Sunday, February 21, 2010

Germany to build a digital library words against Google

According to Taiwan media reports, the search engine leader Google actively building the world's largest digital library, in order to fight against Google, following the launch of the European Union two years ago, "European digital library", the German government also contributed to the "German Digital Library" (DDB) Program put millions of books, films, images and audio files of the digital, and from the online search, there will be more than 30000 libraries and museums to participate.

In Munich, "the Bavarian State Library," a digital center, "ScanRobot" next page will automatically scan books and a speed of 1216 per hour per weeks to complete the 5000 book. Robot cumulative production has reached 45000 pen, including those contained in the parchment on the Germanic epic poem "Das Nibelungenlied", and so progress will be scanned within four years.

In the precious ancient books, the digital electronic documents can be replaced easily damaged valuable books. Eastern German city of Weimar's Anna Amalia Library in 2004, was borer attack 50000 books burned, many of them that this is only one of the ancient books. In terms of e-books when the copy will be able to avoid the recurrence of such regrettable.

German Culture Minister Bernd Neumann is currently due respect, this is a Google digital library "response." Google due to copyright disputes, is still wrapped around the court of First Instance, yet to be established, it has scanned more than 12 million books.

German National Library, said that the trial should be on-line in 2011, and only a small number of groups. Is responsible for computer technology, Fraunhofer Institute, are developing to identify the movie characters, the speech into searchable text files of the software to expand the scope of the index, so the vast complex optical technology.

In addition, the Hamburg Art Museum and other renowned libraries or museums, has not yet been included in the list of DDB. Funding is also difficult to scan a sixteenth-century classics to spend 70-140 euros. German Library Association proposed that 5.5 million within a decade the book digitization, will cost 165 million euros.

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