Friday, July 30, 2010

American League Championship Series tomorrow truce

Indians "Best Actor" Pelota single field contribution to the 2 hits, 3 RBI, the playoffs so far, as high as 4 percent against 06, veteran Border (Paul Byrd) continuation of the stability of the Yankees first round of performances, starting five Board only lost two points, grabbed 2 playoff wins, Weikefeide pitched 4.2 out 5 minutes to swallow defeat Bureau.

Indians won the world title once before in 1948, has been 59 years without Pengguo Gold Cup, "Sadness" level in the major leagues after the Cubs, the former first to enter the World Series in 1997, after the fierce battle seven lost Strong cast Hernandez (Livan Hernandez), Brown (Kevin Brown) led the Marlins, Indians win the next as long as shouting, you can return to the World Series.

American League Championship Series tomorrow truce, Taipei time on the 19th to the fifth war, two are ace fight, the Indians Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) again Maoshang Becket Red Sox (Josh Beckett), staged a "top vs. "Episode II, Indians will certainly champion the full opportunity for home.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nissen from the Indians with a wave of violent attack

ALCS Game 2, pinch Nissen (Trot Nixon) victory for the Indians knocking on the door! Taipei time on the 14th to 11th with the Red Sox Chanzhan Board that he command the direction towards the center with an RBI in the first base hits, not only for Indians ahead, but also with 7 points out of the offensive, and closing Indian people are just out on the town with 13:6.

"We have demonstrated resilience," Nissen said after the game: "take heart from the 11th game, especially in the 1:30 time, really a bit weird, but you will not often encounter this situation."

Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) continue to write his playoff record of 23 home runs, while Lovell (Mike Lowell) also make up a hair to get the Red Sox 6-5 in the first 5 Council leader, and the opportunity to master a 2 game winning streak in the enter to the extension of the No. 10 Bureau, the Red Sox beat the center line of Ortiz (David Ortiz), Manny Ramirez, Lowell and other heavy artillery hand, were Indians pitcher Ma Siti Ni (Tom Mastny) to block off.

11 Jushang Ban, pinch of Nissen playing against, the one, second base was, this former professional baseball career, spent 13 years in the Red Sox veteran, 1st fight I face Luopi Zi (Javier Lopez) in the pitching , hit the center-right of the first base hit, to help get back to second base ahead of teammate running points.

"He (Luopi Zi) is difficult to fight those who left to vote, so I can only play short rod," Nissen said after the game: "I know they have two left by center fielder, I am glad that I catch to the opportunity. "

Nissen from the Indians with a wave of violent attack, poured them into a single Bureau of 7 points, write down the history of playoff playoff scoring record for the most single-bureau also put out the Red Sox hope to recover points. Red Sox coach Falankena (Terry Francona) after the game had to admit, "This is a valuable one I've seen games against war."

This game had a total of 5 hours 14 minutes, played the next day 1:30. Indian audience hit 17 hits, 11 RBI. Red Sox 10 hits, mostly in 3,5 Bureau, since there is no campaign to speak of.

American League Championship Series 3 games to return home for the Indians, Red Sox sent a song [soil reaction] Tai westerblokker against Indians (Jake Westbrook).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians in the first round of competition today in the Yankees home for the fourth war

Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians in the first round of competition today in the Yankees home for the fourth war, "Taiwan" was Wang undertook a mission start, only loss of the primary vote in a Council on quarter of the bear defeat, though the Yankees hit the audience there, including three rounds of 12 spring rounds, but still lack the key blow, and closing the Yankees lost on a four to six, with two out in the first round.

The game is the Yankees and the Indians playoffs first round of the fourth race, the only rest day starting Wang in command against the enemy. However, he out of position in the first Bureau, the first to be hit first spring seats Sesimoer hit home runs, two outs, it was Pei Lota hit a RBI hits, leading the Indians to obtain the second zero.

Aberdeen has established the second inning out of state after another was, Blake hit a hit, but also touch on the off-body cast Peck send the ball to form a bases loaded no one out, this time for Yankees manager Joe Torre act decisively Aberdeen, under construction, replaced by Mike Mussina replaced.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bear continued to display their fighting line is not open

Major League Baseball MLB Team Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies, and today continue to demonstrate strong ambition to win, were swept in the first round the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies, Dawn of the National League Championship Series.

Diamondbacks pitcher Hernandez sharp as ever the wind the ball, turning around from the fifth out of five to one to help the team to beat the Cubs three in a row move into the League of Nations finals.

Hernandez pitched six innings only lost one point, teammate Yang En the first game we hit the first home run ball, plus the contribution of a Bo Enzi and Drew solo shot, lay the country for the Diamondbacks.

Bear continued to display their fighting line is not open, since the last won the World Series champion is a hundred years ago.

On the other hand, Arizona's National League Championship Series rivals Los Angeles, relying on Baker's key hits today, and starting pitcher Jimenez Qiju was only knocked a hit of high-quality performance, in front of his home crowd to two to one capture V Phillies complete sweep feat.

Rocky's winning streak continued momentum end of season tournament, won the 17th victory last 18 games, 15 years for the first time reached the National League Championship Series, the 11th will go to Arizona with the Diamondbacks, under a high.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This 2007 major league playoffs opener

Regular season success is one thing to the playoffs is a new beginning! Francis (Jeff Francis) 4, Taipei time, led the Colorado Rockies in a 4-2 away victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, grabbed the National League Division 1 playoff victory.

This 2007 major league playoffs opener, which attracted more than 40,005 thousand fans who attended the Philadelphia-based refueling team, but the Phillies as severe as expected audience offensive, but the road is Rocky head start.

2 Bureau launched an offensive on the Rocky, the first beaten with clubs by Hilton (Todd Helton) hit triples, then play the fairly quickly (Garrett Atkins) make up the base hit scored the first 1 minute, followed by Philadelphia and then rely on Holmes, who starting pitcher (Cole Hamels) of 3 walks and a hit scored 2 points. Holmes Today only hit in the three hits, all in the last half, with 3 walks, thus sowing Active Role.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The last one remaining regular season games

The last one remaining regular season games. Metropolitan sent 300 wins Glavine (Tom Glavine) to start against the Marlins, the Phillies sent Myers (Brett Myers) face of a national effort to strike a victory.

Outside the card battle, the city of Philadelphia as well as the Rocky Mountains, have a field behind the Padres. If the results keep pace with the last 4 teams, city and Philadelphia will increase competition a field, never to go abroad the NL East champion, defeated that team again and priests, Rocky Hill playoff to decide the winner wild card ownership.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Yankees regular season games remaining 4 tomorrow

4 Bureau of the second half, although the first strikeout Wang Norton, but then walked straight Gomez, Navarro two hitters, but replaced by a continuous build for Wilson, Aberdeen, both Iwamura hit a fly ball in center field was then kill, pretty lose points to resolve the crisis.

Yankees in five sets on fire fully open, Kitt first contribution to an RBI sacrifice fly, then the bases loaded when Jorge Posada hit the two-RBI hits, and then hit the right field three-run homer Kano, despite the Devil Rays quickly for investment, but Mickiewicz still make up a RBI base hit, the Yankees played 11 times this Council, coming down 7 points with a ratio of a sudden become a 9 to 1.

Wang struck out the next of five Weilandiya, but was Peina spring home run hit, the audience lost 2 points, then build another strikeout, Aberdeen, Upton, Yonge and Norton playing out across the hits, but built with Aberdeen strikeout Gomez, was witness to get pitcher eligibility.

Is on the sixth inning the Yankees fired six consecutive hits and scored 3 points single bureau, the two sides opened the score becoming greater and greater; with fire support team-mate, Wang let Navarro under the sixth inning played third base foul ball then killed, Next to Wilson, pinch Guzman (Joel Guzman) are infield ground ball out, the audience played the first three on three under.

Although only a thin pitching 0.2 Bureau, Wang can be reached single-season pitching 200 Board, but to advance to prepare for the playoffs, the Yankees choose to Qi Ju Tsai for the construction end, reassignment Chamberlain to succeed, he pitched at a Board scoreless exit; 维兹凯伊诺 eight innings, but under the appearance, he was Gomez hit the two sub-shells. In order to keep the victory, the Yankees introduced at the patron saint of Rui Fola in nine innings, the result he accomplished with three bowling with three tasks.

Wang quarter final content of fairly decent start, pitched six hit in the Council lost two points 7 hits, 6 strikeouts, 3 walks, sharing the ball 94, 54 for strikes, and balls out of 7 , fly ball out 5, the construction season left Aberdeen in 2007 the personal record of 19 wins 7 defeat, ERA 3.70.

The Yankees regular season games remaining 4 tomorrow, and the Devil Rays series of war last war will start from the Hughes, then with the Baltimore Orioles Away 3 Lien Chan were sent Mussina, Pettitte and Igawa in command the main cast, "rocket man" Clemens is not re-established in the regular season appearance.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Metropolitan champion magic number still remain in the "M5"

Metropolitan champion magic number still remain in the "M5", the national team is to keep city desirable, in the recent Battle in 4 games won 3 games today (25) race, the national team by 5 Council by Carens (Austin Kearns) of 3 than the number of guns opened, and closing on to win 13 ︰ 4.

City sent 23-year-old Pi Fei Li (Mike Pelfrey) start against the national team, voted less than 6 Board, the lost 6 points, and another 5 walks (a career best number), the first 4 Board the first 2 minutes away mate errors are caused city has only one ︰ 2 behind, but the Bureau of 2 out of 5, 2 in the base (walks), Pifei legislation that can not be solved Carens, but let him hit the middle of the direction of home run, and therefore stand and had to exit Pifei.

"I let the team into a color machine, I did not win for us." Pifei established by the Metropolitan in 2005, the first one elected to 9th overall pitcher, in his most recent start all three games to win, ERA 3.31.

Metropolitan 41-year-old veteran A Way (Moises Alou) consecutive hits to advance to 28 games (6 inning hit a base hit), but A Way 4 Bureau fatal errors also occurred in left field, making the national team of Karen Williams ran back to get ahead, therefore points.

Puerto Rican slugger Dier Jia and more (Carlos Delgado) and win their first 30 doubles this season, which is 3 consecutive season he knocked 30 doubles at least, been a dramatic single-season record of 57.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

However soon but big reversed previously once Chuan travel cavalry want to 2008 Draft Cap 1 11 Shun bit

Yesterday (9) once outgoing York Yankees forthcoming from Seattle sailor transactions to Cliff Lee news but then plot nosedive, Texas Rangers proposed transaction resurgence ultimately Rangers to Justin Smoak etc. four young players to sailor traded to Lee and reliever Mark Lowe.

Lee will be transaction longer secret only question is he will settled where. Yesterday U.S. major media successively outgoing Yankees will use rookie catcher Jesus Montero, second baseman David Adams and pitcher Zach McAllister et exchange to Lee, even media reports sailor has informed other teams they no opportunity traded to Lee, Yankees may even today race on launch Lee against sailor.

However soon but big reversed previously once Chuan travel cavalry want to 2008 Draft Cap 1 11 Shun bit Smoak mainly transactions revived, final application bankruptcy franchise state unknown Rangers, still Smoak, plus 2007 Draft 1 round starting Right pitcher Blake Beavan, backup Right pitcher Josh Lueke and second baseman Matt Lawson others to sailor exchange for Lee and Lowe.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Toronto Blue Jays at home against St. Louis Cardinals

Toronto Blue Jays at home against St. Louis Cardinals, two teams starting pitcher completely suppress the other's fighting line, so after eight innings, and the two sides tied 0-0. But nine Jushang Ban, the Cardinals relied on consecutive hits in one attack back valuable points, we end up 1-0, Rick Blue Jays.

Blue Jays sent lefthander Luomai Luo (Ricky Romero) hold the line, a Jushang Ban on times of crisis, two out, the Cardinals captured bases loaded, but fortunately Luo Mailuo 93 miles with the speed ball and the batter duel, smooth strikeouts Los Metz (Colby Rasmus) defuse the crisis.

3 Bureau of the second half, for 2005 National League Cy Young Award winner Carpenter (Chris Carpenter) encountered turbulence, in the case of a second base was a wonderful change in mind-hit ball cheat Linde (Adam Lind) an end to this semi-Board. Carpenter pitched eight innings, only to be pounded three hits, sending seven strikeouts and four walks on balls, ERA down to 2.63.

Into nine Jushang Ban, Winn (Randy Winn) took the lead and win their first base hit, and Lopez (Felipe Lopez) second baseman then penetrated the defense area, Winn around second base, captured the third base. Turn to Halladay (Matt Holiday) play against, in full ball a few cases, a wreck their direction to left field, Winn Cardinals back to the first sub. Halladay last five games, 11 runs batted in total revenue, the stick is very very hot. Last Bluebird unable to fight back, and closing 0:1 swallow defeat, but the Cardinals have won the last five games, the fourth victory.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can not attend the ball feast, the idea of coaching is the biggest obstacle

Dodgers pitcher Kuo Hong-chih-American brilliant performance this season, his prowess spread throughout the National League, has recently emerged that he should not be selected for the voice-Star Game, and the Cincinnati Reds coach Baker (Dusty Baker), talk to your players if able to attend the ball mid-summer night banquet, and the generous elected to fight the headache that left a strong pitcher, thought he qualified to become a member of Star Game.

In fact Baker army to Rhodes for 40 years of age (Arthur Rhodes) endorsement, the "detour" initiative. Baker said, "Arthur is a star player, he is our best cow life, and this is quite rare in recent years." Vote Rhodes is left wallowing in the big leagues for 19 years, a race in 34 games this season , 2 wins and 1 loss record 13 relay points, defense was only 0.29, now 28.2 consecutive scoreless Board.

Can not attend the ball feast, the idea of coaching is the biggest obstacle. Selected by past All-Star Game starting pitcher is not a Terminator, can the players play very little relief pitcher, Baker expressed, "This is his due!" At this point Baker Schmidt unexpectedly Another killing that ultra-left vote, that is, the Dodgers Kuo should be rewarded. Guo season has not been left to fight out hits, and Rhodes there.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cincinnati Reds fan lefthander Arthur Rhodes in 33 consecutive games without losing a record of a race

Cincinnati Reds fan lefthander Arthur Rhodes in 33 consecutive games without losing a record of a race, was Philadelphia Phillies 10 Bureau of the counterattack break, Raul Ibanez's two-base hit, to add two people wounded in the Philadelphia extension of a Board After 9 to 6 victory.

Although the Reds a Bureau under the pioneer on the first relying on the third baseman Brandon Phillips hit the next town before, but after the helicopter Major League draft Reds starting pitcher Mike Leake can not stop the shelling of Philadelphia, 2 Bureau of the Brian Schneider was blasted 3 guns, 4 Council on Wilson Valdez has been under the H-3.

6 Board, the Reds out of a Ramon Hernandez 2, second base was when people from the Philadelphia pitcher Joe Blanton in the hands first knocked two RBI doubles, but Blanton was lost in 3 minutes after 7.2 Board, with victory pitcher as a candidate exit.

But the Phillies Brad Lidge has the status of Terminator, his first address two consecutive batters, but walked in the cast has been hit after hit, so Joey Votto blasted a 3-rod shot tied, Lidge swallow season 2 second rescue failed.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cubs Cole article with Suoruiyanuo fire

Cubs Cole article with Suoruiyanuo fire, before the sixth inning to lead the White Sox six to two; has also hit eight innings to lead eight to three, but they recovered one-third of the White Sox nine innings, almost to a half century 11-game winning streak the longest in team history record, the White Sox swept the Cubs from being the fate of.

7.1 Bureau of light pitcher Davis hit just four hits was a rattlesnake, but of five two-run homer Para Diamondbacks win enough, because the audience light only two hits, Pan Niya sixth inning base hit get only one point. Externally there is light in addition to internal troubles, accused the center fielder, third baseman Longgeruiya Opp Cotton no serious defense, confrontation between the two in the lounge, of course, lose game, radiance of the Diamondbacks hit three Lien Chan, a total of only seven hits.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bureau of the second half of Dodge offensive down

4 Bureau of the second half of Dodge offensive down, not only to advance Burnett beat out the way, relying on Loney and Blake consecutive hits, the leading edge to pull the big 3 points behind the Yankees for the recovery time may come. 6 Jushang Ban Yankees 2 at base, turn to Jeter against, Torre put his most trusted Kuo play backup, Kuo face birthday Jeter, with a strikeout gave Jeter a birthday present; pinch of Posada even for into the right-hand combat or formation flying ball was then killed, the Yankees left on base could not score.

7 Jushang Ban Kuo to check, Teixeira wants to play ball Kuo wall doors are not children; the face of terrible A-Rod not only let him Lian Hui Kuo 2 empty bar, and eventually with a exterior angle speed of the ball, the A-Rod struck out. Home run king by Kuo resolve against the king has nothing to fear, Cano Assault ball before the pitcher, Kuo show excellent fielding ability, the Yankees play three on three under strength.

Kuo pitched 1.2 Bureau, is not got hits, threw two strikeouts do not lose points, defense rate dropped to 1.16, the total suppression of the Yankees counter-offensive, the Dodgers end up with 9 to 4 victory over the Yankees, Hiroki Kuroda won the individual 7 wins, Kuo brilliant performance won the season 12th hop, the Yankees lose, the leading light of the second margin of victory with the Red Sox two games.