Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unfortunately, as the Atlanta Braves were eliminated in the first round

Unfortunately, as the Atlanta Braves were eliminated in the first round, back in pre-season veteran coach announced his retirement Cox (Bobby Cox), also officially took off his jersey 6 years to 25 years of dedicated warriors farewell. The pellets do not intend to coach high-level position empty for too long, came before the Florida Marlins will give coach Gonzalez (Fredi Gonzalez) in charge of the Warriors easily intimidated, and on Thursday (U.S. time) held a press office Association.

Cox in the old coach retired jersey will be officially slipped, according to two informed sources, the Warriors came the news of appointments have been confirmed, will be from 2003 to 2006 served as the Warriors took over as third base coach Gonzalez, and the pellet is expected on Thursday (U.S. time) held a press conference officially took over the easily intimidated. Expiration of 46-year-old Gonzalez, Cox's team not only had to work under the old coach is also a very deep personal friendship, with the guidance of several ways the Lord will be quite familiar to him, his head coach down a heavy responsibility and not surprised by the outside world.

Gonzalez served as the first time in 2007, Major League head coach, still a Marlins win the most wins in the history of head coach, but in high season this year, suddenly announced its surrender, was done an injustice to the outside world for him, but also because After he was fired, will take over as the Warriors continue to spread the news of head coach.

In this regard, Gonzalez has not been more response, but added thank Cox promoted the past, "his success is modest, we are very respected and loved him, and I am no exception."

Moreover, in addition to previously heard Gonzalez candidate for the Warriors head coach, the coaches of the Pan Duo Dayton (Terry Pendleton) with Bo Ruizi (Eddie Perez) has been listed as candidate, but most of the outside world long ago Gonzalez will be recognized as a new Renyong Shi Zong Jiaotou.

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