Monday, March 22, 2010

"Steals Master" as a Giants defensive coach

The evening of 14 local time, Buffalo Bill's transition team coach Perry - Fei Weir told the New York Giants invitation to become the team's new defensive coach, this fee Will coach Bill gave up the chance to compete.

This season, the Giants lost the regular season to reach 427 points, the key battle of the last two each have lost 40 points or more mad, defensive ranks third from the bottom, only the Lions and Rams is even worse than they are, so defensive coach Bill - Xie where alone the regular season were fired after the end of the day. Fee Will and giant right coach Tom - Kovrin no stranger, the two had worked five years at Jacksonville, from 2005 to 2009, the fee has been serving as Bill Weir defensive team coach Dick in the mid-season - Qiaolun After the dismissal to serve as interim coach, directing Bill team won 3 wins 4 losses record.

Kovrin said: "I look forward to bringing Perry, defensive quality, and hope that he strict, fair, honest and careful, and I look forward to him strengthening our integrated line of defense, I think Bill Perry served as interim coach during the team has shown a mentor and leader quality. "Giants and Bill teams use the 4-3 defensive formation, the two teams this season, there a lot of injuries, which affected the team's roster, but the Bill Team 5 starter can not play the situation , the defensive quality has not declined, although the Bill No. 30 team performance, but the number of steals (28) NFL rank second, just behind the Packers, including rookie safety Wei Jie Lesi - Bird with nine steals were column NFL first. Fee Weir said: "I am very happy to work for the Giants, there are good defensive player, and is known for guarding against a strong team."

Control of the ball in the attacking force and the serious shortage of cases, the Bill team last four seasons the total defense rankings are drops of 18, 31, 14 and 19, Bill team this season average number of 340.6 yards per game is lost, lost 20.4 points, the Giants lost an average of 324.9 yards per game and 26.7 points a year ago, Bill Team NFL Red Zone defense ranked No. 4, let rivals into the ratio of touchdowns only 41.8%. Kovrin said: "His philosophy is reflected in steals on the defensive. I first met Perry at Jacksonville on for his strong, and communication skills left a deep impression, and he also has a strong ability to learn. "

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