Sunday, February 28, 2010

The first to read the first Windows Phone 7 brand mobile phones

February 15, Microsoft CEO Steve - Steve Ballmer MWC2010 of the General Assembly officially released the highly anticipated new smart operating system --- WindowsPhone7Series, sought through a revolutionary innovation in the mobile phone market to reverse the adverse Microsoft situation. People, however, somewhat unfortunately, Microsoft has just unveiled at the press conference scene several demonstration prototype, and are all touch-screen design and, therefore, hearsay will be available before the end of the first WindowsPhone7 adds a bit of mystery . For more information, see .

In recent days, the news of Microsoft's new smart phone, started frequently spread first, in May this year, Motorola will release WindowsPhone7 phone again last weekend, the world's first mobile phone equipped with brand new systems debut. Yes, you heard him correctly! WindowsPhone7Series the amount of prenatal Microsoft's first brand-name computers had arrived before us, it is LG.

According to foreign well-known media, product manager for Microsoft's consumer strategy AaronWoodman exclusively in a program shows the amount of pre-LG in the WindowsPhone7 prototype, with the previous prototype MWC2010 appearance compared to the General Assembly, the aircraft is characterized by the largest increase in full Qwerty keyboard Although it does not distinguish between full-size keyboard design WindowsPhone7 standards, but we still fortunate to have witnessed the WM7 ahead of the full-keyboard structure (does not rule out the possibility of further improvement), where Fn key and the Caps Lock key is a separate independent, which in previous WM6.X products is never seen before.

But from other design details of the terms, LGWindowsPhone7 phone does not give us too many surprises. Accordance with the real machine, as shown in photo, the aircraft sideslip cover the whole traditional modeling and engineering plastics materials, color with silver and black two-color mainly angular lines, smooth, business people should be considered a flagship product. According to foreign media reports, the aircraft or NexusOne is only slightly thicker than the iPhone, mobile phone cover in the yaw is perfectly acceptable size.

And compared to the previous well-known WM6.X phone (such as HTCHD2, TouchPro2), machine function keys at the bottom of the screen a bit of changes have taken place, in which the retention Start button and return keys on the basis of cancellation of common call key and hang up key, there is no navigation keys do not have the Home key, but adds a search key, and we have a common Android phone is similar. In addition, the machine in the back has also built a 5 million-pixel camera, and supports auto focus and LED flash support.

For the protection of confidentiality considerations, Microsoft AaronWoodman is not disclosed in the program model of the aircraft as well as detailed specifications, but as previously circulated a minimum configuration on the network to say, the phone's screen should be 3.6 inches above the lowest resolution is also In the WVGA standard (480x800 pixels), as aspects of people's attention processors, 1GHz should be the beginning of a high degree of WindowsPhone7.

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