Friday, February 19, 2010

Through the Google "liquid Galaxy" traveled the world's

Google mapping system developed by a global User widely used into Google's global headquarters located in San Francisco, I am afraid been brought exclaimed again and again, their latest secret weapon developed by, called "Liquid Galalxy", using 360-degree surround-type full - screen, you need only one standing in a fixed point, we traveled around the world through a virtual screen.

Here we went to Google headquarters in the field to experience the world of new gadgets "Liquid Galalxy" liquid Galaxy interactive panoramic screen, the virtual fugue around the world! Google marketing officer Mike Paige, said: "Now we are in San Francisco, the horizon line, there are a bunch of skyscrapers you can still see the city of San Francisco more than bridges. "arrived in San Francisco sight-seeing, how can we not look at famous all over the world visit the landmark" San Francisco Bridge "mean? Mike Paige: "It lets you close to the road pavement, just like a real car via the bridge, enjoy the beautiful scenery." It is important for high-altitude overlooking or close to the ground, Liquid Galalxy bring immersive feeling, like Google Street advanced version, of course, it's more powerful, to see more clearly, plan where to travel, first familiarize yourself with the terrain, then the field visit, do not have some fun, even if will not go, on the world to a virtual fugue, as there are a lot of fun.

Google headquarters in the earth there is a mysterious color, real-time records worldwide Web surfers using the Google search engine position, from the Virtual Earth hidden beam projected out of tricky. Google spokesman Shala Lin said, "representatives of different colors, the search input language used."

Visiting journalists that "we can see that in Europe, Asia, there are many search input, Africa is now getting better over, there is not much search for entries." Coincided with the dark African night down, apparently in Africa, a night owl User not many can see the virtual earth day and night.

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