Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twitter blocking part of the account requires the user to change password

According to TechCrunch reported, Twitter this morning, local time, blocking part of the user accounts, notification via e-mail users need to modify the password can continue to access services.

Twitter said in an e-mail, the reason require users to change passwords, mainly worried about their account in a phishing attack, leaking, and hinted that third-party service responsible for it.

Twitter said in a statement, "as part of the security plan, we have reset a few we think has already been leaked account password. Many accounts news release that are not reliable, third-party users to disclose the account name and password. Although the investigation is still in progress, but we believe that we have taken measures to ensure the safety of users. "
Twitter did not disclose the number of users affected, but said that "very little."

Twitter says the attack has nothing to do with the Nutshellmail services, a variety of "quick access to those concerned about the" service enables users to divulge some of the account name and password.

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