Monday, June 21, 2010

American reporters asked critical time in spring training to China, the wisdom, will affect the team's preparations. The second question is why to China to participate in the competition.

Qiaotuo Er said: "The entire Major League season to shoot 160 games, had very long, the game is very much time, there is a long flight and jet lag issues. In the season we need to know the players, also do a lot of analysis, it is spring track, to have such an opportunity with the opponent, MLB jerseys under such a player selecting a coach is a good thing. my job is to do spring training, learn as much as possible his teammate, his own team, preparing for the next season. "

The team came to China, Toll said: "We came to China with a lot of athletes, China needs to focus on study in the case of several players, in general, selecting players is a difficult process, I do the ability of the players is clearly more than all of our locations to more competition, which need serious option. The second question is why come to China to play the China game, because we have a long history with China, we are in the 80's put baseball into China, but also been to Japan, China, Taiwan, our strategy is to hope that they will join this campaign such a big family, since the Chinese people more curious about baseball, we would very much hope our baseball to China to bring a high level of professional baseball, dedicated to the Chinese people hope that baseball truly become a global team, I even hope to bring the team to India and some other never have not been to the country to. "

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