Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cardinals 21, Seahawks 42

Vikings 27,49 people 7

Vikings over 49 people, made four straight, broke into the National League wild card battle, it wishes to obtain a second wild card. However, Vikings play the best in this field is not the red ball Peterson, but the other running back Taylor, 8 red ball 101 yards, Peterson 14 red balls just three yards. That both men take their turns would make formidable teams. The Vikings defense is rendered meritorious service, 2 sack two plays against cut-off four times to force the other side clean sheet.

Cardinals 21, Seahawks 42

Seahawks get rid of the weak start of the season has been getting better, after five consecutive victories over the Cardinals won the National League West title, advance into the postseason. Seahawk defense played very well, 5 sub-sack Cardinals quarterback five times against Warner and his pass interception, in which Chu-vent a person three times anti-cut-off, including one 84 yards against interception touchdowns. Marconi a man three times sack. Quarterback Hasselbeck has four passing touchdowns. Seahawks ground offensive performance in general, Alexander Chong ball 10 times only 38 yards.

Saints 34, Falcons 14

Week night race earlier this season, the Saints beat the Falcons without vitality. Brisbane 3 times passing touchdowns and outside the Patton took over the outstanding performance nine times the ball 122 yards a second. The other things to take over the ball nine times Coston is also 92 yards two touchdowns. This defeat, the Falcons three wins and 10 losses, coach disheartened, announced his resignation the next day and went to the University of Arkansas coach Sri Lanka.

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