurious venue, but the coach pay such a shabby, not in line with Homer's identity. Next year's Super Bowl will be conducted in Dallas, Jones the best hope of course is to make Cowboys became the first team at home to participate in the Super Bowl, his vision, said: "I think we are knocking on the door." Cowboys strong The defense is the key to achieve good results from the All-Star Demarcus - Will and Jay - Ratliff led the defense group of the lowest ERA in the National League, and in the team's first 50-year history to achieve two consecutive Zero-loss points, Jones said Phillips was "the best defensive coach of the year."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green Bay 2-year contract starting safety lock-Wei

Green Bay Packers in the current contract expires a large number of players, including one on February 22 renewed success, he is safe Wei Derek - Martin, also a special unit in the performance of one of the most outstanding player.

Martin's agent, Brad - Sicarra In an interview, "Milwaukee Sentinel," an interview revealed that the two sides had reached an agreement on the amount of the contract, if Martin became a restricted free agent, he does not get such a good contract. Packers currently has seven main players may become a restricted free agent, respectively safe Wei atari - bigby, Nick - Collins, cornerback Will - Blackmon, defensive end Johnny - Jolly, Full-Wei John - Kuhn, Defensive Tackle Darren - college and Jason - Spitz, if prior to March 4 for Green Bay, do not give some (Tender), then these people will become a restricted free player.

Martin was only in September last year, Green Bay from Baltimore to trade, there were only 1,170,006 have been thousands of dollars in low-paid, Sicarra told the media, said: "We hope to get some protection before training camp, let us identify him a home . "According to sources, Green Bay is still want to give Collins a long.

Monday, March 8, 2010

NFL Defensive Player of the most expensive to buy in Chicago

Uneasy throughout the week, when Julius - Pei Bosi was found to be the Chicago Bears for how serious he is, he could finally home in Charlotte, sleep well the. Transfer period has just started a free agent, his agent called to tell him on the Bears coach Lowe - Smith, in the city, and soon, Pei Bosi luxury airport terminal, and he met. Now, he has been tried on the uniforms of the Bears.
Pei Bosi join the Bears, the big moves that only missed the playoffs the past three consecutive seasons the team has really begun to focus on the playoff places in competition. Week 5, this five-time All-Star defensive end and top free agent with the Bears signed a six-year deal worth may reach 91.5 million contract. Agent, Carl - Carey, said a record 42 million U.S. dollars is guaranteed, and Pei Bosi first year will be 20 million U.S. dollars, the next three years is 40.5 million U.S. dollars. The contract includes sack bonuses, named All-Star and defensive player of the Year prize. "In the Union, and playing live is one thing, but come to a team like the Bears have a long history of this team is completely different from something else," said Pei Bosi.
In addition to Pei Bosi, Bears to a four-year contract is also from the NFC North champion Minnesota attracted a running back Chester - Taylor, a five-year contract signed with San Diego's side front of the Brandon-Manumaleuna . According to a person familiar with the talks said Taylor, a contract valued 12.5 million U.S. dollars, of which 7 million is guaranteed. He is anonymous told The Associated Press because the deal has not yet been declared.

By signing a union's top players and a running catch and have the ability to challenge the incumbent teams are selected running back Matt - Ford's players after his team to demonstrate the team after missing the playoffs the past three years What a desire to compete in the NFC playoffs places. In a record 7 wins and 9 losses over the past one season, Bears coach group occurred in shock, Mike - Mats and Rod - Marinelli to become the new offensive team coach and defensive coach, but this is just is a start. "I think you must have in order to the team as they are now such a change," Smith said. "I think everyone would say that the introduction of good players make the team have a better future." Friday's signing does not guarantee that the team can overcome adversity, such as Bears fans know it, the team last season transactions to the Denver quarterback kit - Cutler, even so, the team did not solve any major problems, especially in the defensive line.

6-foot-7-inch Pei Bosi has brought incredible athletic ability, but problems with consistency in his eight seasons Carolina has 81 sack, of which there are 10.5 times last season. In Chicago, he will Reims - Briggs, Brian - Urlacher, and Tommy - Harris, playing around, he needs to give only defense in the league in 17, tied for the league sack 13 (35 times) team to provide sufficient power.

Pei Bosi In the past few years have been seeking to leave the Carolina Panthers when the team decided not to label the second consecutive year will be restricted exclusively to the history of their team sack record holder when he basically aground. This also saves the Panthers of at least 20.1 million U.S. dollars. This decision ended the Panthers Pei Bosi and rock-solid two years of negotiations, Pei Bosi Carolina in 2002 was the second overall pick. Pei Bosi in a radio interview last month, acknowledged that after the 2007 season, he refused to accept a contract, this contract will make him the highest-paid defensive players in the League. A year later, his Panthers as a free agent to leave their public ignored the request and gave him the exclusive branded player label, provided a one-year contract worth 16.7 million. Pei Bosi finally relaxed his position and the start and the team long-term negotiations, they do not Tanlong. His 2009 season has been 18.2 million U.S. dollars, including 150 million dollars in prize money to participate in All-Star Game.

Taylor in the Minnesota All-Star Adrian - Peterson's replacement, he has a total of 389 yards of the ball 42 times and 94 times with the ball a total of 338 yards. In 2006 he was washed in 14 games in the ball 1214 yards, Peterson weakened his arrival in the team role.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cassano back injury did not expect South Africa

Sampdoria striker Antonio Cassano, 27-year-old wounds break a month later, to resume training before the injury has healed, is expected to return to the track this week.

Antonio Cassano of Sampdoria this season and Paccini in under the leadership of Serie A results Wenju the forefront of the impact of next season's European league promising. However, in January 22, Antonio Cassano and the fiery coach Del Neri took place at the training ground altercation, in the next two league Del Neri was blocked, during which Antonio Cassano will have to move once heard the news of Florence . But in the end mentoring to resolve the two scores and shake hands. Cassano also able to remain in the Sampo, but then Cassano ankle injury, missed so far.

If you return to the track this week, but also after a lapse of six, after Antonio Cassano return to the game. In the league before this season, Cassano to Sampdoria played 1793 minutes, into the three goals, assists eight times, only two have been replaced in advance, the rest were playing on consecutive nights, we can see the ball Cassano the importance of the team.

Although this season in the league for their outstanding performance, but Zaccheroni, Del Neri, Mancini, Sacchi, and a group of Italian football exploits coach Marcello Lippi will want to Cassano move into the national team, but Italy coach Marcello Lippi has The character of the boy refused to recruit into the team. Italian national team this week, three warm-up tournament in the 0 to 0 draw with Cameroon, the front powerless Lippi is again placed in front of. Lippi, once again, the face of the Italian attitude: Italian team will not be much change, Cassano and Balotelli will not catch the last bus to South Africa. This Lippi also made some remarks Cassano expedition official 2010 World Cup hopes dashed.

Today's Cassano has matured a lot compared to before, for the national team has been able to see very open, Antonio Cassano is also the sum of speech is not radical in Lippi, but said it would continue to play well for the Sampo every game. In this summer he will usher in another important moment in life, and the 18-year-old girlfriend, a grand wedding in Portofino.
Can not win the honor to serve the motherland of course regrettable, but the married life partner equally envy.