Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zambrano start in this competition is king

Chicago Cubs today (the 26th) in the Windy City World War II, 6 to 0 loss to South City of Chicago White Sox, then announced a starting pitcher Carlos Zambrano will be suspended indefinitely because he was in a Board with teammate Derrek Lee after the outbreak of conflict .

Zambrano start in this competition is king, but a Bureau under the White Sox batters were hit four hits, including Juan Pierre and Alex Rios of the base hit, and Carlos Quentin's three sub-guns, were scored 4 in the Council points.

Zambrano angrily growled back rest area, but Lee also he shouted, and then Zambrano walked toward Lee, head coach Lou Piniella, pitching coach Larry Rothschild and bench coach Alan Trammell quickly stepped forward to file in their midst, catcher Geovany Soto Zambrano will seize him from behind pulled. After being substituted into the locker room when, Zambrano again Piniella did not know what has been said.

Announced the ban in the news, the Cubs general manager Jim Hendry said Zambrano's behavior "unacceptable," and this name seems to have lost patience irritable pitcher. Asked if Zambrano pitches this year when it will play, Hendry said he "certainly does not rule out this possibility," and that "rules of the game usually does not allow very long-term suspension," he said this ban would also accept the decision of the Alliance government and the players The union's survey.

Monday, June 28, 2010

End of the series with the Diamondbacks

End of the series with the Diamondbacks, the Yankees will continue to expedition, the challenges to the Los Angeles Dodgers, which would leave the Yankees after Joe Torre, for the first time with former club grips. MLB jersey

2007 in the American League Division Series with a win 3 loss to defeat Indians, Yankees consecutive 3 years in Division Series on the stop, so Zhezhi Noble team decided to change, not with Torre to two sides relationship, the old coach also did not worry about jobs, west Dodgers coaching, personal coaching career to open a new page.

Torre led the Yankees 12 seasons, won over period of four World Series titles from 1998 to 2000 including the completion of the 3rd Consecutive another also Shuaidui 9 consecutive quarter in the AL East hegemony exploits quite brilliant, so this time with club duel, especially by the attention naturally.

Looking back over the past years of struggle in New York with so many people are feeling the Yankees, especially in front of the "four core", Jorge Posada says: "He (Torre) told me is like a father is to me as their children, I will always thank him. "

Friday, June 25, 2010

San Francisco Giants veteran shortstop Wazikuier (Omar Vizquel) spring training in Arizona to a left knee injury

San Francisco Giants veteran shortstop Wazikuier (Omar Vizquel) spring training in Arizona to a left knee injury, has now returned to San Francisco ready for surgery, is expected to return to the team after 4-6 weeks, Giants Team hopes Wazikuier Season began in the first week of play, but everything to see his injury recovery situation.

Wazikuier absent this time, the shortstop position will be Falan Sen (Kevin Frandsen) to replace not only the team which also disrupted the original to Falan Sen and Duran (Ray Durham) compete for the starting second baseman in the program to the current Giants team point of view, defense this season is their main strength, 11-time Gold Glove Wazikuier is the heart and soul of this defense, Falan Sen said: "We hope Wazikuier quickly rejoin, because we know his team and the importance of the pellet, and the man have his way by playing our respect. "

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seattle Mariners spring training warm-up match here today to 6 to 5 victory over the AL West rival Los Angeles Angels

Seattle Mariners spring training warm-up match here today to 6 to 5 victory over the AL West rival Los Angeles Angels, though not a formal game, but coach Steve McClaren (John McLaren), or to conceal their excitement: "It's like a Angels game on the regular sailors, to beat them feel good, we beat the Angels to find the feeling, we shook hands after the game, I sleep very well tonight. "

Angels in the AL West title last year, qualified for the playoffs, by the end of August in the face of the main rival team wins three sailors, the total collapse of the Mariners into the playoffs hopes.

McLaren also said: "This is a game with a quarter of the taste of warm-up, because someone has sent an army combat play."

Monday, June 21, 2010

American reporters asked critical time in spring training to China, the wisdom, will affect the team's preparations. The second question is why to China to participate in the competition.

Qiaotuo Er said: "The entire Major League season to shoot 160 games, had very long, the game is very much time, there is a long flight and jet lag issues. In the season we need to know the players, also do a lot of analysis, it is spring track, to have such an opportunity with the opponent, MLB jerseys under such a player selecting a coach is a good thing. my job is to do spring training, learn as much as possible his teammate, his own team, preparing for the next season. "

The team came to China, Toll said: "We came to China with a lot of athletes, China needs to focus on study in the case of several players, in general, selecting players is a difficult process, I do the ability of the players is clearly more than all of our locations to more competition, which need serious option. The second question is why come to China to play the China game, because we have a long history with China, we are in the 80's put baseball into China, but also been to Japan, China, Taiwan, our strategy is to hope that they will join this campaign such a big family, since the Chinese people more curious about baseball, we would very much hope our baseball to China to bring a high level of professional baseball, dedicated to the Chinese people hope that baseball truly become a global team, I even hope to bring the team to India and some other never have not been to the country to. "

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wang fourth field in the warm-up match starting on the Indians

Wang fourth field in the warm-up match starting on the Indians, Indians Cy Young Award winner in 2007 as Sabah hi Asia (CC Sabathia), two are 19 wins last year, the pitcher duel Although both have a Board have suffered, but also demonstrates the trump card in the breeze.

Wang first met in two previous turbulence, I was the council's first hit 4 first baseman hand Matingnizi (Victor Martinez) and 5 rods shortstop Bo Luota (Jhonny Peralta) have hit a base hit, While the immediate solution under the two rods, but has lost the first 1 min. Then, 9 bar catcher Xia Bake (Kelly Shoppach) and 1 stick of center fielder Se Simo (Grady Sizemore) also took another hit a base hit, Indians Adds 2 points. Chien-Ming Wang was hit in the Council of 4 hits, lost a total of 3 points. Yankees to 0-3 behind.

The Sabah hi Asia also have suffered under 2, Giambi (Jason Giambi) first obtain the walks, the next rod 6 rod Duncan (Shelley Duncan) play warm-up tournament 3 home runs, to chase a 2 than a few : 3 and only 1 point behind the Indians.

4, the Yankees Cannone (Robinson Cano) first hit a base hit, Pirates of the second base after the base, Beitemite (Wilson Betemit) despite being struck out, but catcher Mo Lina (Jose Molina) played second base play, the Cannone return home plate, tying the two sides than the number of 3:3.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boston Red Sox ace Beckett (Josh Beckett) this morning in a minor league stadiums were long-distance pass the ball

Boston Red Sox ace Beckett (Josh Beckett) this morning in a minor league stadiums were long-distance pass the ball, and then in the bullpen for 45 balls, the situation looks pretty good recovery, the Red Sox acquired him in the expected board board game in the minor leagues pitching, the opponent is not a major league team cheap MLB jerseys .

The 20 wins last year, 7 defeat of the pitcher, in the March 8, when because of lower back discomfort, the temporary cancellation of the first hair, which has been in the infirmary, and he was to have the opening match in Tokyo, Japan as a starting pitcher, and now can only help his teammates on television across the fuel.

As for the Red Sox this year and in February it signed a minor league contract in the Cy Young Award winner Bartolo Colon (Bartolo Colon), in the warm-up match in performance is not satisfactory, is expected tomorrow in the minor leagues in the game and then observe the situation.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Both sides in the March 26 rematch with the way the second

6, the Red Sox to Schneider (Kyle Snyder) Daisuke Matsuzaka replaced, but was Hannah Han shot 2 RBI home run, Athletics and then the Red Sox leading, 4-3, 1 min.

9, the Moss play spring home run, to race into the playoff.

10, the Luomanruizi two runners on in the base case, shot clear Lei Bao's base hit, leading the Red Sox Youyi 6:4.

10, the Athletics hit three hits Unfortunately, only a 1 point, fail, an end, the Red Sox to 6-5 win the 2008 Major League start of the first game.

Red Sox winning pitcher was the first 9 of the Japanese Bureau of playing relief pitcher Hideki Okajima (1 win), 10 Bureau of playing the Papelbon (Jonathan Papelbon) was a relief.

Athletics 9, on board the board rescue Shicui Te (Huston Street), rescue big flop, lost 3 ERA, Kutun first defeat this season.

Both sides in the March 26 rematch with the way the second.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New York Yankees today at Dolphin Stadium Florida Marlins challenges

New York Yankees today at Dolphin Stadium Florida Marlins challenges, relying on starting pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes) excellent performance, and closing come from behind win by 4:2, which is the Yankees spring training this year, final heat race, then down on waiting to see Taipei time on April 1 of the new season opening of the war, Wang will start at Yankee Stadium against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Yankees starting pitcher match Hughes pitched five Board, only the first two each lost 1 point, but only one half is the ERA Board, Marlins star shortstop Luomanruizi (Hanley Ramirez) hit Pirates on the doubles after a hit, two-out after Gonzalez (Luis Gonzalez) knocked a base hit back Luomanruizi capture to subsection 1.

The two Board because shortstop Jeter half (Derek Jeter) mistakes only 2 points out, Hughes cast a total of 5 Board, with the 69 ball 44 which is the strike, only gave up three hits and lost 1 point ERA, strikeouts four walks in 1, showing very well.

The Yankees are out in force main relief pitching, the patron saint of Rivera (Mariano Rivera), side Siwo Si (Kyle Farnsworth) and Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) no relief was playing knockout hits, Chamberlain also scored wins vote , Wang seems to have in the opening match of the backup ready.

Taipei time next Tuesday morning, Chien-Ming Wang on the Blue Jays in the opening of the war will wear ace Sahara (Roy Holladay), this game is 106 times the Yankees in the history of the opening match, also the old Yankee Stadium's final 1.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Royals blow out 11 hits

Royals blow out 11 hits, third baseman Gordon (Alex Gordon) 5 bats two hits including a home run, two RBI, left fielder Tien (Mark Teahen) 4 bats two hits, including a home runs, one RBI, right fielder Gene (Jose Guillen) 4 hit number one hits and one RBI. Tigers hit eight hits, third baseman Eikichi (Brandon Inge) 3 hit number two hits including a home run, 1 RBI.

Royals wrapped up by 4 to 1 win over the Tigers swept a three with the old fire on a third straight victory.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pittsburgh Pirates team finally returned home for the opening match

Pittsburgh Pirates team finally returned home for the opening match, facing the Chicago Cubs started the first war of three series.

Second inning, Cubs catcher Sordo (Geovany Soto) second base hit with runners on the case of a base hit 1 RBI. mlb jerseys

Third inning, Cubs 6 points out of the overall attack, one out of four after the second pitcher by the bad pirate walks, with third baseman Luomanruizi (Aramis Ramirez) and the Japanese right fielder Kosuke Fuk stream of hits and then let's use under 2 points, second baseman DeRosa (Mark DeRosa) followed by the formation of four bad Cubs walked the bases loaded, hit a rope over a base hit RBI after the Cubs continue to maintain bases loaded, the next pirate fleet replacement pitcher , shortstop Shadi Niu (Ronny Cedeno) hit the clear light Lei Bao three RBI doubles, the Cubs ahead 7 to 0 Pirates team.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rays starting pitcher Jackson (Edwin Jackson) pitched eight innings only to be beaten two hits and scoreless

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Seattle Mariners, MLB jerseys the third war in three series, winning the first two are the Mariners.

Rays starting pitcher Jackson (Edwin Jackson) pitched eight innings only to be beaten two hits and scoreless, striking out six batters, threw a bad 4 4 walks, pitcher to win, record 2 wins 0 lose, blame fraction 0.64. Mariners pitcher Batista (Miguel Batista) pitched six innings to fight eight hits and lost by 4 points, to swallow defeat cast, record 0 wins and 2 losses, 6.00 earned run average.