Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Central China Normal University professor, said the community should be concerned about the online games classification

January 10 at the 7th Forum on culture and creative industries by the Ministry of Culture commissioned by the Research Institute of Peking University, cultural industries and the Central China Normal University, carried out jointly published grading standards online games. The grading standard will be divided into online games for all ages, 12 years of age, three levels above the age of 18.

Many Beijing gaming enterprises to reach agreement, from the end of January started to take self-discipline and behavior, implementation of the product "age prompts" system.

The two news has aroused widespread concern. In this regard, the national online games classification standard is mainly responsible for the subject people, Huazhong Normal University Vice-Chancellor Professor Huang Yonglin explained: "The online games grading standards focused on content and online games online game player's age."

In recent years, the rapid development of online games, youth Internet addiction is becoming more prominent, and have become the focus of society. Internet addiction among young people in the end game and what kind of relationship? The impact of addiction on young people is like? In June 2007, Central China Normal University Research Center of National Cultural Industry commissioned by the Ministry of Culture carried out entitled "Network Games and Youth Development," a large-scale questionnaire survey. Task Force throughout the country, 10 million people in large-scale survey results show that more than 3% of young internet addiction.
Huang Yonglin said the survey grading standards for online games has laid a sound foundation. Last year, in April, Huazhong Normal University and Peking University to conduct joint research projects in the gaming grading standards, are responsible for the north of the Yangtze River and south of the Yangtze River area. In the six months of the study, Central China Normal University organized a 20 person research team, participants involved in education, culture, psychology, media and other disciplines to form a cultural studies, psychology and pedagogy three groups, from different disciplinary point of view in-depth research. Through targeted dissemination of questionnaires, the research team received a number of detailed information on all trades for the development of standards to provide a strong basis.

Central China Normal University Task Force issued a total of nearly 2 million copies of the questionnaire, target groups, including online games business managers, network gamers, online games management agencies, research institutions, several major categories. North-South reached a final consensus on the content from the online games and online games a player's age on the market have access to the network game classification.

From the age, the research group into online games is divided into 12 years of age (or the whole age group), 12-year-old -18 years old, three levels above the age of 18. On this basis, the research group set of cultural values-oriented, virtual social health degrees, the game time restrictive, game-confrontational, sensory acceptance and so on five evaluation indexes, and basic architecture design, dubbing music system, regional scenarios, Visual effects, world time, text, interaction of the 20 functional modules for grading online games.

Huang Yonglin introduction, in the future games online games providers listed in the application before certification level, granted after the gaming product to identify the level belongs ages. The player must play the game online real-name system. Online games classification system does not mean that adults can play the game of sex and violence, but rather to compensate for "non-black and white" content review of the approval mechanisms are inadequate, thus the management of online games is more focused and operational.

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