Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cassano back injury did not expect South Africa

Sampdoria striker Antonio Cassano, 27-year-old wounds break a month later, to resume training before the injury has healed, is expected to return to the track this week.

Antonio Cassano of Sampdoria this season and Paccini in under the leadership of Serie A results Wenju the forefront of the impact of next season's European league promising. However, in January 22, Antonio Cassano and the fiery coach Del Neri took place at the training ground altercation, in the next two league Del Neri was blocked, during which Antonio Cassano will have to move once heard the news of Florence . But in the end mentoring to resolve the two scores and shake hands. Cassano also able to remain in the Sampo, but then Cassano ankle injury, missed so far.

If you return to the track this week, but also after a lapse of six, after Antonio Cassano return to the game. In the league before this season, Cassano to Sampdoria played 1793 minutes, into the three goals, assists eight times, only two have been replaced in advance, the rest were playing on consecutive nights, we can see the ball Cassano the importance of the team.

Although this season in the league for their outstanding performance, but Zaccheroni, Del Neri, Mancini, Sacchi, and a group of Italian football exploits coach Marcello Lippi will want to Cassano move into the national team, but Italy coach Marcello Lippi has The character of the boy refused to recruit into the team. Italian national team this week, three warm-up tournament in the 0 to 0 draw with Cameroon, the front powerless Lippi is again placed in front of. Lippi, once again, the face of the Italian attitude: Italian team will not be much change, Cassano and Balotelli will not catch the last bus to South Africa. This Lippi also made some remarks Cassano expedition official 2010 World Cup hopes dashed.

Today's Cassano has matured a lot compared to before, for the national team has been able to see very open, Antonio Cassano is also the sum of speech is not radical in Lippi, but said it would continue to play well for the Sampo every game. In this summer he will usher in another important moment in life, and the 18-year-old girlfriend, a grand wedding in Portofino.
Can not win the honor to serve the motherland of course regrettable, but the married life partner equally envy.

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