Thursday, February 18, 2010

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows blue screen caused by a virus Alureon

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has officially announced, leading to the real reason for Windows users is not a blue patch, but Alureon virus.

Last Tuesday, Microsoft issued a series of patches usual procedure, but many users complained that after installing the patch cause Windows blue screen. Subsequently, Microsoft has stopped providing the involved patch number MS10-015, and the investigation.

Last Friday, Microsoft has given preliminary conclusions, saying the blue screen caused by the malicious software, rather than patches, and further investigation is continuing. Recently,
Microsoft has given the ultimate interpretation, saying nothing to a blue screen with the patch.

Microsoft Security Response Center director Mike Reavey, said: "The final conclusion after the investigation is to restart a blue screen caused by malicious software, especially Alureon virus. The conclusion is the result arrived at after a comprehensive analysis."

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