Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bureau of the second half of Dodge offensive down

4 Bureau of the second half of Dodge offensive down, not only to advance Burnett beat out the way, relying on Loney and Blake consecutive hits, the leading edge to pull the big 3 points behind the Yankees for the recovery time may come. 6 Jushang Ban Yankees 2 at base, turn to Jeter against, Torre put his most trusted Kuo play backup, Kuo face birthday Jeter, with a strikeout gave Jeter a birthday present; pinch of Posada even for into the right-hand combat or formation flying ball was then killed, the Yankees left on base could not score.

7 Jushang Ban Kuo to check, Teixeira wants to play ball Kuo wall doors are not children; the face of terrible A-Rod not only let him Lian Hui Kuo 2 empty bar, and eventually with a exterior angle speed of the ball, the A-Rod struck out. Home run king by Kuo resolve against the king has nothing to fear, Cano Assault ball before the pitcher, Kuo show excellent fielding ability, the Yankees play three on three under strength.

Kuo pitched 1.2 Bureau, is not got hits, threw two strikeouts do not lose points, defense rate dropped to 1.16, the total suppression of the Yankees counter-offensive, the Dodgers end up with 9 to 4 victory over the Yankees, Hiroki Kuroda won the individual 7 wins, Kuo brilliant performance won the season 12th hop, the Yankees lose, the leading light of the second margin of victory with the Red Sox two games.

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