Saturday, September 25, 2010

Once again demonstrated the value of veteran Miguel Tejada

Once again demonstrated the value of veteran Miguel Tejada, bases loaded situation in the knockout first base hits, scored 2 points reversal of the war situation, to help priests to 4 to 3 Liaodao Reds, hit the ground running in three Lien Chan.

Council still finish the first 6 to 2 to 3 behind the priest, played big in the next 7 Board counterattack, captured at the bases loaded after two outs, when Tejada out to be a hero, at least two good ball number three when bad wreck relay Nick Masset, win their roll through the guerrilla zones of a base hit to left field, back to two runners on base, so back to the main lead.

Tejada is undoubtedly the game's MVP, in addition to reverse the Security Council beyond the 7, 4 inning with an RBI also has a contribution base hits, while the veteran hits the whole game 2 3 RBI's outstanding performance, is currently priest need.

After reversal of the war situation in Tejada, Red Talent launch Aroldis Chapman Teng board, even though the "Cuban Fireball Man" pitched 1 1 / 3 scoreless innings, also sent two strikeouts, but it seems some too late.

But Chapman appearance or eye effects caused by smoking, because he pitched the ball in all the 25 fast ball, the ball and each ball is at least 100 miles (about 161 km) off, even the fastest to reach 105 miles ( approximately 169 km), San Diego fans to the scene because of broken tables and high-speed ball up.

Priest starting pitcher Chris Young pitched 5 games out of 1 point, Reds starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo is lost in 5 innings in 2 minutes, the two last are nothing to do with victory or defeat, while the Reds outfielder Drew Stubbs The campaign has a solo home run performance.

After the victory in the win priest, the season record to 86 wins 67 lost, but a giant in today's (25th) also beat the Rockies, so the priest is still behind a giant half margin of victory, the National League West title this year, who will take Next, it is still difficult to predict.

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