Monday, February 1, 2010

Quarrel in the birth of the online games Grading

Compared with the prosperous film market, online games market in 2009 appears to be more prosperous, market size reached 25.8 billion, far more than the former box-office revenues 6.206 billion yuan cities across the country. Some people even said the banner of China's cultural industry development should be the gaming industry and to carry. However, the online games industry in 2009, in addition to a more rapid development, but also suffered more criticism, appeared to be very embarrassing.

Di Suhua ads everywhere, so that has always been tolerant of the User address him "disgusting nausea", "Reggio of"; continuous burst of minor incidents Gengrang gaming addiction, and online games company to become unpleasant object; The Court said that a certain place in recent years, juvenile delinquency, one of the online games directly related to more than 60%; education experts lashed out at a certain section online games to "encourage one-night stand"; a mainstream media, said: In addition to violating the law of the child, the The defendant still has not arrived at the scene, and that is bad online games business, "They sell the seeds of evil, but only subject to moral condemnation."

A number of online gamers are diametrically opposed to retaliate, rebuttal and perseverance. In August 2009, CCTV's "North Korea hear the world" program reported on a popular children's online games section, saying to the child charge, but also addictive; day of the program posted on Baidu's bar was angry players burst bar (that is, by not Posted to influence the paste stop bar to the normal view and reply), to protest, many of them violent rhetoric, and even abuse. A player in the blog, wrote: "If we say that online games full of sex, violence, easy to poison the minors, then I grew up watching the four classic, television also has, why is nobody? As a player, I find it grievances. I had naively thought that the time will make people fear about new things slowly dissipated. However, after many years, the fear still continues. abuse, arguments, can not solve any problems, can only deepen the misunderstanding to each other. "

"Online games developed to the present, more urgent need for classification system." Peking University Institute of Cultural Industry Research Center, assistant director of game animation Liu Yu Su told reporters: and the film is not like online games interactive and dynamic changes in the characteristics of "film After the adoption of the review will not be changed, so the film reviews can play a significant management role. while gaming content review, the official will be regularly updated, the player himself will be created in a number of elements, such as "Audition" to bring about there's 'Mars Man', which can not be passed to regulate the content of the review. If the virtual community, thus producing an unhealthy content, manufacturers and then to carry out propaganda, would be the game atmosphere, the content of undesirable impacts and change. "

In April 2009, Peking University Institute of cultural industries commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to begin the research online games classification; in January 2010, the hospital on completion of the study online games to the grading standards.

Vice president of Peking University Institute of cultural industries to the courage to tell the "China Economic Weekly": online games market in 2009 with more problems, more negative reports for online games, businesses and even the industry's image and credibility of the decline in minors physical and mental health and adult normal game powers are subject to a certain degree of damage. In such an extraordinary period to promote the classification will better guide the online games market trends customization, standardization, and promote the diversification of product development type.

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