Monday, February 8, 2010

CNNIC-ISC Internet technology, the establishment of a joint laboratory

To effectively solve the domain name system security vulnerabilities, provide a more reliable Internet-based service, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), a leading global domain name system, Internet software technology organization Alliance (ISC) today set up new Internet technology laboratory, a common commitment to the next generation of Internet technology, in-depth study of the credibility of domain names, including: the next generation domain name resolution software (BIND10) the development, expansion of the next generation domain name services security protocols (DNSSEC) deployment in China, DNS Measurement and Analysis Project (SIE) to promote, and the use of leading-edge technology both on China's domain name system failure first time to achieve emergency response. In addition, the two sides will also in the international standards and international policy-making in-depth cooperation.

Domain security issues looming

A few days ago, Baidu domain name hijacking incident leading to the industry's great debate, Baidu website domain name resolution process has been attacked by hackers, Internet users enter BAIDU.COM, be resolved to other sites, a serious impact on Internet users access to experience, also caused the industry to the domain name system security concerns.

"Domain as the Internet, air, no air, humans can not breathe; Similarly, the domain name resolution is a problem, the Internet will not run." CNNIC-ISC Internet Technology Laboratory of the Chinese head of the Joint (Co-Director), CNNIC Li Xiaodong, deputy director of Dr. told reporters, "while the DNS flaw in the original agreement of the two insecure DNS system vulnerabilities, one of the user can not check the DNS records have been tampered with, and the second is the user can not check the DNS record is from a trusted server" . This domain name has been hijacked Baidu is due to the first reason.

CNNIC-ISC join hands to build the next generation of the credibility of the Domain Name System

According to Dr. Li Xiaodong introduction, CNNIC The ISC jointly set up new Internet technology laboratory, it is hoped the two sides worked together more to protect domain name system security and technological achievements, effective hedge against domain name hijacking domain names similar to Baidu vulnerabilities from occurring, thereby enhancing Internet domain name system security and reliability.

"In our three major cooperative projects, DNSSEC technology to take digital signature technology that can ensure the DNS from the source to the destination safe and reliable, but also effectively prevent the majority of attacks against DNS." Laboratory of the U.S. head of the Joint (Co-Director ), ISC president, Paul Vixie introduction, "and BIND10 as the next generation domain name resolution software, for the current deficiencies in the security field BIND9 and next-generation Internet, designed to more effectively promote the deployment of DNSSEC." These domains of technology and the deployment of IPv6 addresses, "echo the" strong impetus to the credibility of our country and the world's next generation Internet infrastructure construction.

In addition, the joint lab will also take these advanced technologies "used in the knife's edge", according to Dr. Li Xiaodong introduced in 2010, CNNIC and ISC will be through training, consulting and other forms, using the two sides in the field of domain names of these leading-edge technology, China may be occurred in a variety of domain security issues timely and effective emergency response, reducing the adverse effects of domain failures.

DNSSEC and BIND10 is a global leader in the trend field of domain names, while the ISC is that the two technologies are the core research capability by the ISC in 1998, developed by BIND 9 installation of more than 80% of the world, is the domain name system related standards to achieve the most comprehensive The server software to achieve the most extensive DNS technical standards and a number of advanced technologies. The CNNIC, as the world's largest country top-level domain name registration authority, in the domain of technology and also have a strong run on the technological advantage. Paul Vixie will be the establishment of a joint lab known as the "strong-strong union."

It is understood that there had been three previous CNNIC engineer to join this global BIND10 major R & D projects, while CNNIC with ISC in the root server operation management to cooperate, to protect our next generation of Internet security and stability.

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