Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giant Away 10 straight overtime win march superbowl

Giants 20 level in the regular season, the game kicked penalties last 4 seconds.

Guess the first overtime to win Packers first offensive pass intercepted by Webster against the Giants win the final on penalties, 23 to 20. Giants 10 game winning streak away miraculously, according to Levin - Manning completed metamorphosis, and finally led the Giants into the Super Bowl.

Match its extremely cold, cold wind under 31 degrees below zero Celsius, is the Packers history, the second lowest temperature of the playoffs, Packers fans could be so hot women bold. And wearing a thick coat of fans around contrast. Is known to history as the first low "Ice Bowl" game, that was Cowboys and Packers game the temperature has reached 44 degrees Celsius below zero.

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