Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chinese goldsmith farmers to sell their attention to those who Twitter

According to foreign media report today, appearing on shopping site eBay sellers who Twiiter concerned, the user can from eBay for less than one cent on the price of "buying" Twitter concerned about the person.

EBay users can Twiiter less than one cent on the price to "buy" concerned about the person. The price of 20 dollars to buy 5000 Twitter concerned about the persons, on average, every person concerned about the price of 0.4 cents. There are 40 U.S. dollars 5500 concerned persons (an average of 0.7 cents), or 10 U.S. dollars 1100 concerned persons (an average of 0.9 U.S. cents), etc.

Rise to these false concerns were mainly through the post robot, but another source is from China, Twitter users, as appears in the online game "World of Warcraft" gold farmers in China's fight (Gold Farmer) the same. The so-called "hit gold farmers" refers to the number of bubbles in the online games to earn coins, or gaming equipment, game players in China, they will be through the Internet selling these virtual goods to foreign players in exchange for real currency.
Industry commented that the number of concerns were not explain the problem, as the number of sites to visit, like, the real concern is those who can not buy into.

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