Sunday, February 28, 2010

The first to read the first Windows Phone 7 brand mobile phones

February 15, Microsoft CEO Steve - Steve Ballmer MWC2010 of the General Assembly officially released the highly anticipated new smart operating system --- WindowsPhone7Series, sought through a revolutionary innovation in the mobile phone market to reverse the adverse Microsoft situation. People, however, somewhat unfortunately, Microsoft has just unveiled at the press conference scene several demonstration prototype, and are all touch-screen design and, therefore, hearsay will be available before the end of the first WindowsPhone7 adds a bit of mystery . For more information, see .

In recent days, the news of Microsoft's new smart phone, started frequently spread first, in May this year, Motorola will release WindowsPhone7 phone again last weekend, the world's first mobile phone equipped with brand new systems debut. Yes, you heard him correctly! WindowsPhone7Series the amount of prenatal Microsoft's first brand-name computers had arrived before us, it is LG.

According to foreign well-known media, product manager for Microsoft's consumer strategy AaronWoodman exclusively in a program shows the amount of pre-LG in the WindowsPhone7 prototype, with the previous prototype MWC2010 appearance compared to the General Assembly, the aircraft is characterized by the largest increase in full Qwerty keyboard Although it does not distinguish between full-size keyboard design WindowsPhone7 standards, but we still fortunate to have witnessed the WM7 ahead of the full-keyboard structure (does not rule out the possibility of further improvement), where Fn key and the Caps Lock key is a separate independent, which in previous WM6.X products is never seen before.

But from other design details of the terms, LGWindowsPhone7 phone does not give us too many surprises. Accordance with the real machine, as shown in photo, the aircraft sideslip cover the whole traditional modeling and engineering plastics materials, color with silver and black two-color mainly angular lines, smooth, business people should be considered a flagship product. According to foreign media reports, the aircraft or NexusOne is only slightly thicker than the iPhone, mobile phone cover in the yaw is perfectly acceptable size.

And compared to the previous well-known WM6.X phone (such as HTCHD2, TouchPro2), machine function keys at the bottom of the screen a bit of changes have taken place, in which the retention Start button and return keys on the basis of cancellation of common call key and hang up key, there is no navigation keys do not have the Home key, but adds a search key, and we have a common Android phone is similar. In addition, the machine in the back has also built a 5 million-pixel camera, and supports auto focus and LED flash support.

For the protection of confidentiality considerations, Microsoft AaronWoodman is not disclosed in the program model of the aircraft as well as detailed specifications, but as previously circulated a minimum configuration on the network to say, the phone's screen should be 3.6 inches above the lowest resolution is also In the WVGA standard (480x800 pixels), as aspects of people's attention processors, 1GHz should be the beginning of a high degree of WindowsPhone7.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Germany to build a digital library words against Google

According to Taiwan media reports, the search engine leader Google actively building the world's largest digital library, in order to fight against Google, following the launch of the European Union two years ago, "European digital library", the German government also contributed to the "German Digital Library" (DDB) Program put millions of books, films, images and audio files of the digital, and from the online search, there will be more than 30000 libraries and museums to participate.

In Munich, "the Bavarian State Library," a digital center, "ScanRobot" next page will automatically scan books and a speed of 1216 per hour per weeks to complete the 5000 book. Robot cumulative production has reached 45000 pen, including those contained in the parchment on the Germanic epic poem "Das Nibelungenlied", and so progress will be scanned within four years.

In the precious ancient books, the digital electronic documents can be replaced easily damaged valuable books. Eastern German city of Weimar's Anna Amalia Library in 2004, was borer attack 50000 books burned, many of them that this is only one of the ancient books. In terms of e-books when the copy will be able to avoid the recurrence of such regrettable.

German Culture Minister Bernd Neumann is currently due respect, this is a Google digital library "response." Google due to copyright disputes, is still wrapped around the court of First Instance, yet to be established, it has scanned more than 12 million books.

German National Library, said that the trial should be on-line in 2011, and only a small number of groups. Is responsible for computer technology, Fraunhofer Institute, are developing to identify the movie characters, the speech into searchable text files of the software to expand the scope of the index, so the vast complex optical technology.

In addition, the Hamburg Art Museum and other renowned libraries or museums, has not yet been included in the list of DDB. Funding is also difficult to scan a sixteenth-century classics to spend 70-140 euros. German Library Association proposed that 5.5 million within a decade the book digitization, will cost 165 million euros.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The survey said almost half of User that Google users in China know better than Baidu

February 16 News, in a Google and Baidu users in China who know better the survey shows that more than half of User that Baidu know better than Google users in China, but nearly half of Internet users believe that Google users in China know better than Baidu.

The survey said almost half of User that Google users in China know better than Baidu
Learned that the "Spring Festival Map" begins with Google, in 2008 the spring snowstorm hit, Google urgently launched the "Spring Festival transport map" provides a great deal of help to people of the Spring Festival information for Google to win a lot of praise. February 1, 2010, in the "Spring Festival" started two days later, Google again, "emergency" released 2010 edition of "Spring Festival map", but compared to its competitors Baidu, Google introduced late in this business 1 week time.

Subsequently, in order to help people learn more during the Spring Festival travel information, select Baidu, Google two specialized search engine sites, cool hearing, to where two professional travel search sites, comparing four full-service Web site Spring Festival. Also launched a survey, Google and Baidu users in China who know better.

Has been a lot of people think that Google, as the localization of multinational corporations with local companies still lag behind Baidu, however, ended February 5 survey showed that 47.60% User Baidu that know better than Google users in China, and only 52.40% of users found Baidu know better than Google in China.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Through the Google "liquid Galaxy" traveled the world's

Google mapping system developed by a global User widely used into Google's global headquarters located in San Francisco, I am afraid been brought exclaimed again and again, their latest secret weapon developed by, called "Liquid Galalxy", using 360-degree surround-type full - screen, you need only one standing in a fixed point, we traveled around the world through a virtual screen.

Here we went to Google headquarters in the field to experience the world of new gadgets "Liquid Galalxy" liquid Galaxy interactive panoramic screen, the virtual fugue around the world! Google marketing officer Mike Paige, said: "Now we are in San Francisco, the horizon line, there are a bunch of skyscrapers you can still see the city of San Francisco more than bridges. "arrived in San Francisco sight-seeing, how can we not look at famous all over the world visit the landmark" San Francisco Bridge "mean? Mike Paige: "It lets you close to the road pavement, just like a real car via the bridge, enjoy the beautiful scenery." It is important for high-altitude overlooking or close to the ground, Liquid Galalxy bring immersive feeling, like Google Street advanced version, of course, it's more powerful, to see more clearly, plan where to travel, first familiarize yourself with the terrain, then the field visit, do not have some fun, even if will not go, on the world to a virtual fugue, as there are a lot of fun.

Google headquarters in the earth there is a mysterious color, real-time records worldwide Web surfers using the Google search engine position, from the Virtual Earth hidden beam projected out of tricky. Google spokesman Shala Lin said, "representatives of different colors, the search input language used."

Visiting journalists that "we can see that in Europe, Asia, there are many search input, Africa is now getting better over, there is not much search for entries." Coincided with the dark African night down, apparently in Africa, a night owl User not many can see the virtual earth day and night.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows blue screen caused by a virus Alureon

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has officially announced, leading to the real reason for Windows users is not a blue patch, but Alureon virus.

Last Tuesday, Microsoft issued a series of patches usual procedure, but many users complained that after installing the patch cause Windows blue screen. Subsequently, Microsoft has stopped providing the involved patch number MS10-015, and the investigation.

Last Friday, Microsoft has given preliminary conclusions, saying the blue screen caused by the malicious software, rather than patches, and further investigation is continuing. Recently,
Microsoft has given the ultimate interpretation, saying nothing to a blue screen with the patch.

Microsoft Security Response Center director Mike Reavey, said: "The final conclusion after the investigation is to restart a blue screen caused by malicious software, especially Alureon virus. The conclusion is the result arrived at after a comprehensive analysis."

Monday, February 8, 2010

CNNIC-ISC Internet technology, the establishment of a joint laboratory

To effectively solve the domain name system security vulnerabilities, provide a more reliable Internet-based service, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), a leading global domain name system, Internet software technology organization Alliance (ISC) today set up new Internet technology laboratory, a common commitment to the next generation of Internet technology, in-depth study of the credibility of domain names, including: the next generation domain name resolution software (BIND10) the development, expansion of the next generation domain name services security protocols (DNSSEC) deployment in China, DNS Measurement and Analysis Project (SIE) to promote, and the use of leading-edge technology both on China's domain name system failure first time to achieve emergency response. In addition, the two sides will also in the international standards and international policy-making in-depth cooperation.

Domain security issues looming

A few days ago, Baidu domain name hijacking incident leading to the industry's great debate, Baidu website domain name resolution process has been attacked by hackers, Internet users enter BAIDU.COM, be resolved to other sites, a serious impact on Internet users access to experience, also caused the industry to the domain name system security concerns.

"Domain as the Internet, air, no air, humans can not breathe; Similarly, the domain name resolution is a problem, the Internet will not run." CNNIC-ISC Internet Technology Laboratory of the Chinese head of the Joint (Co-Director), CNNIC Li Xiaodong, deputy director of Dr. told reporters, "while the DNS flaw in the original agreement of the two insecure DNS system vulnerabilities, one of the user can not check the DNS records have been tampered with, and the second is the user can not check the DNS record is from a trusted server" . This domain name has been hijacked Baidu is due to the first reason.

CNNIC-ISC join hands to build the next generation of the credibility of the Domain Name System

According to Dr. Li Xiaodong introduction, CNNIC The ISC jointly set up new Internet technology laboratory, it is hoped the two sides worked together more to protect domain name system security and technological achievements, effective hedge against domain name hijacking domain names similar to Baidu vulnerabilities from occurring, thereby enhancing Internet domain name system security and reliability.

"In our three major cooperative projects, DNSSEC technology to take digital signature technology that can ensure the DNS from the source to the destination safe and reliable, but also effectively prevent the majority of attacks against DNS." Laboratory of the U.S. head of the Joint (Co-Director ), ISC president, Paul Vixie introduction, "and BIND10 as the next generation domain name resolution software, for the current deficiencies in the security field BIND9 and next-generation Internet, designed to more effectively promote the deployment of DNSSEC." These domains of technology and the deployment of IPv6 addresses, "echo the" strong impetus to the credibility of our country and the world's next generation Internet infrastructure construction.

In addition, the joint lab will also take these advanced technologies "used in the knife's edge", according to Dr. Li Xiaodong introduced in 2010, CNNIC and ISC will be through training, consulting and other forms, using the two sides in the field of domain names of these leading-edge technology, China may be occurred in a variety of domain security issues timely and effective emergency response, reducing the adverse effects of domain failures.

DNSSEC and BIND10 is a global leader in the trend field of domain names, while the ISC is that the two technologies are the core research capability by the ISC in 1998, developed by BIND 9 installation of more than 80% of the world, is the domain name system related standards to achieve the most comprehensive The server software to achieve the most extensive DNS technical standards and a number of advanced technologies. The CNNIC, as the world's largest country top-level domain name registration authority, in the domain of technology and also have a strong run on the technological advantage. Paul Vixie will be the establishment of a joint lab known as the "strong-strong union."

It is understood that there had been three previous CNNIC engineer to join this global BIND10 major R & D projects, while CNNIC with ISC in the root server operation management to cooperate, to protect our next generation of Internet security and stability.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

comScore: U.S. 86.5% of Internet users watch online video

Last week, according to comScore, said online video market in December last year, continues to grow. Nearly 178 million U.S. Internet users in December watched 33.2 billion videos. Look at the data breakdown, this figure means that 86.5% of U.S. Internet users watched online video, with an average 187 for each user watched the video. The average length of users watch video from last March's 3.5 minutes increased to 4.1 minutes.

Google Video websites accounted for 13.2 billion, accounting for users to watch all the videos nearly 40%. More than 134 million users in the YouTube video site on the 13 billion videos watched, the average user watched 97.1 videos.

Hulu website ranking second in the number of videos watched more than 1 billion, reaching the maximum number of the site to date, accounting for 3.0% market share. This site the user visits in December was 44.1 million passengers, each user spent an average of 2.2 hours watched 22.9 videos.

Although the number of videos watched Hulu site ranked in second place, however, the user visits came in sixth place. Not surprisingly, Google ranked first, followed by Yahoo, Fox Interactive Media, CBS Interactive, and Microsoft's Web site.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Tencent price-earnings ratio is far higher in other portals

February 3, two days in a row U.S. stocks rose slightly after the callback. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.26%, S & P 500 index fell 0.55%, the Nasdaq composite index was up 0.04%.

Recently, the market widely rumored China Mobile (941.HK) high-called Tencent Holdings (700.HK) means that the former high-level short-term acquisition of the latter, triggered Wednesday Tencent Holdings shares rose 5.99%. However, this fast-moving rumor rumors, noting that this is a normal visit, but during the same period were also visited China Wireless (2369.HK). The news was announced yesterday, Tencent Holdings fell 2.73%, their colors.

In mainland China, Tencent's QQ chat software in real time is known, while its core business also started around this software. September 2009 interim report revealed in 2009 showed that Tencent QQ and games in the field of value-added services to achieve 2.156 billion yuan in revenue, to achieve gross profit 1.491 billion yuan; and co-operation with China Mobile and other telecom value-added services are to co-operate to achieve 470 million yuan and 2.9 billion in operating income margin, as QQ.COM portals such as advertising revenue has created 243 million and 169 million in operating income margins. A lot of Internet companies in the Mainland, there are also many listed, but Tencent Holdings is regarded as one very special one, its core business was neither as Sina, Sohu so large and the traditional gateway to the main portal site, but also unlike the later The giant, perfect for a leisurely time and space and other online games the main, QQ that a number of Internet users every day to use chat software for Tencent to win a lot of loyal users, and derive a great deal of revenue. Such an instant messaging software as the core of a diversified business model, in the industry is absolutely unique.

Because of its unique selling point, so the market given its high valuation premium. According to Bloomberg statistics, Tencent Holdings trades at 60.81 times, while only 16.38 times as Netease, Sohu is 14.45 times, 32.77 times for Sina, Tencent Holdings with a bargaining chip is to go with the unique concept of Baidu and Alibaba, price-earnings ratio were 79.36 fold and 77.66-fold. High price-earnings ratio is not only a kind of "honor", but also a kind of "protection." As of yesterday, Tencent market value of up to 265.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, to move while sitting on more than 200 billion yuan in cash, but the enormous amount of money just buy one Tencent to improve its core Internet business can not be considered too risky. To say that acquisition of Tencent, in its 2005 market share, but had just 35 Hong Kong dollars, worth only a few billions of the Hong Kong dollar is certainly a cost-effective business, but for now, is clearly not worth the effort of the. In fact, in recent years, moving from the layout point of view, the move seems to have long made up his mind to go "personal build" route, through the commission A-share listed companies Ultrapower flying operations and the introduction of instant messaging software, although the letter is a latecomer in this area, However, send text messages free of charge by virtue of the advantages of growth in the past two years is indeed fierce, if the next pre-installed with mobile OPHONE Fetion popularity of this block of business growth will have a new growth opportunity.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Central China Normal University professor, said the community should be concerned about the online games classification

January 10 at the 7th Forum on culture and creative industries by the Ministry of Culture commissioned by the Research Institute of Peking University, cultural industries and the Central China Normal University, carried out jointly published grading standards online games. The grading standard will be divided into online games for all ages, 12 years of age, three levels above the age of 18.

Many Beijing gaming enterprises to reach agreement, from the end of January started to take self-discipline and behavior, implementation of the product "age prompts" system.

The two news has aroused widespread concern. In this regard, the national online games classification standard is mainly responsible for the subject people, Huazhong Normal University Vice-Chancellor Professor Huang Yonglin explained: "The online games grading standards focused on content and online games online game player's age."

In recent years, the rapid development of online games, youth Internet addiction is becoming more prominent, and have become the focus of society. Internet addiction among young people in the end game and what kind of relationship? The impact of addiction on young people is like? In June 2007, Central China Normal University Research Center of National Cultural Industry commissioned by the Ministry of Culture carried out entitled "Network Games and Youth Development," a large-scale questionnaire survey. Task Force throughout the country, 10 million people in large-scale survey results show that more than 3% of young internet addiction.
Huang Yonglin said the survey grading standards for online games has laid a sound foundation. Last year, in April, Huazhong Normal University and Peking University to conduct joint research projects in the gaming grading standards, are responsible for the north of the Yangtze River and south of the Yangtze River area. In the six months of the study, Central China Normal University organized a 20 person research team, participants involved in education, culture, psychology, media and other disciplines to form a cultural studies, psychology and pedagogy three groups, from different disciplinary point of view in-depth research. Through targeted dissemination of questionnaires, the research team received a number of detailed information on all trades for the development of standards to provide a strong basis.

Central China Normal University Task Force issued a total of nearly 2 million copies of the questionnaire, target groups, including online games business managers, network gamers, online games management agencies, research institutions, several major categories. North-South reached a final consensus on the content from the online games and online games a player's age on the market have access to the network game classification.

From the age, the research group into online games is divided into 12 years of age (or the whole age group), 12-year-old -18 years old, three levels above the age of 18. On this basis, the research group set of cultural values-oriented, virtual social health degrees, the game time restrictive, game-confrontational, sensory acceptance and so on five evaluation indexes, and basic architecture design, dubbing music system, regional scenarios, Visual effects, world time, text, interaction of the 20 functional modules for grading online games.

Huang Yonglin introduction, in the future games online games providers listed in the application before certification level, granted after the gaming product to identify the level belongs ages. The player must play the game online real-name system. Online games classification system does not mean that adults can play the game of sex and violence, but rather to compensate for "non-black and white" content review of the approval mechanisms are inadequate, thus the management of online games is more focused and operational.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twitter blocking part of the account requires the user to change password

According to TechCrunch reported, Twitter this morning, local time, blocking part of the user accounts, notification via e-mail users need to modify the password can continue to access services.

Twitter said in an e-mail, the reason require users to change passwords, mainly worried about their account in a phishing attack, leaking, and hinted that third-party service responsible for it.

Twitter said in a statement, "as part of the security plan, we have reset a few we think has already been leaked account password. Many accounts news release that are not reliable, third-party users to disclose the account name and password. Although the investigation is still in progress, but we believe that we have taken measures to ensure the safety of users. "
Twitter did not disclose the number of users affected, but said that "very little."

Twitter says the attack has nothing to do with the Nutshellmail services, a variety of "quick access to those concerned about the" service enables users to divulge some of the account name and password.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Quarrel in the birth of the online games Grading

Compared with the prosperous film market, online games market in 2009 appears to be more prosperous, market size reached 25.8 billion, far more than the former box-office revenues 6.206 billion yuan cities across the country. Some people even said the banner of China's cultural industry development should be the gaming industry and to carry. However, the online games industry in 2009, in addition to a more rapid development, but also suffered more criticism, appeared to be very embarrassing.

Di Suhua ads everywhere, so that has always been tolerant of the User address him "disgusting nausea", "Reggio of"; continuous burst of minor incidents Gengrang gaming addiction, and online games company to become unpleasant object; The Court said that a certain place in recent years, juvenile delinquency, one of the online games directly related to more than 60%; education experts lashed out at a certain section online games to "encourage one-night stand"; a mainstream media, said: In addition to violating the law of the child, the The defendant still has not arrived at the scene, and that is bad online games business, "They sell the seeds of evil, but only subject to moral condemnation."

A number of online gamers are diametrically opposed to retaliate, rebuttal and perseverance. In August 2009, CCTV's "North Korea hear the world" program reported on a popular children's online games section, saying to the child charge, but also addictive; day of the program posted on Baidu's bar was angry players burst bar (that is, by not Posted to influence the paste stop bar to the normal view and reply), to protest, many of them violent rhetoric, and even abuse. A player in the blog, wrote: "If we say that online games full of sex, violence, easy to poison the minors, then I grew up watching the four classic, television also has, why is nobody? As a player, I find it grievances. I had naively thought that the time will make people fear about new things slowly dissipated. However, after many years, the fear still continues. abuse, arguments, can not solve any problems, can only deepen the misunderstanding to each other. "

"Online games developed to the present, more urgent need for classification system." Peking University Institute of Cultural Industry Research Center, assistant director of game animation Liu Yu Su told reporters: and the film is not like online games interactive and dynamic changes in the characteristics of "film After the adoption of the review will not be changed, so the film reviews can play a significant management role. while gaming content review, the official will be regularly updated, the player himself will be created in a number of elements, such as "Audition" to bring about there's 'Mars Man', which can not be passed to regulate the content of the review. If the virtual community, thus producing an unhealthy content, manufacturers and then to carry out propaganda, would be the game atmosphere, the content of undesirable impacts and change. "

In April 2009, Peking University Institute of cultural industries commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to begin the research online games classification; in January 2010, the hospital on completion of the study online games to the grading standards.

Vice president of Peking University Institute of cultural industries to the courage to tell the "China Economic Weekly": online games market in 2009 with more problems, more negative reports for online games, businesses and even the industry's image and credibility of the decline in minors physical and mental health and adult normal game powers are subject to a certain degree of damage. In such an extraordinary period to promote the classification will better guide the online games market trends customization, standardization, and promote the diversification of product development type.