Monday, August 30, 2010

Warriors starting pitcher Derek Lowe's offensive game can not stop the Marlins

Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann today (30) hit the first team in major league history to view the replay after the revision of the bye run homer to help the last two Board reversed the Warrior offensive 6 points to 7 to 6 victory over the Florida Marlins.

Warriors starting pitcher Derek Lowe's offensive game can not stop the Marlins, a start was Hanley Ramirez belted 3 guns, 3 inning was again three hits plus walks scored 2 points 1. Lowe pitched at exit after 3 innings, threw four strikeouts three times four or bad, gave up six hits and lost 5 points. Marlins 4, then the Board relied on the third baseman Donnie Murphy hits scored 6 points.

On the other hand, the Warriors were playing lines Marlins starting pitcher Josh Johnson to suppress, even though, under a Board relied on errors and Eric Hinske out in 2 hits and grabbed a timely manner after 1 minute, but then nothing offensive. After Johnson withdrew at 6 Council vote, cast eight strikeouts three times four or bad, only gave up three hits, lose 1 point of non-ERA.

Competition Bureau under the change in 8, the Warriors started the first four by two hits a bad scored 1 minute, 2 outs, first baseman Gaby Sanchez mistakes, so that warriors rely on Melky Cabrera's grounder scored two second base points.

9 Bureau, the Marlins put Leo Nunez closed, unexpectedly cast as he walked up, followed by pinch of Matt Diaz blasted a bar than a few guns tied 2 minutes. 2 outs, McCann 1 Breaking up a home run in the left field wall, bounced back inside, the referee to view the video replay, the commuted to a home run, standing second base on the McCann returned to home plate easily, and therefore competition end.

McCann said after the game: "I hear the metal ball in the back wall of sound, so I know it is not hit the pad on the sound. I know it was a home run, I told (second base review) Tim McClelland,『 I assure you it was a home run, I heard that ball in the back of the wall 』."

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